The Start of a Warrior

Jay was born in a small village hidden deep within the Red Forest. He suprised his parents when they saw that he had one gold eye and one pale blue eye. This was not exactly a good sign in his community and he was slightly shunned throughout his childhood. In order to not be shunned he had to show the people he was a capable person and not some Grimm-possessed child, but that would come in later years. In the next 2 years his sister, Kayla, who was an extremely important influence to Jay during her entire life. During ages 3-4 he would generally go out in the woods and play with his sister or learn how to do simple tasks by his mother, Mary. at age 5 his father, Nathan, taught him how to use a bow. It was just a training bow made out of a few sticks but he managed with it. He heppened to land his first shot near the center without the proper technique or guidance but the rest of his shots happened to be sloppy after that, just falling on the ground or going a foot or two. He trained night and day with that thing until it snapped but his father used more wood to make the next one, then the next, until it was time for him to use a real bow. By this time he was 7 and had higher than average strength than all the other boys his age. His sister was quite strong too, being taught how to use dual blades and throwing knives, or in this case tree branches and iron rods. He was very skilled with a bow, being able to hit a target from 50 meters away. His sister was at a similar skill level or even higher, being able to hit his arrow with a throwing knife while it was still flying thorugh air. He wanted to learn how she did this so they taught each other all there was to know about each others weapons. This started a family bond that could never be broken otherwise there could be fatal consequences. They figured out techniques about each other weapons that they never would've never figured out without each others help. They trained together pushing themselves to outperform the other. It was the perfect form of physical and mental development in the form of a brother and sister helping each other become better.

The Schnee Years, Part 1

In the following year the Schnee Dust Company set up their mines in the vicinity of the village. His dad started working in the mines for money which he could use to buy better food from the SDC. But in return for this obstrusion they built a soldier training facility.Its purpose was to train children to serve in a personal army for the Schnee Family and the Schnee Dust Company. Jay and Kayla joined the school immediately after it was up and running. There were 6 classes: Firearm Usage, Melee Weapon Usage, Dust Usage, Physical Training, Mental Training, and Schnee Dust Company History. The Firearm, Melee and Dust Usage classes were how to use various firearms, how to use melee weapons and different techniques you can use with those weapons, and use Dust to significantly improve weapon performance. Physical and Mental Training were to improve the bodys endurance,agility, flexibility ,and strength plus reflexes while the other class improved their intellect, observation, and thought process. The Schnee Dust Company History class wasn't a class at all but a brainwashing course to make them think of the Schnee Dust Company as something they would want to support with their lives and die for if they had too. Jay started off terribly using the firearms because the recoil would put his aim off too much, he was so used to a bow by now that something with that much kick would launch the gun out of his arms and onto the ground. The second time he dropped it the weapon discharged and he grazed his right arm a little but the real damage was when the bullet hit one of the Schnee Army trainers, it went thorugh his eye and came out through the back of his skull and blood splattered all over the red-leaved trees. He was taken out of the class until he could actually control the weapon so he moved in to the Melee Weapon Usage class where he met up with his sister who had aced almost every test she had been put through. He knew that at his current level of skill he could pass all of the tests as easily as she could. Eventually he got through all of the tests they had but there were a few techniques that they didn't know about which they quickly mastered. He stuck with his sister through every class she wanted to go through, so they went to Physical Training. They were stronger than most of the average students of the class so they could easily run the obstacle courses or the set amount of push-ups and sit-ups required. When it came time to run 5 miles through the forest and back, they were quite unprepared. They had never thought about running or even jogging through the forest for that matter; they severely lacked the cardiovascular endurance to get them through this test and eventually they failed it in front of all the children that idoled them and their strength. Quickly, they became average students that had massive strength but lacked in endurance. After school, each day they would go jogging in the woods hoping to hone their skills and with enough time, they could eventually dash from tree to tree. They perfected guerilla tactics they could utilize in the forest and when they did they could hide from the Schnee soldiers whenever they wanted to, proving them to be excellent hiders indeed. They decided that they could also improve their agility and flexibility by themselves, so they stretched and learned skills like flipping from trees and swinging from tree to tree with the branches. They finished their agility and flexibility test in a breeze, then they had to prove their worth in endurance to the Schnee Army trainers so they could move on to the other classes, which they did. 

