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Fucking cops. They go ahead and decide to take you on. And you reply by utterly decimating them. That is the only solution.
— Julian Gestalt

Julian Gestalt
Age 18
Alias Phoenix Blaze. Also currently going by the name of Kai Muir on Ozpin's suggestion.
Status Alive
Gender Male
Born December 14
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Blonde
Eyes Grey
Semblance Phoenix Rising
Height 5'10"
Weight 145 Pounds
Professional Status
Partner Elizabeth Vor
Occupation Mercenary, Tactical Bomber
Job Types Assasinations/Demolition based assignments.
Jobs Many Terrorist Jobs
Personal Status
Relatives None that are known.
Additional Info
Emblem StickOfDynamiteIM
Likes Explosives, cigarettes
Dislikes Noodles
Special Skills Dynamite
Weaknesses A wet fuse
Character Theme

Tendencies - Hollywood Undead
Battle Theme

Infernoplex - Dimrain47


Julian is of average height with spiked blonde hair and flashing gray eyes. His eyebrows are thinned out and he is never seen without a cigarette in his mouth, which is curled into a frown. He wears a white shirt with a vest over top and army pants with over thirty loops for his weapons. pockets. His most prominent feature would have to be the many sticks of dynamite strapped on his body, his arms, his legs, miniature sticks of dynamite on his belt and hidden in two wristbands, tons of loops bulging with the stuff. As well as custom made harnesses like ammo belts crossing his body every which way. He easily carries over 200 sticks of dynamite on his person at all times. 

For the vest that he wears, the inside and the outside have a LOT of loops to hold dynamite of different assortments and is blast-proof. The blast-proofing is prominent among all of his clothing, but to back it up, his clothes also have a lining of Kevlar and Teflon, making them bulletproof as well. His shirt and pants can withstand pistol and automatic weapon fire for a good amount of time, without damaging the outside. Too much stress on the clothing, and it will tear and break. 

However, a necessary component of his clothing, and this is one that is necessary for his line of work. Is that they are fully fire retardant and blast-proof, as well as the cases and fuses of his dynamite unless the two 'special lighters' are used on them. This changes once the dynamite are lit though, as they explode on impact. 

Other then that, Julian wears a watch, a few spools of specially made string and has a pouch of needles on his right hip and a pouch of adhesive tack that's specially made so that it always remains sticky and malleable, unlike the normal blu-tack which hardens up after a bit. the downside to this is that the adhesive properties for the tack last for a mere week after being initially exposed to oxygen.


Julian is generally stoic and serious. Not having a single bit of humour in him. He constantly frowns and doesn't believe people easily. A past life of working on the other side of the law has ingrained a deep sense of distrust in others, however, his attempt at turning over a new leaf by becoming a Hunter shows his attempt to reform. Fact of the matter is, his past life has left it's impact on him in a negative fashion, leaving him, cold, ruthless, and reclusive. Julian has no qualms about killing people, and even will do torture if necessary. He has no problems in killing others, but for conservative reasons, uses as few dynamite as possible in order to accomplish whatever task he does, though spitting out sticks for days doesn't pose a problem either if a situation demands it. 

If Julian does find himself out of dynamite, he enters something he calls 'survival instinct'. He turns absolutely ruthless, using any tactics he posses to take down his opponent. Nut shots, choke holds, nothing is out of the equation as long as it gets him out alive. 

Weapon and Abilities

For starters, Julian has trained in hand to hand combat in the streets and uses a combination of street fighting skills, such as dirty tricks/blows, combined with Jujitsu, to fight opponents. Combined with his semblance, Julian is able to block attacks from people without taking much damage, and using his semblance as a kind of shield, can hit his opponents back without resorting to a proper block. this allows him to be defensive, and offensive at the same time. This generally is used for close quarters situations before throwing out a bunch of dynamite in order to decimate his opponent, but will also be used in a pinch in order to fight opponents while out of dynamite. Julian uses an impressive array of dynamite for many different uses. The dynamite is specially made by a mixture of dust and gunpowder and the fuses are specially made to not light up unless Julian uses a specially made cigarette on them or sparks which are formed from his semblance.


An example of the kind of dynamite that Julian uses.

Julian's aura gives him the basic things that aura gives every individual, however, with extensive training, he's built up the defensive properties of his aura as well as being slightly more keen on when and where he's being attacked from, the defensive capabilities of his aura allow him to block a blade with his bare hands without having to resort to his semblance, and flames barely tickle him.

