"I'm more then meets the eye now aren't I?" -Joann to Mo Rot Aatma after their fight

"Thanks for the advise Ozzie" -Joann nick naming Professor Ozpin


Joann is a young girl, around seventeen years old, her long hair covers her left eye and was black, except for the ends the covered her eye and her back which were colored blue. Her outfit consists of a blue flower in her hair, a light blue blouse, a black hoodie (hood is not worn), a blue skirt, dark blue boots, and two sapphire blue quivers.


Joann is known for being very energetic and upbeat. She is almost never seen as anything else, the only time shown so far being after her second fight with Mo, when she was more tense and annoyed.

Joann is radical when it comes to emotions, though mood swings are rare with her. For this reason Joann could be considered patent when it come to her emotions, not letting a lot of things change how she feels.

Joann likes to fight and never backs down during the fight. This is shown in her trailer, seeing as it took place inside an arena. Her determination is shown when she single handedly had to fight a large amount of Rot warriors and easily defeated all of them.

Even though she is generally laid back it is shown that Joann follows some kind of rule or code, calling Mo a cheater when Torchwick aided him in their fight at a Schnee Dust Factory.

Joann tends to joke around quite often. Two of her preferred forms of comedies is puns and one liners, She likes them enough to even fire a couple of her own during combat, much to Rachel's discontent.


Joann is a member of the Xiav family, a family that's been dead (other then Joann) for seven years. The Rot family was their cause of death. According to Joann the Xiav family used to be allies with both the Rot family and the Gorm Family. Her father was a Gorm and her mother was a Xiav, they use their mother's last name as their middle name and their fathers name as their last name. Though for respective reasons they say they are a part of their mother's family.

The Rot's disliked the Xiav's and Gorm's rules and decided to fight both families to eliminate said rules. They took both the Xiav's and Gorm's by surprise and laid waste to the families. Now Joann is the only known living member left of both families. In the Blue trailer the families conflicts are shown between Joann and Mo and the conflict is further shown during the battle at the Dust Factory.

Weapon Before Upgrade

Joann's weapon is a bow that can turn into a katana.

She has two quivers, one holds normal arrows that she commonly used when using her katana as a means to stab the opponent when they are to busy blocking her katana attacks, and the second one contained arrows filled with dust. She had a few different types of dust arrows.

Fire Dust Arrow- Lights any opponent that touches the arrow and a foot around it's impact zone

Ice Dust Arrow- Freezes any opponent that touches the arrow and a foot around it's impact zone

Water Dust Arrow- Either creates a water bubble that flies ahead instead of the arrow, or acts like a normal arrow and splashes water a foot around it's impact zone

Thunder Dust Arrow- Stuns opponents by direct content, or by conducting through water

Impact Dust Arrow- Either sends the opponent flying in the air in an accurate angle, or just send the opponent flying with an explosion

Normal Arrow- Can turn into a cluster arrow if Joann uses her aura

Weapon After Upgrade

The bow and katana now have crystals on it so Joann doesn't need dust arrows and can use her dust just in case her doesn't have her weapon

Aura skill/Abilities

Joann can run very fast, she can even run up surfaces at the right speed. Joann also knows Taekwondo, a Korean fighting style that consists mostly of kicks.


Joann's Spirit aura is used mainly for speed. Joann is weaker physically then most fighters, making it hard for her to parry attacks or do to much damage without her weapon. her aura also cripples her durability. She can not get hit to often because the damage to her is greatly higher then others.


Jen Shizo- Team member, is sometimes concerned about Jen's shyness.

Rachel Vara- Team member, sometimes disagrees with her due to their opposite fighting styles and opinions.

Lily Gioia- Team member, she's curious about Lily's reactions to her past due to her knowledge of Lily being innocent

Mo Rot Aatma- Enemy, Joann vows to avenge her families, and Mo is a good start in her mind.


  • Xiav means blue in Hmong
  • Gorm apparently means foolish, which makes sense for Joann
  • She met Pyrrha via sparring
  • Joann seems to be the only member in Team BLOP to actually have a middle name

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