The Schnee Years, Part 2

Now began the second year of the Schnee Dust Company's residency and Jay's 13th year of life in this world. During this year a railroad had been built to transport Dust from this village to the main cities in the world. They had finally hit the jackpot in the mines for this railroad to actually be made, they gave 1/20th of what they found in the mines to the Schnee Army school for them to use in the Dust Usage class. Jay and his sister split during this year and went to different classes, he went back to the Firearm Usage class and his sister took her studies to the Mental Training class. He stayed all year in that class trying out all of the guns and their uses. He was an exceptionaly, skilled marksman by the end of the year and could fire an entire clip from an assault rifle into the center rings of the target. He could use a pistol well because he could control how many bullets came out of it and at what speed but he thought that pistols were too weak so he moved on to other firearms. He absolutely hated shotguns because the way it fired was too random and he could barely ever hit his target in the center but thats what was expected from such a weapon. SMG's fired too fast for him and he fired all over the target, only a few of the shots missed everytime. He even tried out heavy weapons like rocket launchers and light machine guns but the recoil still proved to be too high for him. His real skill layed in the sniper rifle, the ones they used were bolt-action and this worked well for him; it may have had high recoil but he could bring it back down fast enough because of the slower fire rate. He could hit the target dead on from 300 meters away which was better than the Schnee Master Marksman that trained them. This was the weapon he passed the course with and the type he would be given when he graduated. Until then he went to his final class, Mental Training, to improve his reflexes and intelligence. This was quite an interesting experience because he showed much more rebellion to the Schnee Dust Company than the usual Schnee Army soldier. For these specific thoughts they wanted to place him in the Schnee Dust Company History class so that they could turn him into one of their best soldiers witht he initiative to protect the SDC and not rebel against them. So he went to this class and he did change, he became quite adept at lying to the soldiers through it, when he finished the course with flying colors they allowed him to go back to the Mental Training. Once again in the class he improved his reflexes to the point where he could catch an arrow as long as he was 50 meters away and defelct throwing knives with metal wrist guards. He passed with an IQ of 142, he had exemplary observation skills noticing small details but forgetting about the bigger things, his vanity started showing up here, and the reflexes of a a Signal Academy graduate, he could still improve his reflexes it was only a matter of time. Now he could take the advanced classes which were basically repeats of each of the classes but with more of the Company protection implemented into it. The targets were switched to Schnee Army and enemy pictures, you were supposed to shoot the enemies of course, and the SDC History was even more focused on helping the SDC and its shops. He went to the Dust class so he could use all of the known Dusts there and figure out each of their uses and how they can be used tactically.

The Revolution

During one of his classes a riot was going on outside, it was all of the villagers who had been forced to work in the mines for low pay and high labor. He knew that his dad was worked in there but had gotten out barely alive each day and had a bad case of Dust Lung which got worse after each trip. All of them wanted to stop working because they lost too many workers each day in the mines and they were getting sick and the pay wasn't enough to buy medicine or food for their families. They all revolted so that they could hold the Schnee affiliates hostage and use them to make the SDC make reforms and pay them more for their hard labor. Truth be told, this happened in several of the other villlages that were forced to mine for the SDC but this time the SDC were prepared. They told all of the Schnee Army students that this was the final test, to protect all of them from the advances of the revolutionists. The last cargo train to the next main city was leaving in a few minutes and the affiliates all hoped to get to it before it left. Eventually the whole village was involved in the riot and were starting to fight the Schnee Army, this ment that brute force had to be used to kill the flame. The Schnee Army trainees were put to the front lines, then the command was given, "Fire at will!". Time slowed down for Jay, he saw his fellow classmates start to pull the trigger, he looked over to his sister who had her gun pointed down, then he looked back at the villagers. The sound of gunshots broke this moment and he saw the first wave of villagers fall to the ground. He started to look for his mom and dad in the crowd but didn't see them, he went to his sister telling her that they needed to get out of here. They climbed up a tree and saw the massacre happen before their very eyes, they saw the SDC affiliates boarding the train, and then Kayla shouted, "There, I see mom and dad." He saw them too but they weren't running towards the train, they were running away, and the riot was now getting surrounded by the Schnee Army. As soon as their parents reached the other side of the crowd the Schnee Army finished encircling the riot and now they were trapped. The Schnee Army asked the rioters to drop their weapons and surrender, some of them did like their mom and dad but the rest of them said that they would rather die for their freedom rather than be controlled by a shady business such as theirs. Jay told Kayla to board the train, this was not something a 12 year-old should see, so they got to the train and snuck on board. He let Kayla on first and as soon as she passed through the door he started to walk in too but he also turned to see the last of the villagers. The Schnee Army got ready to fire and Jay saw his parents but they didn't see him, then the Schnee Army fired. The last he saw of his parents were them having bullets entering their bodies from every possible angle, then his dads head exploded as a bullet went right through the back of his head, they both fell to the ground just as Jay turned the corner and entered the SDC train.

Train Ride to the New World

It was awful, Jay clambered in one of the storage rooms of the train pale as he could be; the train started lurching forward slowly then it sped up as he got to his sister. Even though it was dark in the room his sister saw that something was wrong and asked him what he saw as he got on the train. He told her but midway through his sentence he threw up all over the floor. It was definitely something she shouldn't have known so he told her that their parents were ok because they surrendered and that he was only throwing up because he was saddened by the death of all of the other villagers he had known all his life. He told her that their parents probably would be taken to somewhere for misconduct and reeducation but for now they had to help each other like they had in the past. As soon as he told her that he noticed that there were red lights glowing along the wall, he walked towards the lights to see what it was and as soon as he got close enough lights turned on all inside the train car and he could see what he was actually trying to inspect. There were AK-130 androids all over the walls and as soon as he came close enough they had been activated as well as the lights in the storage car. They held their guns up to him asking him if he was an intruder or not, he told them that he was one of the highest ranking trainees of the Schnee Army, hoping that they would let him go. They told him to state his name, rank,and weapon mastery, he said ,"Jay Noir, Master Marksman, Sniper Rifle." They processed this for a while searching their records then they disengaged him and then targetted his sister who went through the same process. "Kayla Noir, Close Quarters Specialist, Pistols." After they confirmed that neither of them were intruders they went back to their platforms and deactivated. "That was close Kayla, we need to be more careful about where we are and observe our surroundings a little better next time," said Jay. "You mean like that Spider Droid up on the ceiling?" replied Kayla quietly. He told her that they should probably get out of here and they went to the next car which had no walls or ceiling but were lined with many crates full of Dust. He told Kayla to take enough in her pack to use in the future, they both stuffed their packs full of the crystal Dust and moved on to the next car, this one was full of more androids which they hoped wouldn't activate again, which they didn't, and kept moving from car to car all the way to the front of the train. Here they found no conducter but a computer listing its current route. It was headed for a city called Vale and would arrive in approximately 15 hours, for now they would have to wait except for the fact that they were starving. They had only just eaten this morning, they looked around in the computer car to see if they had any food anywhere just incase someone may have been onboard that was a part of the SDC. They didn't find anything but that wouldn't make sense because the SDC affiliates always used the train to go to and from the cities, could it be that they had already eaten before their trip? That wouldn't make sense either because meals are usually placed 5 hours from each other and this was a 15 hour trip. They went back to the prior cars and looked through all of the containers for food but didn't find any.