Julian's semblance is known as "Phoenix Rising". When activated, it covers his body with a red glow and overall jacks up his very potent defense. Reducing any sort of damage by 90%, without slowing him down or reducing his capabilities. As an extra defensive mechanism, his entire body from head to toe is covered by bright blue flames which he can choose to allocate to certain body parts, or to cover him from head to toe. The flames from this semblance can also be used to light his dynamite. Snapping his fingers while they're tipped with the flames will cause the resulting flames on the fuses to burn off instantly and explode within less than 0.0001 seconds of him snapping his fingers. The semblance can only last for a total of fifteen minutes per day and while active, Julian is unable to walk, being forced to use explosions to propel himself around.

Julian, due to his experience in terrorism, uses strings along with his dynamite to create traps in which his opponents, or "victims" as he likes to call them, to their utter demise. He also carries a kind of adhesive on him with which he can stick his dynamite to surfaces. 

The string he carries isn't sharp so it can't be used as a weapon, and is too thin to be able to effectively cut off one's blood circulation. It's white in colour and the strength of the string is average, being unable to support his own weight while he's hanging from a tree using the string to keep himself aloft. The string is made from the same material as his cigarettes so it can light his dynamite by merely rubbing the fuses with the slightest amount of friction force.  

The adhesive that Julian uses is like sticky tack, by applying it to his dynamite, Julian can stick his Dynamite on any surface, allowing him to vary up his traps, allowing for situations like effectively destroying the environment to trap opponents, as well as use the environment to cause damage onto opponents through things like rubble and whatnot. 

Another kind of string that Julian uses is blast resistant, and is very thin, almost invisible to the naked eye. Julian places this string on his opponents and can send dynamite with hooks attached to them, straight at his opponent like they're on a monorail. the string, being blast resistant, is still intact after the explosion and since the other end of the string is attached onto a spool that is on Julian's own body, he can continue to use the monorail. He attaches the string by placing it on his opponents shoulder via a thin needle. The needles he use have a sedative covering on it that numbs the person's shoulder so they can't feel the weight of it. 

Miniature dynamite

The miniature sticks of dynamite that Julian uses.

Note that just because Julian carries a lot of dynamite on him does not mean he's slow. Carrying heavy weights has increased his build and strength as well as being able to make him retain a normal speed through years of training and usage. So he's about average on the speed counter, but his muscle growth is considerable, however, without dynamite, his speed and strength increase by a lot. It's like a tennis player playing with lead weights, and then taking them off, in a boxing match, the increase in power would be very noticeable, as well as his speed, which is almost doubled due to his powerful thighs and quads. 

The kinds of dynamite that Julian uses are as follows:

  1. Regular Dynamite: Just a regular stick of dynamite that requires a tiny bit of aura to light the fuse. Julian carries a few hundred of these on his person at all times. Not set off by impact, can be set off earlier if Julian snaps his fingers.
  2. Miniature Sticks: Julian wears around 50 of these on his belt and has a dozen hidden inside each of his wristbands. The bombs cause minimal damage and require even less effort to ignite, but these are mainly used by Julian in order to use the blast to propel himself in a certain direction quickly, but he still takes a bit of damage if his semblance is out, even though it's minimal. Not set off by impact, short fuse for a quick explosion.
  3. Directional Dynamite: These are special sticks which are propelled by gunpowder at the bases. They take a bit more aura to ignite and can change direction twice, wherever Julian wishes as long as he doesn't need to change direction more than two times. They can either explode upon impacting with something, or when Julian snaps his fingers while they're tipped with aura. The set off by impact or by snapping his fingers only happens when they are lit, and they can only be lit via a specially made cigarette or his semblance.
  4. Hooked Dynamite: Julian attaches these to his string and then using the force of a miniature explosion to send them on their way to his opponent, again, these are set off by impact or by Julian snapping his fingers. Also again, the setting off by impact of snapping his fingers is after they are lit. And they can only be lit via a specially made cigarette or by his semblance.

