I'm never quite satisfied with the guns I create. I always feel there's more designing and engineering potential to be gotten out of them. Like rocket launchers and laser beams sprouting out from the sides!
— Johan
Johan Sturm-Wolke
Johan 1
Age 19
Status Active
Color Cobalt Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Navy Blue
Eyes Purple
Height 168cm
Weight 56kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team N/A
Occupation Student
Jobs Gunsmith, Engineer
Additional Info
Likes Guns, Engineering, Steak & Fries
Dislikes Close Range, Brawling, People handling his equipment


Johan is a man of below average height with an average build, with long navy blue hair that stretches down just a little below shoulder length. He has sharp eyes and are coloured in deep purple. His clothing consists of a wide brimmed Stetson, a black leather jacket worn open, protective glove on his left hand, an imperial blue button shirt underneath, denim trousers and black boots. He holsters his weapon on his back along with its extension.



Johan is relatively chilled and easy going most of the time, preferring to save his energy for when it's needed and not waste on things he deems unnecessary. He has a strong sense of purpose in life and is always willing to push the limits of what's technologically possible to make his ideas and designs a reality.

However his cool demeanour can take a complete u-turn when he's provoked in the wrong manner. In which case his comments and words tend to be blunt, harsh and sarcastic to those on receiving end. One thing that is guaranteed to send Johan into a foul mood is someone trying to touch or handle his equipment. A bad experience with an unnamed student at Signal led to a premature end to one of his prototype weapons where months and months of his research and development went in an instant.

Johan has a great fascination with guns and machinery often spending a lot of his free time tinkering, crafting or upgrading weapons as well as other pieces of kit. He sometimes jokes that his weapons need “More Dakka” and that “There’s no such thing as having enough guns.” If a teammate is in need of help with anything gun related Johan will be willing to lend a hand either it's building a new weapon or fixing an existing one.

Even though he does not look like the person for the job Johan likes to stand up to bullies and really enjoys getting under their skin. He doesn't care if he's beaten to a pulp he loves to mess with the arrogant minds of those who seek to cause the less fortunate grief.



Back Story

Johan was orphaned when he was just a baby and therefore has no memory of the family he was born into. A gunsmith named Flint Rock would adopt the baby Johan and become his foster father. Flint was a very busy man crafting and forging firearms orders day in day out and would of often struggle to balance both his working life and being a father to Johan. This lead to a slightly awkward relationship between the two of them as the boy started to see the man more as a caretaker more than a father. So much so that Johan one day picked up a bad habit inspired by Flint's customers and referred to the aging old man by forename instead of parental name.

As Johan grew older so did his fascination with guns and machinery. He asked Flint whether he could try out one of his weapons, but Flint knew better than to give a kid a gun and had to decline. Johan proved stubborn and would stop at nothing to get the old man to let him try a weapon. Eventually the whining and tantrums got under Flint's skin and he gave in to Johan's childish demands. But he worked on a compromise to ensure the safety of both his reputation and Johan's well being. When the boy turned 10 Flint gave Johan a BB gun and set up a small shooting range in the back yard to practice. Although the boy wasn't a natural talent at first he persisted with target practice and would stop at nothing to refine his marksman skills in years to come.

As Flint grew older and more feeble he found it more troublesome to work the forge and run the shop on such a tight schedule so when Johan turned 13 he made him his apprentice and would teach the boy all that he knew about forging and engineering so one day he could own the shop and make a healthy living. But knowing that he didn't much time left to teach Johan everything he knew Flint decided to use his last savings to send Johan to Signal Academy to study more about forging and to put his marksman abilities to good use. On Flint's deathbed he revealed to Johan who his family was and what had happened to them in the past. He revealed that the Sturm-Wolkes were a proud family of hunters and huntresses who excelled in using lightning dust. It is still unclear how they disappeared but it's certain that Johan is currently the only active member still around. With some light finally shone on his past Johan became inspired even more to become a hunter like his parents and one day hopefully find out the truth as to what happened to them.


His main weapon is his gun Dorothy. It's a rifle that can alternate between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle that also applies the effects of dust energy to rounds being fired. In 'Assault' mode the muzzle is short and the gun will fire bullets at over 500 rounds per minute with low dust charge effect. In 'Sniper' mode the barrel extends by 50cm for greatly increased accuracy at the cost of a drastically reduced RPM of 90. The effect of the dust energy is also overcharged to give power equivalent of .50cal round but requires a cool down period as the fusion chamber gets hot when applying so much energy to one bullet.

Johan also has a small collection of unfinished and untested weapons he is working on. One example is a large gun that applies his approach of "More Dakka!" with a rapid firing rate, mini rocket launchers and a compact flame thrower but it's still in development and he even admits it's unlikely it'll be suitable for field use anytime soon.

Another untested weapon is a unique rifle he inherited when his adoptive father passed away.  Named 'Thunder Cannon', it's a large dust using anti-material rifle with an ammunition size said to be larger than .50 cal. It only uses lightning dust and requires a large battery in order to power it but apart from that little is known about this weapon. The only clues as to what this weapon is capable of is written on a piece of paper by Flint "It's loud. VERY loud. Be sure you don't go deaf when you use it." However this weapon is too impractical and cumbersome to carry around for field use. He intends more usable in the future.


Combat, Strengths and Weaknesses

Johan's main ability is shooting with great accuracy and precision. He is adapt at mid range but he excels at long range combat and prefers to keep that way for he is poor when it comes to short range and melee fighting. He will avoid close range encounters like the plague choosing instead to stay a few paces behind allies covering their backs from enemies outside their peripheral.

Johan also makes use if his aura but it's relatively weak compared to somebody's more adept at using it. Unable to use it for close confrontations he utilizes it like a radar to detect unseen or hidden enemies within a radius of approximately 30 to 40 metres.

The reason for his distaste towards close quater combat is down to limited movement in his right. In the past he used to wield a combat knife incase things got too ugly too close. But that all ended in Signal when a classmate attacked him in a fit of rage. Johan suffered a wound from his wrist up to his elbow and as a result he sustained permanent damage to the joint as well as a partially severed nerve. This ruled him out of any close combat potential.

Misc & Trivia

  • Johan crosshair emblem

    Johan's Emblem.

    His name is pronounced "Yo-Han Sh-turm Vol-Ke".
  • The 'Han' part of Johan alures to Hansel from Hansel and Gretel.
  • 'Sturm-Wolke' is combination of the german words for Storm and Cloud.
  • Johan receiving a bb-gun at 10 is a reference to the Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3 in which the player's character receives a BB gun for their tenth birthday.
  • The limited arm movement handicap can be likened to the former Polish F1 driver Robert Kubica who suffered severe arm injuries when he crashed while participating in a rally in 2011.

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