Finally, the only choice they had was to ask the androids where it was. They slowly made their way to a car the carried androids in it and tapped one of them on. The helmet came down and it asked them what assisstance they would need, they told them that they would like food and it told them that the food was located in the foremost car. He replied that there were no containers containing food in the front car and it replied back saying that you would need to type in the password in the computer to open up the food containment section of the car. He asked the android if it could tell them the password but was denied it stating that you will be given the password during graduation. "Graduation!" he cried out furiously, that was only 2 days away from today which caused him to remember what had happened today and he again threw up. "Wow you really care about the other villagers don't you." Kayla implied. He said yes and with that he told her that they should get back to the front car. They sat there thinking about what the password could possibly be for the food storage, they tried remembering back to the first days of school if they had been given a password or not. Jay knew that in the SDC History class they had been taught some sort of number system, something that corresponded to names of people or Dust types or something. He tried entering a password that had numbers corresponding with the name of the school headmaster, ACCESS DENIED. He was thinking furiously now, not people but how about Dust, he typed in the password using the same system he had used for the headmasters name, ACCESS DENIED, Dust barcode number, ACCESS DENIED. He was starting to kick the computer when a panel popped open, he thought that this was the food storage unit but when he looked in there was a note that read, "Kick me again and I will self-destruct." He calmed down, then it was his sisters turn. She tried all sorts of passwords but all of them were wrong too, how many attempts was it again until it locked down? Then they finally looked at the moniter, it had been locked ever since his third attempt, "GAH! Screw this." exclaimed Jay. He walked out to one of the boxless cars and his sister followed, he asked her how many more hours it was until they would reach the city, she replied 13. He said that he would jump into the forest below and find some food since there was no hope of getting any food on this train. She said she was thinking the same thing, so they jumped and landed on a tree. Little did they notice the single shadow sliding down from the cliff above and landing on the train roof with a red sword unsheathed, then the train zoomed out of site.

The Road Less Traveled

They climbed on down from the tree and made their way back to the railway. They knew which way the train was headed so they made a stone arrow marking the way just in case they forgot. But first things first, food is what they needed and food is what they got. Its a good thing they held on to their weapons even after the massacre, so Jay sniped at birds, still missing several shots as he wasn't accustomed to moving targets, and Kayla just pistoled down rabbits. Night time was approaching and soon the creatures of Grimm would come out and try to feast upon them and their newly claimed meat. They set up a minature campfire and cooked the meat as quickly as possible then put out the fire and climbed up a tree hoping that the creatures wouldn't hear them eating anything up there. They started to eat then suddenly a wolf howled but it wasn't a regular wolf, it was a beowolf one of the creatures of Grimm, and where theres one theres bound to be many more. Jay and Kayla stopped feasting and started camouflauging themselves to blend in with the brush, what they didn't know to do however was to hide their scent, they were so used to hiding from humans that they never had to hide their scent before and this was a mistake that they never made again. They heard the beowolves approaching and as they moved closer Jay noticed that they could still locate them. He gritted his teeth hoping that would just pass by and not smell them, sadly this was not the case. One of the beowolves pounced out of the shadows and onto Jay, he gripped its neck holding its teeth away from his own neck, he cried out for his sister and she came running over. She took out her pistols and fired a round into the beowolfs head, they both climbed back up the tree so he could get a better view of the beowolves but these ones were particularly adept to the forest, jumping from tree to tree and finally coming to land upon theirs. Jay whipped his sniper up and shot at the beowolf missing its head by a few inches but instead shooting it in the neck, it sputtered and swayed then fell out of the tree. Jay knew what he would have to practice on as soon as this was over but for now he had to conserve ammo as well as protect his sister. This was going to be a long night indeed.

