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Grimm Register: Annie Celeste

Grimm Classification:

Porcupine Grimm 

Grimm Title:


Threat Ranking:



Appears as a large mammal covered in hard spikes that range from 4 to 10 meters high. The spikes are the only visible thing that can be seen, apart from its eyes. The whole animal is black apart from veins running inside the spikes. The eyes are protected by an invisible third eyelid that can repel even the strongest of explosions. The Grimm is circular in shape with a diameter of approximately 20 meters.


Able to launch spikes in a mortar-like fashion and regenerate them under 5 seconds. The sheer amount of spikes makes it impossible to strike from above.

  • Strengths: Appears to be very heavy, about 4 tons. The armor makes it extremely difficult to damage the Grimm at all.
  • Weaknesses: Not very agile or quick, as can be inferred from above. The underside is suspected to be unarmored, like the Boarbatusk.

Additional Notes:

Not confirmed, but some of the spikes are reported to be explosive. The reason it's ranked S is because it almost always comes with other powerful Grimm.

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