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You call yourself a huntsman? All you do is kill! All hunters job is to protect the world! Killing people is letting the Grimm win.
— Jorey to his dad.

Jorey Diamond is the leader of Team JORE. His weapon of choice is a Nodachi Hybrid Ranged Bow (NHRB) called Emerald Stagger.


1st Year

Jorey has jade colored hair and golden coloured eyes. He has a muscular build(not massive) He is usually seen wearing blue, as it matches his hair. His eyes are his most noticable property as they can be used to captivate the right people with a single look. He wears an orange top underneath his coat.

2nd Year

Jorey has grown much taller, still being the tallest in his team and gained more weight. He completely changed his hairstyle as he let it grow and now it's curved on the left side and straight on the right side. Jorey became a bit more muscular, gaining a six pack. 

For his clothing, Jorey decided to ditch his coat as it was too heavy for him and it slows him down a little. Now he wears a black long sleeved shirt under him and a yellow short sleveved shirt under it. On the back, it has his emblem with Jade Diamonds. A new feature is that on his neck, he wears an Accurate Optical Crosshair Monocle on his neck. He only puts on it on his eye when he needs to aim his bow at someone.


Jorey is an incredibly helpful person. He enjoys helping people at times, lending a helping hand whenever possible except when facing emergencies of his own, he is also very frugal, spending a long time in shops before knowing what to buy.

Jorey is well known for his flirtatious behaviour (not perverted). When it comes to girls, he always relies on how beautiful they are. Also, when Jorey tries to flirt, this normally ends up him being hit. Whenver he sees a beautiful girl, Jorey will approach them to flirt with them. This extends to strangers and adults too.

Being a ladies man, you won't see him with a man often, his best friend is known as a girl called Bridgette West. He has had to lose contact with a lot of his friends because of his newfound membership with Team JORE, although feeling rather upset about this, he is proud of his new status.

Moreover, Jorey is a very loud person, he seems to shout out constantly when he enters a room. He also likes to carve his initials JD on places so people know that he was here if he dies one day. Jorey seems to want to improve himself and wants the younger generations to never give up. 

Jorey is a very optimistic person as he never usually thinks around the bad side of things. He likes to reflect upon himself a lot in terms of his personality. Also, he likes to interact with others a lot making him a very chatty person.

Despite this, Jorey can get a little bit depressed when he doesn't get his way or what he wants which makes more of a drama queen. Jorey can get angry when someone takes advantage of others or attempt to kill people because it wastes more lives and lets the Grimm win.

As a child, Jorey was always very active and shouty.



Jorey used to live in Vale in the residential district, he has three little triplet sisters who he used to play with. His mother and father would work hard and this meant Jorey had to take care of his sisters. With this, Jorey learned how to babysit and was earning money for himself at the age of 12.

When, Jorey had met Bridgette West at the age of 8, she too had never wanted to be a huntress. They mostly talked about games and television whenever they met. Jorey and Bridgette then made friends with other people around their area too.

Four years later, Jorey and Bridgette went camping one time with the supervision of her parents, however they were almost attacked by a Beowolf. The two had ran off from the Grimm creature and it was killed by a huntress. Amazed by what they saw, the two vowed to become hunters, to protect the people and help them. 

Jorey's mother decided that it was time to take them to Mistral because she thought Vale was a bit stale and they stayed their for a while. Bridgette's parents followed the same suit and thus moved to Mistral, just right next to Jorey. Then, they were put in Satalite Academy, where they started to learn all lot things there. Jorey then headed over towards a weapon mechanic where he made Emerald Stagger for him. He personally chooses this because he enjoyed using bows in video games.

On his last year, Jorey was apparently ranked 34th in his class and was noticing that Bridgette was going to Beacon Academy. Because of this, Jorey had decided to go Beacon and continue their friendship, despite the fact she found it abit stalkerish.

Introduction Arc

(The Four Huntsmen) Before entering Beacon, Jorey was walking along the streets and noticed a fight taking place and watched it. When he saw it, he was distracted by Eli Leictreach's attack. After the fight had finished, Jorey noticed Onyx Rocker who stared at him angry for helping Eli escape.

Jorey appeared walking outside the airship feeling refreshed. Jorey was then aproached by Bridgette West and they talked about how worried they would be if they were on seperate teams. Jorey proceeded to ask Bridgette out but is returned with a slap, asking him if he's serious about this. As they sat through Ozpin's speech, Jorey thought that he must have had some bad times which is recieved by a punch in the gut by Bridgette.

Battle of Beacon

Jorey was just comming back from his mission where he had to give the Romeo artifact to his father. When hearing Beacon was in trouble, Jorey called for his dad to get an airship to get them back to Vale. However, they were quite late as he and his team noticed that Grimm was frozen. They learned that Beacon was unsafe at the moment. Jorey decided to go look for anyone that was in trouble and help them.