The sun finally came over the horizon and Jay and is sister lay down on the ground exhausted by last nights battle. Jay started salvaging the beowolves for parts they could use and he easily constructed a bow from a couple of flexible branches and some tied beowolf hair. He made arrows out of more branches, some sharpened stone, and some feathers from the birds he killed. He practiced shooting his bow and as he drew his bow back i t snapped in half, he realized that his strength had increased so much since he last used a bow that he would need to make it out of even more branches to create enough resistance for him. He went through almost 3 bows until he found the perfect size for him, it was a longbow that was much taller than him and also had the thickness of one of his forearms. He nocked an arrow onto the bow, drew back again, and let the arrow fly but his sister who had much fun fooling around with him drew her pistol faster than his arrow was flying and shot it out of mid-air. She gave him a taunting blow to the barrel of her gun then spun it around and holstered it at such a high-speed that he barely noticed it was in her hand in the first place. He glared at his sister, "So you wanna play like that don't you." He drew his bow again except this time he faced away from his sister, he shot the arrow again and again his sister shot it, but not from behind him again it came from in front of him, where he shot the arrow. He couldn't believe how fast his sister had gotten and he wanted to know if he could do the same, so he told his sister that he wanted to test something out so she should stop for now. She backed down and he aimed and fired his bow at nothing, he raced forward and caught the arrow, 50 meters from his position. He knew that he was only able to catch the arrow because it slowed down enough so he could. He figured that he couldn't be as fast as Kayla or even train enough in the time they had so he would have to do this later. He told his sister that she should train him to move and react that fast eventually but for now they needed to head to Vale.

They went to the tracks and found the arrow that told which direction that Vale was in and they started running in that direction. When they left the train it was 13 more hours until they reached the city which meant that the city was about 1300 miles away. It was going to be quite a while before they would get to Vale. So they walked a few miles everyday and slept up in the trees hidden in the leaves and covered in the musk of the trees. Eventually they made it far enoguh where they could see the light of Vale in the sky. They started only walking along the track and the track started to rumble, they could feel the earth shaking beneath them into their very bones. Then they heard the train coming at high-speeds from behind, he saw his sister jump out of the way and he followed her example, the train missed them by a couple feet. His sister exclaimed that they could use the train to get to Vale faster, so they got up on their feet and jumped onto the train. It was moving so fast that Jay almost lost his grip on the train but he quickly flipped out his sniper rifle and used the recoil to propel himself colser to it. His sister had enough speed to press herself onto the train and get a better hold of it. They jimmied their way around the train until they got to a car which they entered and were encountered by the androids again. This time they had been programmed to kill on sight because of the robbery of a dust train a few days ago. So he took out his sniper rifle and dashed to the corner where he could all line them up and get a collateral before most of the activated. He aimed his sniper and fired once, it pierced through 3 of them but there were still 17 more in the car, he swore to himself. His sister whipped out her pistols and Jay held up his sniper and they fought back to back. This didn't prove to be a great idea because your blind spots were on your sides if you were using this tactic so they parted and divided the enemies in half. Jay jumped over the group sniping a few, sniping the beowolves improved his accuracy on moving targets, and landed on the ground rolling then bringing his sniper back up. His sister Kayla had keen observation skills noticing every movement the androids were about to make and shot in every direction, these were not random shots though, each of them hit an android in the upper body region. She quickly dashed to the nearest crate but all Jay saw was her standing there one second then dissapearing the next, her speed was unbelievable, he wondered what he had missed out when they parted ways in the school. The androids finally had enough time to sitch to their guns but there were only three left and Jay quickly sniped all of them and walked towards Kayla. "Did you get hit?" he asked. "No, why do you think I would," she replied sharply, "I'm too fast for their sensors to track anyways." Jay was taken aback by the way she replied, she had never treated him like this before and wondered why this change happened all of a sudden.

The City of Vale

The train finally arrived at Vale and all that was found in it was 20 bust up androids and some missing Dust. Jay and Kayla had jumped off before it entered the train station so that they wouldn't have to be questioned about the androids when they got off. They made their way to the nearest shop and started changing clothes to allow them to blend in with the city people. Problem is that they didn't have any money so they did what anyone poor person would do, they ran. Now that they had hooded clothing to hide their faces they could rob stores of money so that they actually had something to use in the town. The robbed clothing stores and dust shops of money and as soon as they had a hefty amount of it they went to the nearest hotel so they had a place to stay in. They stayed in an inn that provided food for free and used that as a base of operations for a while, the only time they went out was to study the city and how it worked. They learned the streets and backways and eventually this led them to discover Signal Academy. Signal was a school that trained the typical human to become a warrior of the world, these warriors were called Hunters and Huntresses. After learning about the school and its purpose they signed up for it immediately, they wanted a place where they could hone their skills and learn new ones if they could.

Signal Academy

For once fate acted in their favor, it was a very accepting school and luckily they were starting a new school year too. They were placement tested when they got in and this fared to be extremely easy for them. They were so used to such tests that they were both placed in the same advanced classes under the aliases Zack and Jean Peyton. Immediately they tried to make friends to blend in but just when they were about to start associating a boy with blue hair and green eyes approached them. He didn't look like he fit with the rest of the class, he was much taller and stronger looking than the rest of the students. So they greeted him and talked to him, his name was Peter and he was 17 years old, apparently. His weapon was a shortsword clipped to his belt, he asked them why they were covering their faces with hoods and asked them to take them off. They did so and the second he saw Jay's eyes he had a look of recognition on his face which quickly changed to one of surprise. He looked at Jay's eyes saying that he had never seen any like his before, then he looked at Kayla and took her hand into his own and kissed it gently. Kayla blushed but Jay wasn't too happy about this, he let it slip this once though but he warned Peter to not do it again. He gave him his word and walked off saying that he'll see them again at class. They heard the announcement telling all new students to come to the auditorium at once and they followed the instructions given. There they received their keys to their dorms and class schedules which they already knew that they were going to be in the same classes. They looked at each others schedules and Jay realized that he had one class different than Kayla. This one was taught by a Professor Crow who specialized in specialist weapons such as the sniper rifle. This would have to wait for tomorrow, so they retired to their seperate rooms and Jay layed in his first bed ever, he fell asleep the instant he closed his eyes.

