Weapons: Fire Enabled Combustion Gauntlets

Subject uses two weapons, Neibīburū and Orenji. Neibiburu is a pair of Fire Enhanced Combustion Gauntlets(FECG) that let him conjure and control blue and white tinted flames. It is incredibly rare, and is fully dust enabled. He uses it to enhance his Hand-to-hand skills. The amount of flames he can use is limited. It can launch fireballs, that explode on impact. He is exceptional in H2H combat, surpassing even his team leader, Verdantos

Orenji is a normal broadsword, but it was given to him by his caretaker, and is his most prized posession. He is mediocore at best in sword fighting, and only carries it around because, his caretaker, Violen, gave it to him.==


Orenji, a plain broadsword.


Jr's semblance enhances his aura in the linings of his esophagus, inner lungs, and his mouth. This ability allows him to ingest things otherwise harmful, like acid, or fire. He can convert buildups of Heat, and fire, into ebergy for his own body to use. (Yes, this is a reference to Natsu from fairy tale, everything about Jr, sans his backstory, is a reference to popular shonen.)

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