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Did you know when people’s minds play tricks on them, it’s worst than what is truly there.
— Judge Falk
Age 17
Alias Judge Falk
Status Active
Color Orange
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born June 21st
Handedness left
Complexion Pale
Hair Bloody Red
Eyes Jade Green
Height 6'5"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Bryan Bane
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Emblem Falkemblem
Likes Gore, Destruction and Chaos
Dislikes Order, Justice and Fair Play
Special Skills CQC & Physical Combat
Weaknesses Dust
Character Theme

Falk's Theme



Judge often appears in a a torn black hoodie with patches indicating his long use of the sweater. He will often have what appears to be a collar made of dull barb wire around his neck, though it is unknown why he wears it, it has no signs of tearing into his skin. His pants seem to be torn dark blue cargo jeans with stitch markings indicating that they have been used for extended periods and from dirt markings, it seems they do not see cleaning for extended periods. He wears a black leather belt with orange spikes around his pants keeping the aged jeans up. He often wears black sneakers with orange trimmings and orange laces. His symbol of an orange blood drop with a grin in the center can be spotted on the back of his sneaker and the sides of his sneakers.

Physical Details

Judge is a fairly heighten fellow who seems to have very pale skin. Judge's face is fairly plan with a notable smaller nose, then most for his body type. His eyes are a shade of jade green which seems to match his bloody red hair. His hair is actually fairly long for a man coming down to the base of his neck line. His shoulders are not as wide as some and seems to make him have a more lean build compared to most. His body consists of light muscle tone, despite having less then ten percent of body fight. Though it is not visible, if he were to strip, his body is covered in scar tissue which also is matched with stitch markings that may indicate he has been subjected to multiple surgeries.


The past is said to describe oneself, yet without a past known to others, judge is rather mysterious. A maniac who is tied to deaths, yet no one has ever proven if he had done them. Finding love in causing pain to Grimm, Judge is a rather strange man. His pleasure to some degree is what others do not pay attention to. Without a doubt, Judge is a strange man.
As far as his interactions without people, Judge is said to be disturbing. Often humming when others are focusing leads to many jumping or being surprised by his sudden appearance. His speech pattern is a bit strange as his dialect makes him go from high to low in a sing along pattern. Noted, he can snap at any moment when something does not fit. In many conversations, it can be easy to piss the man off if he doesn't agree.
As a leader however, his odd talent to read others favors him and allows him to devise strategies when he is readying to attack or in the middle of combat. Combined with his frontal attacks, he can make use of support with ease. Noted, most would be thrown off by him, but those who aren't use to typical thinking will find him rather clever and intuitive.
Though the maniac of a man shows when he fights Grimm. Often finding his greatest pleasuring slaughtering Grimm, Judge is one not to be crossed while in combat. Even as a good leader, if he is interrupted in combat, he will not stop while attacking and from experience, teammates should be wary if they get in his way. In short, leave the psycho to his work.

Weapons & Abilities

Warped Guillotine

Judge's weapon is ‘Warped Guillotine’. As it stands, it is a weapon that is often seen sheathed on the back of his waist with a chain that is often described to be rust color linking the hilt of the weapon to the sheath. The weapon is a large cleaver with a sharp blade and a jagged blunt side indicating that it could be used as another offensive weapon. The sheath seems to be able to transform into either a Beretta 92 with the stainless steel being colored blood red and the grip being colored a dull-grey. The other variant is that the sheath take on a hand-cuff like form with it being able to wrap around an Ursa’s arm. This can be used to keep a hold of it’s target and pull them in. The cleaver is colored exactly the same as the gun, but the hilt resembles that of a screwdriver strangely enough.


Though he lacks dust, Judge's skill in aura is rather high. Judge's aura is an orange hue. Implementing it as a shield against his opponents, he will use it to watch his opponent to attack. Most use it as a last resort, but Judge finds it rather useful to observe his prey. often stopping his opponent in their tracks for a mere moment, he can read their strikes and take note. In combination with Warped Guillotine's versatility, Judge can create a plans that throw off his opponent and use their attacks against them. With the aura shield, will often use it and attack right after.


Judge's semblance is known as 'Payment'. A passive ability that allows Judge to heat up a surface if injured in combat. Though it drains stamina, but the more damage taken, the stronger the heat grows. Typically used with Warped Guillotine's blade, he can use it heat up the surface of his hands. It doesn't inflict self damage, however it can be a double-edge sword if used for too long. As noted, it only stays activate as long as Judge is touching the surface. He can transfer the affect to any spot he touches, but it has a timer: more times means the longer it'll take to change in location of the heat. 