In the morning he headed to his first class which was speed training. He knew that his sister could pass this with ease but he was uncertain of himself, after class he would have to ask her how she got so fast. All they did today was sprint 5 miles and scale a wall, his sister completely dashed the whole thing through and almost jumped her way up the wall. Everyone was awestruck because even though Jay was at 4 miles and everyone else was on their 3rd she finished 5 laps and climbed a 50 meter wall in less then 10 minutes. Class ended with everyone finishing the course and Jay headed over to his sister. "I feel like there's something you're not telling me. What did you do to get so fast Kayla?" asked Jay. She only told him that it involved dashing back and forth from tree to tree but that didn't make sense unless she was sprinting it the whole time but even then that would only build up endurance which he knew that both of them had plenty of. Speed is based on how much distance you can cover in an amount of time meaning that you had to move your muscles very quickly or have enough force to push yourself to that distance, he made a note to himself to observe how she was running the next day. His next class was strength training, he noticed that nothing in here really pushed his limit so he just lifted all the weights with ease astonishing his fellow classmates. Then he traveled to the next one, reflex training, and all they did here was dodge rubber bullets. His sister didn't get hit by a single one, he got hit by seven, and the rest of his classmates got hit by more than 50 each. His next class was weapon training with this Professor Crow guy, it was the only class he didn't have with his sister and it was because he carried a weapon not typically used by others. He came to this class and immediately noticed all sorts of weapons that would definitely fit in this category: revolvers, whips, nunchucks, scythes, wait SCYTHES!?!? Who the hell uses a scythe, couldn't someone decapitate themself with such a weapon and how do they control it. He saw that this scythe belonged to an old man who he assumed was Crow and he seemed to manipulate the weapon with ease. He then saw some students standing next to him and he approached the man slowly without trying to get hit by his weapon. "Hello there Zack. How are you doing this fine day?" Crow asked. "I'm doing fine sir, I was just wondering what exactly we were going to be doing in this class," replied Jay. Crow explained how this class worked, they would train Jay to become so much more proficient with his weapon than he ever did before by working on his shooting of moving targets, moving and shooting, shooting still targets, and evasive maneuver shooting. He demonstrated thisby pulling back a bolt which he didn't notice before and fired once in front of him using the recoil to push himself back and then aiming it at a target on the otherside of the room and shooting. He hit the target dead on and looked back at Jay. "Let's start the real training then," Jay thought to himself. So he continued daily training and observed his sister closely seeing that she both moved quickly and pushed off with a lot of force increasing her speed to twice that of his. He finally figured out that Peter was in his strength training class and he also showed that the weights had relatively little effect on him as well. Jay also knew that he had his weapons training class with his sister and she was starting to show signs of retaliation to Jay's efforts to approach her and question her. What he did do in his free time was test out Kayla's method of running and he did see a vast improvement in his speed but he still couldn't move his legs as fast as her. Kayla saw this as an attempt to get closer to her in speed and brotherly support so she started to completely ignore him and started hanging out with Peter more.

Jay now noticed that she was hanging out with Peter whom he was suspicious of so he thought about why he looked at him in such a way at the beginning of the school year. He wanted to figure this out before the school year ended which was only three weeks away. He sat near a bunch of his admirers and studied Kayla and Peters interactions with each other. Peter was swooning Kayla, whispering into her ear sweet nothings, he saw him kiss Kayla a little and just as Jay got up to give him a piece of his mind the bell rang. So he went to speed training where he knew he could talk to her easily, he had trained his legs to move fast enough to move like Kayla and could almost reach her, he was only 2 meters short of her speed. So they ran the 20 miles atound the track, up the 100 foot high wall, through the fake woods, and under a collapsing bridge. Their skills had definitely improved and finals was almost here, this didn't matter to him as much as having a brotherly relationship with Kayla again. He had plenty of time to talk to her though because the rest of the kids were only at 17 miles. He went straight up to her and she yelled at him to get away. "What is happening to you Kayla?" Jay asked his sister caustiously, "When did you become like this and what did Peter do." "Just stay away from me. He told me everything about you," Kayla replied. "What could he possibly know about me? We've only known each other for a year," Jay thoguht to himself. "What did he tell you Kayla? It doesn't make sense because we've only known him for a year and I don't even know him that well." "He said that you were keeping secrets from me. He said he saw it in your eyes, and they were dark secrets. He asked me where I lived and if I had a mom and dad and i told him that I came from a village deep in the Red Forest. I told him that I didn't know where my mom and dad were and he asked me when had you last seen them. I couldn't hold myself in and I said that I saw them being surrounded by soldiers. He then proceeded to tell me that he thinks you're hiding something from me. I know you saw what happened to everyone Jay! You don't get sick to the stomach for people we've barely known. Jay, what happened to them?" said Kayla. Jay stood there speechless, he didn't know what to think, maybe he was wrong about Peter and maybe he wasn't a bad person, he was the bad person for not telling his sister the truth. "Well?!" snapped Kayla. "Yes, they died Kayla, I just... I didn't want you to know because," said Jay, there was no way this would end well. "I thought you would've... just... been demoralized and would've fell into a depression. I didn't want you to be sad so I gave you hope. I know that what I did was wrong and you probably figured it out too when I was worried about you on the train. You thought that I didn't believe in you for some odd reason and snapped at me. Plus the vomit was also probably a give away." "Well I could've handled it Jay. What ever happened to honesty between brother and sister. I thought we had an unbreakable bond Jay but you have shown me that I can't even trust my own brother," said Kayla, she started to cry. "We've known each other and helped each other and now I don't know who to trust at all. Maybe you weren't supposed to be my big brother. If anything Peter is a much better brother than you!" With that she ran off. Jay just stood there staring at the ground, he stared at it in complete and utter disbelief. The rest of the students finished, looked at Jay and ran off to comfort his sister. No, not even his sister anymore, she's just another girl that goes to this school that hates Jay. Jay strode off in the direction of his weapons class completely oblivious to all of his other classes. He shouldn't disturb his sister right now, he knew better than to piss her off even more.

