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John Dog
Age 46
Title Janitor 04
Alias God of Grimm

The Saints

Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Hair Black
Eyes Pale Yellow
Height 2.10 metres
Weight 95 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Janitor
Occupation Janitor


John Dog is one of the Janitors, in charge of the fourth largest continent and is thus designated as Janitor 04. Second strongest, John's power comes from his primary ability to control vast numbers of Creatures of Grimm and other legendary beasts, known as the Swarm, sending hordes of monsters against his targets and overwhelming them through sheer numbers. His secondary ability is Pallene, allowing himself to set a zone as his territory and compounds the traits of his creatures within himself when he is standing in the zone.


The most noticeable aspect of John Dog is his extreme height of 2.10 meters, allowing him to easily tower above those around him and being about equal height to the smaller creatures of the Grimm. His face is angular and hard-looking, with protruding cheek bones and rough dark skin, while his yellow eyes hide behind a pair of tinted goggles. His upper body is rather muscular, and he styles himself with an appearance akin to that of a veteran mafia boss, wearing either a lovely black suit, as well as a white fedora that covers his bald head when he is on business. In his spare time, he usually relaxes in a black lumberjack's vest over a striped T-shirt with knee-length white shorts.


Despite his outward look, intimidating stature and rough voice, John typically subverts expectations hard with his patience and compassion and out of all of the Janitors, morality-wise, John is the most dedicated to helping and protecting the weak, being the one who told Baby that it is worth doing good deeds for the sheer satisfaction of it. In the past, he acted as a roadside healer, using his unique ability to help the injured recover for free. In conversation, he speaks calmly with soothing tones and is easygoing, making him rather friendly to those who have met him. Overall, he is just a nice guy when nothing else is on his mind.

Towards the Grimm in his Swarm, John views them as his brothers and sisters for sharing his soul and he is unique among people to believe that coexistence with the creatures is possible, though the kingdoms highly disagree with his conclusion. John, however, handles the Swarm with a strict hand and is unhesitating in stepping forward to take the blame for any mistakes or misdemeanors every member of the Swarm has committed. While he has very good intentions, the methods at which John uses to protect others may be considered questionable. Through the Swarm, he tends to infringe on other people's privacy when he delegates creatures to spy on them for their protection and he is not above stopping potential criminals if they were found, even if they had yet to commit a crime. Every criminal organisation is thus aware of this almost omniscient entity trying to stop them and hence driving them all the more underground, making it difficult for the normal authorities. When Zephyr learned of this, he calls John out as having a 'hero complex' and tells John not to get too comfortable with the extent of his Swarm, else he might be forced to execute him.

In his free time, which is virtually all the time due to his house arrest while his Swarm cleans up the streets in the dead of the night, John tends to indulge himself in numerous different recipes which he then uses to cook up dishes in the rare occasion that someone comes to visit him. He has also authored a good series of books, both fiction and non-fiction, with the general plot, according to his experience, that the monster can be a good guy, a message that Reiner believes is ridiculous.


John Dog's original weapon is of the DARPA - Dual Action Rail Piston Arms, which he no longer is able to use efficiently and now leaves lying around his house as antiques. Named 'Azabache Borradura', these two large jet black arms, each with a fist-size equivalent to the size of John's chest, are meant to completely cover the user's lower arms up to their elbow and possess a large amount of attack power, while being relatively slow compared to less bulky weapons. However, the unique characteristic of their class comes in the form of the five thick and wide rings, which, upon the press of a button, uses Dust lined on them to conduct a huge amount of electricity, creating two parallel currents on both sides of the arm, resulting in the arm itself being fired through the mechanisms of a railgun, hence propelling John at extremely high speeds and impact, enough to break the sound barrier. Their secondary function is to utilise the increased hand size so that healers are able to spread their Auras over a larger area of the person's body for more effective healing.


Physical Skill

Out of all of the Janitors, John is the physically weakest and is considered to be average by Hunter standards, both because he functioned as a healer in the past, being the only Janitor who never came from a Hunter origin and his current house arrest limiting him from sufficient physical training. It has reached to a point that he is no longer capable of using his original weapon as efficiently as before. However, with the Swarm, his physical skills are not especially important.


