Believe in me and I'll believe in you alright? I'll get your back if you get mine.
— Jerrick Dawn Knight
Each Dawn is a new beginning. New hopes, new dreams. Never falter, Never fail to seize the day and drive back the darkness.
— Dawnknight's Grandfather

Jerrick Dawn Knight
Age 17
Title The Knight of Dawn
Nickname Dawnknight
Status Active
Color Gold
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born January 1st
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Dirt Brown
Eyes Gold
Semblance Barriers
Height 6'0"
Weight 212 Ibs
Professional Status
Partner Silvia Nytingale
Occupation Hunter in training
Personal Status
Relatives Grandfather
Additional Info
Emblem Jerrick256
Likes Mornings, Light, food, companionship , poetry, fiddling with things, philosophy, freedom
Dislikes Absolute darkness, Jerks, Sarcasm, staying in one place too long, the idea of an absolute fate
Special Skills Basic first aid, wilderness survival, handyman, quick thinking, self defense
Weaknesses ADHD, long term planning, getting bored easily, mildly Idealistic, destructive fiddler
Dawnknight chibi


While as tall as 6 feet and lithe, he has bright eyes the color of a golden morning sun and brown shaggy hair the shade of rich earth, Dawnknight's broad yet angular features have a worn and traveled look to them, as does his clothes. His jeans are patched and stained, his leather coat is faded and worn, but surprisingly the white t-shirt he wears underneath always remains pristine. He also wears a necklace with his emblem in gold around his neck.

Dawnknight usually doesn't feel the need to wear armor, as he feels it is restricting and he's slow enough already. But his Leather coat has been treated and renforced, and being able to take some blunt blows to his body. For additional protection when he feels he needs it, he'll put custom renforced padding under his coat over his vital areas.



Dawnknight, though almost always a nice guy, he can be hard to connect to at times. While friendly to almost everyone, and trying to make them smile, he himself has trouble making strong conections with people. He treasures the friends he makes and is often forgiving of their mistakes, and always wiling to give them a second chance. His ability to think rapidly on his feet and quickly assesing any situation and coming with a solution, would make him a great leader if not for not being able to think creativly in the long run. He's more of a day-by-day type of person who likes to have fun rather than someone who's serious. Likes only to be called Jerrick by the people closest to him. Has an idealistic sense of honor and chivalry, but he is not naive about the world he lives in.

Weapons and Abilities

Dawknight's Semblance is the ability to create large barriers/glyphs of light, The pattern being very small hexagons all linking together. Their strength depends on how much Aura Dawnknight pumps into them. He also seems to have a sixth sense when controling them, manipulating them as easily out of sight as in, but only able to control them within a 3-meter raidius around him. He is able form them into four shapes: A large Hexagon, an Equalatiral triangle, and a half sphere (full sphere if he concentrates). The strength of his barriers depends on how much he focuses on them. Uses in combat are obviously a sheild, but in a pinch, he can whip his sheild around and bash things. He once tried expiermenting with dust and his glyphs, but the resulting explosion left him in the hospital for a month, so he tends to keep a healthy caution around it now.

Though Dawnknight has good control over his Aura and Semblance, his fighting style and skills are...less than cohesive. Due to extensive traveling, Dawnknight never got complete training in one exact style. only the basics and few techniques in multiple styles. Thus, Dawnknight created something of his own style, incorperating multiple sword stances into his technique. This makes him an unpredictable fighter, capable of switching up tecniques and keeping opponents off balance.

Instead of having one transforming melee-to-gun weapon, Dawnknight carries something different. His weapon is actually two seperate weapons that have been modified to fit together. First, his longsword, Bhfianaise Dorchadas, which used to be his Grandfather's sword, is the weapon he's had for most of his life. He trusts this weapon with his life and takes good care of it. It's golden color leads most people to think it's made of brass or bronze, when it's actually much strogner than either of the materials. Jerrick doesn't know what it's made of, as his Grandfather never told him.