Crow saw that Jay looked a little down today and that he had also come during the wrong hour. "Hello Zack, what brings you here so early?" asked Crow, he'd never seen Jay in such a mood before. He was always happy to be here and was always on time, not that this wasn't on time it was just early. "It's..." Jay stiffled a sob. "It's Jean. She just blew up on me and... no, she was mad and I was confused and... It's because I never told her that our parent died." He started to cry a little. "I just wanted to keep her morality up but apparently that wasn't the right thing to do. Now she's with a boy named Peter saying that he's more of a brother than I am. I feel like he's using her, he wants her but not to be with her, not to be her lover. She's just leverage to get at me. He's trying to use her to hurt me. Well I'm going to go kill that son of a..." Jay started to walk towards the door but Crow put his hand on Jay's shoulder. Jay whipped around giving Crow a menacing look but Crow didn't react to that. "Zack, you know killing isn't allowed in the school and definitely not in this city. I need you to clear your mind and think about all of the good things about your sister." said Crow. "Better?" "Yes sir," answered Jay. "Now I want you to tell me about this Peter guy but i think I know who you're talking about," said Crow. "He's a tall guy with blue hair, he doesn't even look like he belongs to this school," replied Jay. "Ah. Yes, that's the one I was thinking of. I know what you mean Jay. I believe that he is here for a different reason as well. He's not here to learn but to carry out a plan. As to what that plan is, I do not know." said Crow. "Now before you go, I want you to know that he is not an enemy until he proves it." "Oh believe me, he has," said Jay, he walked out the door and to the lunch room. He did not see him or his sister there so he went to his normal class only to receive tardy but still no sign of his sister. He started to panic, he ran to his sisters room and knocked on it twice. No answer, furiously he ran to Peter's dorm and he heard some noises inside, he knew what was going on so he broke down the door and pulled out his sniper. All he found was Peter sitting at his desk doing his homework and listening to music. "Zack?" He turned around and saw his sister standing there. "Are you okay? I'm sorry that I melted down on you like that and I didn't mean to say that to hurt you. It's just that mom and dad's death hit me harder than I could bear and maybe I just wasn't ready after all. I know that what you did was supposed to be in the best interest of me and my feelings but this might've not happened had you told me sooner." said Kayla forgivingly which turned questioning as soon as she saw that Peter's door was broken down. "Why is his door broken like that? Why is your gun out Zack? You weren't planning to... you weren't thinking about..." "Oh, that was my fault. Zack and I bumped into each other and he fell through the door. I just gave him back his sniper rifle," said Peter as he suddenly stepped in trying to save Jay. "That still doesn't explain why you're here Zack," said Kayla. "Well we were actually..." started Jay. "We were just talking about how each others year was and what we think we improved on. I wanted to go to my dorm and Zack just came along. It was misfortunate that someone stepped in the wa and there was no way to go so he ended up falling into me and through the door." said Peter. Jay stood there awestruck as ever wondering what the hell just happened. Jay strode off without a word to his dorm while Kayla stayed behind. As soon as Jay turned the corner Peter and Kayla went into the Peter's dorm and leaned whatever was left of the door on the doorway.

A Grimm Ending

It was the end of the year and Jay had completely changed his perspective on Peter and Kayla. "Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all. I mean he did save me from another family feud. Maybe it's okay that Kayla and him are together," Jay thought to himself. He was walking to the auditorium for the graduation event. He would be graduating from this school next year and then Kayla would have to stay here without him to watch over her. He walked into the auditorium and immediately something felt wrong. He looked around for his sister or Peter but they were not to be seen anywhere. "Maybe they were just late," Jay thought. So he waited, after a while he took an empty seat and held on to two others for Kayla and Peter. He had to give these up eventually because they didn't show up. He sat through the whole reception by himself and still no Peter or Kayla. He knew that there wasn't something right about that guy. He got up and started to walk out but then the reception ended and everyone else was trying to leave further impeding him from getting to Kayla. He ran directly to Peter's dorm this time, broke down the door again and no one was to be found. He then ran even faster to Kayla's dorm and knocked on the door. He broke down that door only to find no one again, he was panicking again. Maybe if he asked someone but no he knew that most of the people were at the reception. He looked for people that said that they weren't coming to it because they knew it was going to be boring and started asking them questions like "Have you seen Jean? Peter? Do you know where they were headed? Did they tell you anything? What about my room?! They're doing WHAT?!?!" So he ran all the way to his room and was about to unlock it when he just pushed open the door. What he saw unnerving, there was no one in the room yet again. He saw that there was a note on his desk with a knife pinning it down. He picked up the note which read as follows: Hello Jay, I see that you finally became resourceful enough to find this. I have taken your sister hostage and am holding her in an abandoned Dust purification center in old town Vale. I know that you figured out something wrong with me and I had to execute the plan much sooner than I was ready. You attending that reception gave us that time. We know exactly who you are and where you've come from. We want you to come to this location and lay your weapon at the entrance then step into the building. In the center lies your sister. We promise you your freedom after you and your sister have answered a few questions. That will be all. Your friend, Peter. Jay didn't like this one bit, he didn't know how much he knew about him but that look of recognition, that look told him that he knew something about him. It was obviously a trap but they had his sister hostage and wanted to do something to them that involved both of them and their past lives.

