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Do I always fail when it comes to girls?
— Jorey's annoyance with girl problems.

My rules.
— Jorey's code of fighting.

I hate Snow, I also hate Sand.
— Jorey expressing his hate for the two companies.

Onyx and I have a rivalry to keep.
— Jorey about his rivalry with Onyx.

Season 1

So what are your interest weirdos?
— Jorey towards his new team.

Season 2

Doesn't matter, I'm leader of the team and I give the orders!
— Jorey to Eli.

Season 3

It's Diamond and his friend Rocker, now we're about to show you an Earthquake!
— Jorey's entrance to Grimm Studies.

I asked this blonde girl if I could ride her center back and she almost pulled my parts off!
— Jorey disagreeing on Rufus's decision on Team RWBY.

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