"I had nothing left, I had nowhere to go. I was going to give up, but then I thought of Kelly, she needed family. So now I protect her every second of every day. She is my sole reason to live"

John spartan describing the attack on his village.


Race:human Age:18 Gender:male Relations:Kelly spartan (sister) Affiliation:Beacon academy Team:KIJU Strengths:sight,speed,hearing Weaknesses:no aura,mentally weak,fears of sister getting hurt Main theme: broken road - rascal flats Battle theme: not ready to die - avenged sevenfold


John spartan has a deep hatred for the creatures of Grimm and a burning desire for revenge. His home village of fife was attacked by ursa, beowolfs, deathstalkers and king taijitus when he was 11. Only he and his 10 year old sister Kelly managed to survive. He has a constant devotion to protect his sister and that was made clear when he held himself back for a year so he could join beacon at the same time as his sister. After initiation he had been teamed up with her and two others, Issac Raven, a Faunus and Umeku Ren, granddaughter of hunter lie Ren and huntress nora Valkyrie they had been called team KIJU


Johns casual attire is a green shirt with his families crest stitched on where the heart would be. He also wears dark blue jeans with a orange/yellow belt.Johns skin is unnaturally pale, compared to the others. His eyes were dark orange and there was a deep scar on his left eye. He also wore bracers on his wrist that could turn into gauntlets to protect his wrists in combat.


One thing strange about John is that he has little to no aura, so he has to wear a lot of armour when he is in combat. But his armour is both light and strong as it is made from spartium.however despite his lack of an aura, his hearing and sight could be compared to a Fuanus to how sharp his senses are. Even in his armour he can run at incredible speeds, riveling the famous Huntress Ruby Rose.

His semblance however was a different story If he is almost defeated in battle he gets a massive jolt of energy that give him new strength,turning his eyes bright blue and giving him a massive boost to his already patheticly weak aura. When in this state he moves twice as fast, making him being hit by something almost impossible.


Johns weapon is a shotgun/broadsword hybrid called "the reclaimer." the shotgun fires 12 gauge, blue dust enfused, buckshot shells, the blue dust would freeze people, almost instantly. He forged it himself at signal academy. The sword part of the weapon glows bright blue, due to the dust in the weapon. It can also fire ice projectiles at a moments notice.

He has another weapon given to him by his grandfather, it is a dagger made of beowolf bone, it is so sharp you could cut yourself by looking at it. The weapons name is "Grendel"


Kelly spartan: Due to the fact that Kelly is his sister, there is the usual bickering and competition between the two. But Kelly was also the team leader, much to their surprise. Although grateful to what her brother has done to keep her safe for the last seven years, she feels overprotected by him now. However she knows that she cant change his mind. Also John gets uncontrolably stressed very easily and Kelly is the only one who can properly calm him down.

Issac raven: Issac was now one of johns closest friends, when Issac first met John he thought he was going to be constantly mocked and bullied by him. It was to his surprise that John treated him as an equal, and at other times, superior. Issac also saw how devoted John was to keeping his sister safe, and would even say he would give his own life if it ment Kelly would be safe. Despite how close friends they were, Issac still never wanted to know what had happened to John.

Umeku Ren: Granddaughter of two legendary hunters, umeku was respectable,sensible and calm, like her grandfather at times, and crazy like her grandmother at others. She and John were close. It didn't help that Kelly kept teasing them, about the two dating.umeku could sense darkness in John, one that could only go away when he was with his sister.


John suffers from nightmares, mainly ones about him failing to save his sister
his emblem is a blue sword crossing an angular shield.
he calls king taijitus, basalisks
John and his sister have no quarrels with the Fuanus, unlike their late family
the idea of John, came when I (hazzamo) started to write a fan fiction about myself.
his name and combat styles are a reference to John-117 from the halo series

(John spartan and the others of team kiju are the property of user hazzamo)

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