He raced over to the building he was talking about but he scouted out the area around the building too. He checked to see if there were any snipers around there then he walked to the entrance. To hell with taking off his weapon, he walked straight and once he opened a door a switch flicked and he heard a fuse go off. His immediate reaction was to go in to help his sister who may or may not be in there but instead he turned around and dashed as far away as possible. Sadly he wasn't quick enough and the building exploded behind him sending metal debris flying towards him. He felt them gash him all over the body and finally one went deep across his jaw line then he hit the ground and went unconcious. When he woke up he found himself tied to a chair in a dark room. He heard someone else breathing in front of him. "Kaywha?" asked Jay with a gag in his mouth. His body ached, he had many splinters and metal shrapnel embedded on and in his skin from the explosion. The gag was all that was keeping his jaw from bleeding. Someone turned on a light and he was happy to see his sister again but where was he. He heard footsteps behind him and he tried to look behind him only to receive a punch in the face. He grit his teeth from the pain, looking from the right wasn't his best idea. "Hello Jay," said the man. "We know exactly who you..." he looked at him. "and your sister, Kayla, are. Do you remember who I am?" He removed the gag from Jay's mouth but tied it to his lower jawline to keep it from bleeding. "No." Jay replied solemnly. He studied Jay's face. "You have changed significantly, it seems that you know what you're doing now, like you have a set path. Do you know what that is?" asked the man now examining his sisters pistols. "Yes, I want to become a Hunter," replied Jay again. "And why would that be, you would've had a perfectly fine time in the Schnee Army," said the man with a hint of despise in his voice. Jay now knew where he was from, he was the man in charge of the Schnee Army school at their village. "Now you remember me don't you. Oh and here comes your sister," His sister started to stir and he approached her. "STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!" Jay shouted. Kayla snapped awake noticing that Jay was tied to a chair like she was to her and there was a man approaching her. "I was only going to wake her up faster," said the man, he curled his hand into a fist and punched Kayla. Now Kayla was awake and Jay was trying to get out of his chair which happened to also be bolted to the ground so his struggle came with no effects. "Kayla, this man is a part of the Schnee Army. He is interrogating us right now so please do your best to keep it calm, cool, and collective." said Jay to his sister. She nodded to him and they both looked at the man. "Now, do you guys know what happened to the Schnee Army?" asked the man. They said no and he moved on to his next question. "Well, here's a little snippet of the aftermath. There were many villages that had similar uproars like this and we also had to put them down. You were the first of a very few amount of kids that escaped via train. We could see who escaped by utilizing the database of the androids and we found out who activated them. We've tracked these kids to various cities and we killed them for fear that the SDC secrets may get out. After the last riot was put down the Schnee Army was disbanded as an operation and we were left to being bodyguards and SDC coagulates. You are some of the last Schnee Army recruits that disobeyed the law and we now have to end your lives. You were two of our finest, but the better ones stayed, so not too much of a loss," explained the SDC affiliate. "So now do you know what we're going to do to you?" "You're going to let us go?" replied Jay mockingly. "Yes, to the afterlife that is," he answered smirking at him. "You were probably taught that your weapon was special at Signal. I will show you that almost anyone can use it." he said as he grabbed Jay's sniper rifle and held it to Kayla's head. Jay looked horrified wishing that he hadn't said anything to him in such a tone. He looked at Kayla and she looked scared as well, a single tear fell from her face. "No you don't have to..." Jay got stopped midsentence as the man pulled the trigger and Kayla's brains splattered all over the floor. "NOOOOO!!!" This time Jay struggled with all his might trying to get loose from the ropes. He looked like a wild animal trying to get out of his cage screaming and gripping the chair lashing at the man. "I'm going to kill you, you MOTHER FU..." The door slammed open behind them and he heard Peter yell to the man that the Vale police were coming. So the man quickly shot Jay in the stomach region, broke the gun in half, and ran out with Peter. Jay started to lose blood and conciousness now, he blinked and saw his sister without her head. He was to tired to move or be angry at anyone. Maybe if he just closed his eyes.

