Kage Tamashi
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Age 17
Nickname The Shadow Wolf
Status Active
Color Deep Black
Gender Male
Species Human
Born June 7, 1996
Handedness Right
Complexion White
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Height 5'10"
Weight 180 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Swordsman
Additional Info
Dislikes Immoral and inhumane acts
Weaknesses Flowers and baby animals

Kage Tamashi currently has no team. He usually ventures on his own but wishes for someone to let him join a team. He wields a dark black broadsword mixed with a carbine rifle


Kage wears a black cloak along with leather gauntlets, shoulder and elbow pads as well as dark pants. He wears his sheath on his back which slightly covers his symbol. He's never seen the need to cut or take care of his hair


Kage's very touch and go with many things. He can't stand inhumane acts, as extreme as murder and as mild as bullying. He's a lonely soul and is a very sensitive person. But when on his good side, Kage's a kind and generous person even with his solemn attitude.


Back when Kage was 12, he was part of a mercenary gang with his three friends and other people he and the others weren't fond of. Kage was a happy, cocky kid at the time because he had great skill for his age. One day after a job, the people who Kage wasn't fond of incapacitated his friends and attacked Kage. He fought hard against them but in the end he was defeated and crushed under a rock. When he woke he was injured and couldn't see his friends. A person from the village he took the job from found him and brought him back to health. Five years have passed and he hasn't found his friends. He's hoped to find them in Beacon.


Kage can wield his broadsword, named Revenge Seeker very elegantly, almost as fast as someone wielding a knife due to his training. He can also wield his essence, his life power, by condensing it and aiming it for attacks. When he concentrates his essence to his eyes, he can sense everyone's essence around him and in turn he can sense when someones going to attack and how, and cant tell if someone is hostile or not. His sharp shooting skills with the carbine part of his blade are very well performed, he can accurately shoot a target a half a mile away one handed.

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