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Johannes Leictreach
Age 19
Status Alive
Color Electric Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Both
Complexion White
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Height 6ft4
Weight 73kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team JHWL(former)
Haizea Sai (former)
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Eli Leictreach (brother)

Aureolin Leictreach (cousin)

Johannes Leictreach is a major character in the The Four Huntsmen, he is the brother of Eli Leictreach and is in his 3rd year of Beacon Academy and was the team leader of Team JHWL His weapon of choice is an Dual Blade Grendade Launcher(DBGL) named Granatwerfer.


Johannes has perfectly combed shiny bowl cut blue hair, with some strands reaching his back. Johannes has blue eyes(unlike Eli who has yellow) and really strange grin. Johannes average sized for someone his age and only weighs 75 kilograms.

For apparel, Johannes wears the exact same garbs as his brother Eli. Johannes has a big white scarf, but this scarf doesn't seem to look like it goes all the way down. Johannes also wears a white top with blue in the middle of the shirt.


As a member of Chamber of Requiem, Johannes has really ruthless intentions and will not stop to rid the opposition if he has to. Johannes is quite smart and tatical, this made him capable of leading his own team. Because of Johannes's ruthless nature, this causes him to show no mercy no matter who he is. Maybe because of this nature of him is why he likes being alone.

However, Johannes does get enraged at times, getting angry when someone tries to bellittle his liittle brother. Because of this, Eli seems to want to follow him because he hated being lonely all the time. Another share of emotion that had came from Eli was when his teammates died fighting against Gary Panner and was crying.

Also, Johannes seems to have a habit of reading all lot of books, his favourite book in particular is "Love Rectangle" which is a romance book, even though Johannes doesn't really have the habit of romance in him at all.


Early Life

Johannes was born to a family in a very calm and peaceful area and he had a brother named Eli Leictreach. Johannes and Eli. Their parents were Hunters listed as MIA, therefore they were in care by their uncle. Johannes was very quiet and would spend time on his own reading, but his silence would be disturbed by his brother Eli. Johannes once asked him why Eli had followed, this was because Eli hated being alone. Johannes decided to act more like a brother to him because he could tell that Eli didn't have a good relationship with their uncle.

Johannes at 10 and Eli at 8 were kidnapped. Being affiliated to Chamber of Requiem, they were made to train to become Hunters. If they had failed to meet the requirements of the The Master, they would be punished for it. Johannes ended up get his weapon designed for him. Johannes was quite well known and he ended up reaching quite a high rank. Along the way, Johannes met a friend called Pointus Panner, the two had started doing misssions together and completed them sucsessfuly. Johannes still wanted to be huntsman because of the stories about his parents being Hunters. But, when Johannes pestered The Master for him to apply him to Academy Beacon Academy, Johannes was forced to kill Pointus due to him planning something at Beacon.

First Year

After, Johannes had made it to Beacon and was the leader of Team JHWL. Johannes was very fond of his team, wanting to stick with them. 

Third Year

In his third year, Team JHWL were set on a mission to protect a small signal tower. Johannes led his team towards the area. They handled the Grimm and adverted them away from the area. However, they were attacked by Gary Panner and his group. Johannes had called for help but the rest of the team were killed. More Grimm started to appear thus they ran away. Johannes was the only survivng member and was then picked up by a Chamber of Requiem airship.


Eli Leictreach

Johannes is Eli's older brother. Johannes has a very trusting relationship with his brother and is always nice to him. Whenever Eli's safety is threatened, Johannes will always be there to help. Johannes normally used to stay alone and read all lot of books in his spare time and Eli would always follow him. Johannes knew that whereever he goes, Eli will follow him.


Johannes seems to aspire to be like Ozpin as he likes him all lot. Johannes is very respectful towards him and trusts him a lot.

Powers and Abillities

Athletic Skills

Being in his third year at Beacon, Johannes is known for being able to jump quite high. He is capable of jumping a great distance vertically and horizontally. This allows him to block attacks aiming at his knees. Johanne's is capable of jumping up to 3 feet while standing.

Additionally, Johannes is incredibly quick. He can reach really high speeds and attack his opponents quite quickly. Johannes is capable of running away and moving away whenever he uses Granatwerfer's grenade launcher while he is in battle.

Johannes is a little bit acrobatic. He is capable of performing flips and cartwheels. Furthermore, Johannes can do more advanced acrobatic techniques but he doesn't use them because they're too flashy.

Despite this, Johannes lacks strength. He isn't able to carry things without getting exhausted for using too much strength. Johannes's lack of strength makes him take quite a bit to finish a fight.


Granatawerfer is Johanne's weapon of choice. The weapon is normally in it's Grenade Launcher form. The whole weapon is mattt black with a lot of streaks of blue around the barrel and the magazine. The weapon switch is on the on the magazine. For it to switch to the dual blade form, Johannes presses the switch and half the weapon props out. This allows Johannes to slide the top of the wepaon out to reveal the dual blades. Using Granatwerfer, Johannes is able proppel shots using the Grenade Launcher version, to extent that he can propel himself into the air quite easily, using it for fast transport. Despite this, it's likely the shots fired could hurt him as it is a grenade launcher. Johannes is capable of destroying buildings using his weapon throughout his time in Beacon. Also, the grenade launcher is capable of disabling any mechanics on veichles with it's explosion. Using the blades, Johannes is able to quicky strike past an opponents defense because of his enchanced offense. Johanes is capable of handling two opponents using the blades which makes the gap between 1st to 3rd years even wider.

Aura and Semblance

Johannes has a light blue aura like his brother and his semblance is that he can walk through an inamate object and will end up around the others that are like that object around that area. This is useful for him to get to places quicker or suprise attacks on enemies. However, Johannes can not control where it goes, meaning that he could end up somewhere bad or even be trapped. He is only capable of walking through atleast 8 objects without getting a headache or the feeling he's banged his head on something hard.


  • Leictreach in Irish is Eletrical.

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