John Dog possesses a massive self-sufficient Aura that is capable of continuously regenerating itself. His kind and open nature had led him to taking advantage of it to heal people and other creatures by giving parts of his Aura. When he unknowingly gave some of his Aura to an injured creature of a Grimm, the lack of a soul within it resulted in his Aura completely taking it over, taming it and essentially transforming it into a part of him. John eventually capitalized on this ability, creating a huge community of Grimm that was at his beck and call, frightening the kingdoms to the point that he was placed under house arrest, dubbing him the 'God of Grimm' and the 'Human Grimm'. However, despite this, he still uses his loyal brothers and sisters to distribute and spread his Aura fragments to other soulless creatures, including others that were surprisingly not from the Grimm.

As they are of one soul and one being, John Dog was able to perceive what his Grimm perceive, coming to him in random voices and images. Before he mastered the ability, it used to overwhelm when he had taken in too many creatures, but now he is extremely efficient with this, delegating several prime creatures to filter and assess the information coming in, only showing it to him when it was of great importance or he specifically wanted the information. Even then, the information was presented in a comprehensive way, consolidated from the view points and perspectives of innumerable creatures. This allowed him supreme analytical capabilities, as well as a virtual omniscience, due to the extent of his Swarm.

The most prominent ability, however, is the sheer number and thus power of his Swarm. Not only were the creatures of the Grimm obedient to him, having Aura made them a lot more powerful than the normal creatures of Grimm, thus resulting in their quick spread. They were highly coordinated, aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses and could adapt the composition of their numbers to the traits of their opponents. A typical summoned Swarm could comprise of hundreds from the general area and even more if John chooses to do so. The very scale and intensity of the Swarm was unparalleled and their united perception made it all the more harder to take them by surprise. Speculation exists that if someone else other than John was the leader and Zephyr did not involve himself, the Swarm could take over a Kingdom like Vale in four days.

Their weakness, however, is their leader, John himself. As the source and the unifying force of the Swarm, John's soul is the control key to the Swarm. Once extinguished, the Swarm would fall apart and the creatures of the Grimm, upon seeing that they each have a soul, would fight among each other in a meaningless fight for souls. This is why the kingdoms have John in house arrest, so as to kill him should he use the Swarm against them.


A technique adapted from the tuning ability of fellow Janitor Baby , John Dog rips his Aura out of his body in the form of a yellow ball and allows it to expand its biggest extent, such that it covers an area with a 200 meter radius, which he in turn refers to as his territory. While it effectively robs him of personal concentrated Aura to use offensively or defensively, the enlarged Aura tunes in on the Auras' of all creatures within it and taps into them, turning itself into an epicentre of Aura. At the same time, John Dog's body becomes the epicenter for the creatures' bodies, or to be more specific, their traits, effectively turning him into a collective being of all creatures in the area, sustained by the territory-marking Aura.

In this mode, John is able to express any physical trait of the creatures at any time, such as wings, claws, tails and teeth, gaining the abilities associated with such parts. Passive traits, such as regeneration, arm strength, speed, are all accumulated together, essentially boosting his physical attributes. His most potent area, however, is the obscene regeneration and the ability to sustain himself despite grievous injuries, such that loss of his entire upper body is not enough to kill him, making him virtually immortal.

The catch with the technique is the disjointedness between the Aura and the body. While he is able to exit his territory, doing so causes John's body to realize it is without its corresponding soul and thus will begin to break down gradually. Furthermore, he loses all the abilities he gains within the territory and instead suffers from internal bleeding, inability to breathe and nerve damage. This massive weakness was why Zephyr was able to overpower John and hence dubbed the most powerful of the group.


  • John's Pallene is inspired by the Greek giant Alcyoneus, who, during the fight with the Gods, was immortal on his homeland, which was named Pallene, and had to be pulled out directly in order to be killed.


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