Onyx Rocker

Jorey seems to like Onyx as a friend and is quite friendly towards him. But, since Onyx hates Jorey as a leader of the team, Jorey tries to get him to respect him. This is because Jorey believes that Onyx is the strongest of the team and wants him to work together with Jorey and become an unstoppable duo together. Jorey is quite interested with Onyx and seems to like him.

Rufus Sabbia

Jorey acts a little hostile to Rufus by calling him weak when he doesn't want do something. According to Eli, he is taking out the anger from Onyx and directing it to Rufus to make him feel better. However, Jorey likes to try and mess around with Onyx along with Rufus to make him angry.

Eli Leictreach

Jorey - like the rest of the team - is scared of Eli. When Eli requests something from Jorey, he is always nervous and stutters a lot. When Eli is angry, Jorey will try to stay away from him in class. Despite this, Jorey finds Eli's scary nature funny when directed at opponents and interesting.  Most of the time, Jorey mentions how cool Eli's weapon, Bolzen is.

Bridgette West

Bridgette West is Jorey's lifelong friend, meeting each other one time and Jorey mentioning that he'll flirt with her once. Their friendship is very similar towards Jorey and Onyx as Bridgette likes to punch Jorey a lot. Bridgette is very kind to Jorey and will always assist him when he needs help. Jorey also has a crush on Bridgette and she is aware of this.

Abilities and Powers

Athletic Ability

Jorey's most notable trait is that he has high durability. He is capable of taking hits quite easily due to his muscular stature. Jorey can sustain quite a lot of attacks in battle as seen when he was attacked by Eli. This allows him to rarely suffer a lot of injuries and makes him less vunerable as an archer.

Additionally, Jorey has quite a lot of stamina. He is able to stay in a fight for quite a long amount of time without passing out. Jorey can fall back in fight when performing ranged attacks with his bow and then come into the fight with lots of stamina ready.

However, Jorey lacks strength. He may have a muscular stature but he's not exactly strong. Jorey's lack of strength means that he is unable to do sufficient enough attacks to any enemies. Jorey mostly has to add in a few attacks in to finish of a Beowolf at times despite being an easy enemy to kill.


Emerald Stagger is Jorey's weapon. Often, Jorey uses the bow form. The bow form is made out of jade leather with a string running towards the other side. The middle of the bow is a sword guard that's made out leather that has a blue tsuba. It also has a compartment inside where dust goes(mostly wind) for his bow. There is also a switch to change it into it's nodachi form. At the upper edge of the bow, the nodachi blade is there. As it switches, the edge of bow unfolds and reveals the nodachi.

Jorey is a highly skilled archer. He is able to make precise shots with his bow. He adopts a very perserved ranged fighting style where he stays back on attack to fire arrows. Also, Jorey has a very rushed form of attack when ever he uses Emerald Stagger. Jorey has spent years training with his weapon, the Emerald Stagger. He is capable of blocking attacks with his bow, shooting arrows with pure accuracy; attacking others using the nodachi with normal strikes. Jorey seems to prefer the bow version at it covers long range. Jorey is able to fire arrows at quick velocity thus Jorey is able to leave the enemy less time to dodge his shots.

Despite this, Jorey doesn't seem to be fast at putting another round of arrow, this leaves him in the open when his reloading. To combat this, Jorey now has made a formation as leader of Team JORE, by having Rufus Sabbia use a bubble shield and Eli Leictreach to send bolts on the arrows to defend Jorey and send a death trap. Using the nodachi, Jorey is unable to make quick strikes as he doesn't have good speed but has capable strengths.


Jorey's aura is a jade colour and his semblance allows him to increase the damage of eight of his arrows. This helps him take down Grimm a bit quicker and is very useful to damage high level Grimm such as a Nevermore. This has helped him against his fight with Cynthia Ranger. However, continuous usage of the semblance can cause the arrows to disintegrate.

Jorey Diamond's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Total stats: 60/100

Battles and Events

Season 1

Fight Chapter Outcome
Jorey Diamond and Onyx Rocker vs White Fang Members Chapter 4 Victory
Jorey Diamond, Onyx Rocker, Rufus Sabbia and Eli Leictreach vs White Fang Members Chapter 6 Victory

Season 2

Fight Chapter Outcome
Jorey Diamond vs Onyx Rocker Chapter 8 Interrupted
Jorey Diamond vs Onyx Rocker II Chapter 12 Interrupted
Jorey Diamond vs Cythnia Ranger Chapter 16 Victory
Team JORE and Johannes vs Grimm Chapter 18


Season 3


  • Jorey is based on the characters real life name.
  • His initials JD if pronounced sounds like Jade.
  • Jorey's theme song Underdog is choosen because of his attitude.
  • Jorey's first year picture is JD from Neo Angelique.

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