The variations of dynamite that Julian uses are as follow, the effects differ due to the kinds of dust are in the dynamite, or whether he's using basic gunpowder:

  • Gunpowder Sticks: Basic dynamite sticks that are loaded with trinitrotoluene, he merely calls them gunpowder sticks because calling dynamite TNT irks him.
  • Wind Sticks: wind dust mixed with the trinitrotoluene. Upon exploding, a blast of wind is released at high forces, being able to fling someone away like they've been hit by winds akin to an F5 Tornado. The explosion fans out and covers a wider area, but does less damage.
  • Fire Sticks: Fire dust mixed with the trinitrotoluene creates a bigger explosion, doing more damage, not as wide an area as the wind sticks, but the damage these sticks can do to trees or anything that is even slightly flammable is amazing.
  • Water Sticks: No damaging explosive blast from this stick. The water that explodes from this stick makes it a perfect counter to fire based weapons and is handy in completely soaking a person or an area for the next stick.
  • Lightning Sticks: Lightning erupts from the stick delivering a high voltage shock, can do extra damage if a person is covered by water or uses water as a weapon. The explosion releases both kinetic heat damage as well as electric damage making it highly potent and the lightning can even stop the heart of an untrained civilian.
  • Ice Sticks: After the initial explosion the secondary ice wave covers anything caught in the blast radius in ice, potentially completely covering an unfortunate person caught in the centre of the blast completely.
  • Steam Sticks: Upon explosion, covers the entire area in steam reducing visibility a fair bit like a smoke bomb, but because it's steam, also can play hell with someone who uses thermal vision equipment/has a thermal vision semblance.
  • Earth Sticks: Much like ice sticks, covers any area hit by the blast with rocks or can form rock formations upon exploding, the result is sporadic.
  • Gravity Sticks: After the blast randomly reduces or increases the effect of gravity within the blast radius, mainly used to disorient people because movement is suddenly a lot easier, or restricts their movement by making them feel heavier.
  • Impact Sticks: Explodes with a brilliant flash of light and releases impact shockwaves which can blast a person clean off their feet. Much like a flashbang except when Flashbangs disorient someone, they don't normally send them flying, these do.

The difference between the sticks so Julian can tell, are colour coded stripes on the sticks so Julian knows which one he's throwing in order to get the effect he wants. Black is Gunpowder, green is wind, red is fire, dark blue is water, yellow is lightning, light blue is ice, grey is steam, brown is earth, purple is gravity and white is impact.


Julian's main strategy is to get in close, drop dynamite, or to get a string on the opponent's body and to continuously assault them afterwards. He deals heavy damage, and even if his opponents are able to dodge the dynamite, Julian snapping his fingers can blow the sticks up, making sure that they at the very least receive some burns. 

Also, his intelligence allows him to use visual illusions to trick his opponents. He can toss a few miniature sticks into the air, and then follow them up with regular sticks. This creates the impression of the miniature sticks being the same size as the large ones, and can stun his opponents by doing so. However, since damage is minimal, he generally follows this up with an assault or regular sticks, or Direction Dynamite in order to accurately target his opponent.

Julian's close combat skills are far from being obsolete. He's able to take down policemen and even hunters using his bare strength that comes from years of carrying dynamite. Dirty blows are not out of the equation, and Julian has previously gouged eyes out or blinded people before going forth and destroying them with punches that hit hard, and jabs that are deadly when hit at pressure points.


Julian was raised in an orphanage for 7 years of his life. He didn't like the other children there, nor the nurses who looked after the children. He ran away the very first chance he got, but was caught within two days and brought back to the orphanage where he was then kept in a locked room so that he may not escape again. One day, when a matron came to give him his food, he stabbed her with a rough knife whittled down from a wooden table he had dismembered and cut down using a jagged rock. 

After his escapade, the police were after him and he had a $200 bounty put on his head. He ran off into the dark alleyways where he lived for the next 2 years of his life.

Julian, from a young age, even though he had no interest in other children, had a fascination with explosives, having seen some on television. He used those two years in the alleyways in harnessing gunpowder and materials, plus a bit of dust, having learned about dust from a few gangsters who stayed near the alleyway where he slept. He made a few bombs, and after a year and a half of rigorous training, managed to assemble dynamite by himself quickly, making simple sticks for the most part, but also the miniature sticks as an added precaution.

Julian, having no idea what aura was while he lived in the alleyways, needed a way to ignite dynamite quickly without using a lighter. He started smoking as he made his fuses thin enough that the simple flame from the end of a cigarette would light it. Although he later started using aura to ignite his sticks of dynamite, he became a chain smoker and is unable to throw off the habit. 

Julian later met an assassin in the alleyways by the name of Robson. Robson, seeing the child's talent in explosives, took him under his wing and taught him how to be a tactical bomber and assassin, although the latter wasn't as much to his abilities, as explosions are generally very loud, and Julian refused to use a knife for anything except to measure out paper and gunpowder quantities. 