A Monster of Frankenstein's Creation

Jay woke up again but not in the room with his sister, he was in a clean white room with sunlight drifting through the blinds. He tried to get up but felt a sharp pain in his side and layed back down only to be welcomed with more pain. He tried looking down at the source of the pain but it was covered by a blanket which he pulled down with his hands. He saw some blood starting to soak through some bandages and he touched it. His head started screaming and he got woozy but came back to his senses. "What... happened???" Jay asked himself. It came back to him, his sister, Peter, blood, his heart started beating rapidly and the adrenaline flowed throughout his body. He tried getting up once more but a team of medical physicians came in and held him down and he felt the sedative enter his body and he fell back into a deep coma. He woke up again but this time it was night time, he looked around and noticed that Professor Crow was sitting in a chair reading a book. "Nice to see that you're up Jay," smiled Crow finally calling him by his real name. "Um, sir, how'd the police know where we were?" asked Jay. "They said that your admirers came to your room to, well, chack it out. They found a note on the ground and they gave this to the headmaster. He contacted the authorities who headed to the building only to find it blown up but your blood was on the ground which was dragged then put into a vehicle which drove somewhere else. They took footage near the building and scanned the license plate which they tracked to another building 20 miles away. They all hurried there and they found you and your sister there. I'm terribly sorry to hear about what happened to your sister Jay, she was too young, way too young." explained Crow. This made Jay go through flashbacks and this pained him greately remembering what happened. "Gahhh, get it out of my head! Kayla! Kayla," he took a pill ow and hid his face in it as tears started to stream down his face, he felt choked up and his chest hurt because of this. His breathing became labored and he needed to calm down. "Jay? Jay, are you okay? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have talked..." Crow stopped himself from mentioning his sister again. "What you may be experiencing is either PTSD or an anxiety attack. We do not know which until you show further signs of either of these." said Crow. "I'll see you again, when you're ready." Crow walked out the door and left Jay to think to himself. "See me again when I'm ready." Jay thought.

So the days passed and Jay regained his strength and eventually returned to Signal. His physicality diminished significantly and he was now running a mile in 5 minutes. He needed to get well again then he remembered what Crow said so he went to his class. He found Crow and told him that he was ready. Crow ended the class and once all of the students left he started. "I know that you had that sniper rifle before you started school and typically the students here make their own weapons. My niece, Ruby, for instance made a High Caliber Sniper Scythe which she did some intense modding on. She only uses a Scythe because I taught her and she is extraordinarily good for a 15 year-old. Since your weapon broke now you need to forge your own weapon but I don't plan on training you personally as I did with Ruby. I will help you design a weapon though. I'm good at that," stated Crow. So Jay started designing blueprints, it was going to have the base of a pistol in honor of his sister. A blade would make it better for him in terms of a close range weapon but he would have to make a weapon to go along with it since he was used to using dual blades. A main weapon with many functions? Nunchucks, you can zipline with them if you wanted to. Glaive, a bladed boomerang that doesn't make sense to use and is very inefficient. Tridents, that might work but it would be awfully hard to carry or conceal in that case. Maybe a whip, no that is too weak to use. All it is made of is leather and thats basically its only ineffective quality. Otherwise it can be used for ziplining, and different weapons too. It could be a baton or nunchucks, a portable rope. Although the rope can't be applied everywhere unless. He put the blade on the end of the whip and the whip was now made out of a flexible metal cylinders that can retract into the handle. This handle would be the pistol which he could quickdraw just like his sister. It was perfect and Crow didn't have to help him one bit, in fact no one had to. He started to forge this weapon and he even gave it a silencer function in case he had to go stealthy. The final thing he put on the handle is an engraving that says "In honor of the House of Noir, I will avenge." This was his motivation to track down the people who killed his sister. He made several throwing knives but he wasn't going to use these for normal killing, these would be tactically used to take out large numbers of enemies when the time called for it. The final weapon was harder to design. He wanted something that he could block attacks with but at the same time be able to use it as a fast attacking weapon. A sickle was perfect for this because he could hold enemy swords at bay or make them glance off of the blunt edge if he wanted then he could attack them with his brand-new Silenced Ballistic Whip Blade. He needed to come up with names for them though but right now he needed to train. He went back to speed training now with his honor in his right hand and his avenger in his left and he finished the obstacle course faster than his sister ever could. He passed all of the strength tests with ease again. His reflexes were at below peak human levels but that was good enough for anyone but him. The day came when he graduated and he was handed a scholarship to Beacon academy. He was suprised saying that he had never even thought about working for this. Now came the time to name his weapons. In his right he carried his honor, it was a whip with a blade connected to the end of it and it would sting his enemies when he came out of the dark, Le Noir, and so he called it Shadow Stinger. In his left was all of the vengeance that he wanted, he would not use this weapon often because it would bring death to anyone in its way, death, destruction, it would be called Raze. He went back to the store that he and his siter once stole from and now he was a man moving on with his life. He bought some everyday clothing, a belt to carry his weapons on, and a coat that extended down to his calves. This coat was a lot heavier than it looked and it only had six pockets on the front. He walked out of the store and on his way out he saw a black fedora. He knew that his eyes were a dead give away to someone with a secret past, a horrible past, a wonderful past. He bought the fedora then went back to the hotel room he and his sister had rented long ago. Behind a wall they had stored all of the Dust and he coated all of his weapons except for Shadow Stinger in it. The rest he dumped in a garbage can and he walked down the streets of Vale. He would practice until he could no more and fight when he was threatened. He then turned the corner and walked out into the city. He would have to change all he knew. All that he was taught. All he was...

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