Combat Style

Judge's style is one of getting in close and attack. Not afraid of incoming fire, Judge mixes in his aura to block firsts trikes and move to attack. often dodging and striking his opponent, Judge will use the handcuff feature to grasp the wrist or ankle of his target and move about to tangle them up or trap two or more limbs with the chain. Using the cleaver, he will strike. Though taking damage allows him to make use of semblance, he has to end the match faster or risk losing his stamina and giving his opponent the upper-hand.


Judge's strength lies in his his chaotic personality. Not limited to typical thoughts and his instinct to slice Grimm down without a single thought makes him a ruthless monster. Though unknown against humans, his agility and attacks are matched in speed. His attacks are often precise and combined with his aura to block attacks allow him to understand his opponent. If injured, he can use his semblance to increase his opponent or burn them.


Lacking overall dust use, Judge is limited to use his aura and weapon to attack. His limited aura use for defense also limits his offensive capabilities. His semblance is tied to how much damage has been afflicted and with his aura draining his stamina, so does his semblance. The longer use of both can drain him in the long run. His semblance can also offer how much damage he has sustained if noticed by the rising heat via the injuries he has received.


Judge’s past is very much kept in secrets and coded messages found about his belongings. Though not much is known about his childhood or even his family, criminal records do match the psychopath. Multiple files stacked up in a tower of files is what is known of Judge. Many files having a different name, but the same face. It is hard to tell who Judge is, but what records may exist of Judge’s childhood are lost or hidden by him.
The earliest file dates back eight years ago to a nine-year old. Though the name means nothing, it is the fact that he was tied to a murder of a man. This man was noted to be Thomas Rosemary, a priest. Noted he had adopted the boy from the scrapes of records found and no orphanage with a record of said boy. Thomas had been killed in his sleep, but nothing was proved and the only lead, Judge had nothing to say and was let go.
Similar files came up, but the deaths didn’t line up and Judge’s presence was just considered coincidence. It wasn’t until the age of fifteen where Judge was found with his dead adoptive mother. The boy was covered in blood and had a grin. This case was different. The woman who would remain unnamed for the purpose of the public was thought to have had her neck slit by a tool. Judge was the first witness and suspect.
The case however went cold as the house and area was torn apart looking for a weapon that matched the description of how the cut was formed. No weapon was ever brought up and given no knife in the drawer had traces of the blood or the correct shape. Judge was put under watch and was sentenced to a program to issue him into becoming a Hunter. Why? The program was designed to take those who couldn’t be jailed for different reasons, but kept in check by the law.
The program put him in the same classes as the nephew of the cop who had arrested Judge, jack Barrett. Jack and Judge went at it and notably both took different areas. It was a clash of personality. Jack was the friendly guy who wanted to help others. Judge was the selfish one who would often use those beneath himself to commence operations. Though Jack hated Judge’s style, Judge never let his team fall in any run and even more so, he was often in the front.
At the end, Judge was accepted into beacon due to the program and one of the ones who saw Judge’s skill in the field felt it was best to push him through. As noted, many are still wary of Judge’s plans and who he really is. A boy stained in blood, yet no actual evidence to put him away. The big question is: what is behind the maniac’s mask that is Judge Falk.



  • His surname Falk means Falcon
    • His full name means 'Judge Falcon'
    • His name may reference the Orange-breasted Falcon


  • His name and origin origin are based off the novel ‘Private Berlin’ by James Patterson
    • The character Falk
      • The mysteries in the book
  • His weapon ‘Warped Guillotine’ reference different characters as does his name ‘Judge’.
    • ‘Judge’ and the handcuffs reference ‘Judge Dredd’.
    • The Guillotine and the ability to hold on to opponent reference ‘Justin Law’ of Soul Eater.
    • The last is the screwdriver referencing ‘Falk’ from Private Berlin.
  • His personality takes on multiple characteristics of serial killers from multiple medias
    • ‘Falk’ from Private Berlin is heavily used including the fact that both at an early age killing animals that be used to feed people
      • The humming notably
    • Executioners
      • Noted via his weapon
    • Killer Butchers
      • The large cleaver implemented in his weapon
  • His aura and symbol are colored orange which is paired with avarice or greed in the Green lantern Universe
    • This may indicate Judge’s greed for killing Grimm 

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