"Probably, and thank goodness she isn't here then. Quite frankly I don't think I would have the stomach for those kinds of jokes." -Jen saying a pun to Rachel in Joann's absence

"..." -Jen doing what she does mostly, not talking.


Jen is a young girl being around the age of seventeen. Her hair is waist length and the color is leaf green. She has a red fighting band that she uses to tie her hair into a pony tail. She also has red eyes. Her outfit consists of a lime green tank top, green short shorts, and green combat boots.


Jen is a shy girl. When out in public or around anyone she doesn't know and trust she will not talk. The only times she talks is when either she is back home at her village, or when it's towards the other Team BLOP members. Jen's shyness makes it so she prefers to keep social interactions at a minimum.

Due to lack of interaction she feels awkward sometimes even when talking to people she trusts, sometimes trying to adopt someone's personality briefly when they are gone. This is shown in chapter 5 when Jen makes a pun towards Rachel when Joann was not around to make it herself.

Jen is very smart, being the most intelligent out of the team.

She prefers to read books for entertainment more then anything.

Jen is not afraid of a fight, though she won't go looking for one.


Jen lived in a remote village in Emerald forest. With three named people, Dallon the villages head guard, Brent an old Dust merchant, and Gurntel the villages jerk, and several currently unnamed villagers.

It's possible that Jen was a traveler at one time, seeing as in the Lime Trailer she was traveling from one village back to her home.

Jen's parent's left to travel around the world when Jen went off to Beacon, Jen is not sure if they are alive in present time. Her parents give her the house to own instead of them, which is a bad omen in Jen's mind. IN the end she know owns that house until her death.


Jen has two semi auto shotguns that can form into a Bo Staff, which can fire shotgun shells out of the ends of the Bo Staff on impact with a person or object.


Jen's aura focuses on her defense, allowing her to take a lot more damage then others. She uses this to her advantage by protecting her weaker allies like Joann in combat.


Though Jen has a strong weapon she focuses on repelling the enemy more then finishing off the enemy. Her knowledge is better off combat then on, she tried to fire her shotguns at a long range in chapter three. Her aura makes her more reckless then the others, she often forgets that her aura does not protect here against everything, so her high risk fighting style can prove to be more troublesome then even she knows


Joann Xiav Gorm- Her leader

Rachel Vara- Team member

Lily Gioia- Team member


  • Shizo is Japanese for silent
  • Jen is the Second member of Team BLOP

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