Later on, when Julian turned 13, Robson died of a lung disease that took many in the alleys. If Julian stayed a bit longer, he would've succumbed to it too, however, he left the alleys and the city where he had lived for his entire life, and joined an unnamed terrorist group as a bomber and demolition man. He did many jobs in blowing up city squares and embassies, but felt a bit of guilt afterwards, but managed to keep it at bay. It was during his time with Robson that he unlocked his aura and started using it to protect himself. 

A few years later, Julian left the group, and they let him go, even though he had been an asset to them over the years, they respected his choice. He spent a year wandering the world, and one day learned about a world which he had been oblivious to for his entire life.

He knew about the 4 kingdoms and such, but he didn't know about the Creatures of Grimm and the threat they presented to humanity, for the year that he wandered, he had felt overwhelming guilt at the many lives he had taken away, and taking down the Creatures of Grimm as a trained Hunter, seemed like the perfect redemption chance to the 16 year old.

It must be noted here that during a job, Julian awakened his semblance when cornered by two dozen cops. He realized that he could cover his entire body with flames, making the batons the cops were using practically useless. Further usage of this semblance allowed him complete protection as he completely decimated his surroundings with dynamite. 

Here's how the job went. Julian was doing something unorthodox and blowing up a group of police stations set around downtown Atlas, as well as a nearby embassy. It started off well, he got the C4 and was about to set them off. But due to someone from inside the terrorist group tipping off the cops at the last minute, a huge evacuation happened, and when Julian blew up the bombs, only a few stragglers got taken out. Julian found himself surrounded completely by at least a few dozen cops at once, all holding up weapons, and telling him to put his hands up. 

Julian slowly moved away from his position, but felt a kind of burning in him. Like a kind of untapped power. In an all or nothing ditch move, he forced the power out of him as the cops dived on him swinging their weapons.

A flash of red and the heat washed over Julian, but the cops near him were screaming from severe burns. 

By then, around twenty cop cars had arrived and the area was in full scale panic. Julian sighed and decided to keep on using this new-found ability of his. 

Using his directional dynamite, and dropping bombs around him when cops came close to him.

Over 80 armed cops died that day, and he gained a new reputation as "Smoking Death Gestalt - The Child Terrorist". However, what many didn't know, is that he didn't receive even one wound that day.

Although never having gotten formal training except for the 8 years he had spent under his own care, under Robson's, and under the terrorist group's, he had street smarts and skills much higher than a fourth year Signal Student, and even had a good use of aura and even a proficient semblance, however, his record didn't simply disappear off the charts. He had a 50,000 lien bounty on head now and was wanted dead or alive. He had a past as a mercenary, doing jobs for money, and somewhat sadly, still kept up this pastime to keep himself afloat. 

He appealed to Ozpin, shamelessly telling the coffee lover about his past, what he had done, how he wanted to redeem himself, everything. Ozpin originally wanted to refuse, he thought that having this obviously dangerous boy in the halls of Beacon could end up with many dead bodies. But then he looked into Julian's eyes and saw the resolve there. It was that resolve that made Ozpin let Julian in, but made Julian swear to keep his past a secret from everyone, even the teachers, especially his fellow students, but most oddly enough, not to tell Glynda Goodwitch about what he had done as well. The last request made Julian wonder, but threw his thoughts aside and gladly agreed to the proposal. As part of the deal, Julian also changed his name to Kai Muir on Ozpin's suggestion so that students may not recognize his name. 


"I've had enough."

-Julian before stabbing the nun at the orphanage.

"Just die."

-Julian after meeting a few gang members.

"What can you do to help me survive?"

-Julian after meeting Robson.

"Fucking cops. They go ahead and decide to take you on. And you reply by utterly decimating them. That is the only solution."

-Julian after his first job as a freelance terrorist.

"Take me in, or I'm taking half of you with me."

-Julian after meeting the organized terrorist group.


  • Julian has a fear of heights.
  • Julian once wanted to become a ballet dancer when he was two. That dream disappeared when he was three and saw his first explosion.
  • Julian almost got a 100,000 lien bounty put on his head, but the amount was cut in half because he was just a kid at the time and the authorities considered him "mainly innocent".
  • Vermilion can be related to red, as well as his alias, Kai Muir, are both words which mean sea, as in blue, I though the irony would be good to use.
  • Julian's mode of attacking and his weapons allude to a phoenix in the way he's CONSTANTLY BLAZING IT!

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