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Young Jorey doing work for his family.

Jorey used to live in Vale in the residential district, he has three little triplet sisters who he used to play with. His mother and father would work hard and this meant Jorey had to take care of his sisters. With this, Jorey learned how to babysit and was getting his parents money.

After, Jorey had met Bridgette West, she too had never wanted to be a huntress. They talked about how good their life was and could never understand other people's life. Jorey stated to Bridgette that she should be aware of the fact that he might hit on her one day which caused her to be angry.

Four years later, Jorey and Bridgette went camping one time, however they were almost attacked by Grimm. The two had ran off from the Grimm creature and it was killed by a huntress. Amazed by what they saw, the two vowed to become hunters, to protect the people and help them.

Jorey's mother decided that it was time to take them to Mistral for some unknown reason and they stayed their for a while. Then, they were put in Satalite Academy, where they started to learn all lot things there and began to become warriors.

On his last year, Jorey was apparently ranked 11th in his class and was noticing that Bridgette was going to Beacon Academy. Because of this, Jorey had decided to go Beacon and continue their friendship, despite the fact she found it abit stalkerish.

First Year

Introduction Arc

Before entering Beacon, Jorey was walking along the streets and noticed a fight taking place and watched it. When he saw it, he was distracted by Eli Leictreach's attack. After the fight had finished, Jorey noticed Onyx Rocker who stared at him angry for helping Eli escape.

Jorey appeared walking outside the airship feeling refreshed. Jorey was then aproached by Bridgette West and they talked about how worried they would be if they were on seperate teams. Jorey proceeded to ask Bridgette out but is returned with a slap, asking him if he's serious about this. As they sat through Ozpin's speech, Jorey thought that he must have had some bad times which is recieved by a punch in the gut by Bridgette.

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Adult Life

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