Dawnknight's second weapon is dual Rifle/Shotgun he constructed with his Grandfather and likes to call Dawn and Dusk. In Rifle mode, or 'Dawn', it is fed ammunition via clip with 50 rounds, and is semi-automatic, only needing to pump the action every five shot to expend shells. In 'Dusk', the stock folds in and the barrel shortens, turning into a shotgun. It expends five rounds per shot. Dawnknight often uses this form in conjuntion with his Longsword. What is unique about this weapon and how he uses it is that it is stronger than the normal gun in compostion, and therefore usable as a club without damaging it.

How both weapons fit togehter is that Dusk and Dawn's stock has been modified to have his Longsword's hilt fit into the stock so it becomes a double ended weapon. The trigger of the rifle/shotgun moves to the stock where Dawnknight grips it. Dawnknight uses a variation of his regular style when his weapons are in this configuration, as he now focuses on spinning his weapon rapidly and combining momentum from his shot to produce more damage. With this, he tends to sacrifice defence for a massive attack bonus.

Dawnknight's place in a team would be a front-line fighter and Defender, as while he only average in strength for a hunter trainee, he has massive amounts of endurance, stemming from massive amounts of training and traveling. It's as he puts it: "When you get your ass kicked hundereds of times, you tend to learn how to take a hit."


Dawnknight was born in Vale at the begining of the year, at dawn. His parents, both Huntsmen, loved and adored him. They showered him with affection and entertained him with tales of their adventures as Huntsmen. They might have been over protective of him, making Jerrick a little naive, but overall he had a wonderful childhood.

Then one day it all shattered, and Jerrick was forced to accept the harsh and cruel world he lived in.

One day Jerrick got up to find that his parents were nowhere to be found. He thought they would be home last night, and was confused. Only then would a police officer come to tell him that they were dead, both killed in action against the Grimm.

Jerrick crumbled. Orphaned at 11 years old, he was now lost in a world he did not understand. He was put in an orphanage until his only remaining family member would come to collect him. 

Several months later, Jerrick's Grandfather arrived. He was an old retired Huntsman who traveled the world, passing out wisdom to those who would listen. He took Jerrick with him on his travels, teaching him as he went.

During the several months spent in the orphanage, Jerrick started to hate The Grimm for what they did to his parents turning into a bitter, pessimistic, person. He would have turned out vastly different from who he is today if it weren't for his Grandfather's patience and wisdom. He soon realized what it meant to be a Hunter, to put yourself before others, and that his Parent's deaths had not been in vain and that they had died doing what needed to be done. 

Dawnknight's Grandfather could teach him little in the ways of combat, as he had suffered an injury long ago that had forced him to give up the life of a Hunter. Instead his Grandfather taught him mentally, teaching him lessons on aura and life and giving him wisdom from his own experiances. He was always able to point him in the right direction, introducing him to accomplished warriors and Huntsmen, enrolling him in multiple combat schools in their travels. Money was never a problem, as his Grandfather was always careful with his savings. He prefered a simple yet comfortable lifestyle.

When Dawnknight decided he wanted to finish his training as a Huntsman, his Grandfather directed him towards Beacon. Though his records were sparse, it was more than enough to get him into Beacon with his Grandfather's recomendation.


Silvia Nytingale

Ever since they became partners, Dawnknight has sworn to watch her back. He is loyal to all his teamates, but for her, Dawnknight would put his life on the line. He's also developed something of a crush on her, which makes things awkward, as so does Tenne.

Raven Duskshine

Dawnknight views 'Dusk' as he calls him, as his antithesis. While Raven is Cold, Sarcastic, and Logical, Dawnknight is Friendly, Honest, and Idealistic. While they do butt heads often, Dawnknight still sees Raven as valued comrade if not friend, and apprieciates the new perspective Raven gives him.

Tennè Daystar

Dawnknight doesn't quite know what to do with Tenne. While he's slightly oblivious to her attraction to Silvia, he has noticed her tendancy to shy away boys. Thus, he respectfully keeps his distance, and hopes one day he can get closer to her as a friend.

Jerrick Dawn knight's Stats :

Primary Role Defender
Secondary Role Attack
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Bhfianaise Dorchadas translates from Irish Gaelic into 'Dark Light'

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