Kaia Radieux
Age 17
Alias Sharp Shooter
Nickname Kai
Status Active
Color Silver
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Vale
Handedness Left
Hair Blonde
Eyes Sky Blue
Additional Info
Emblem Kaleigh-emblem-3



Kaia wears a white, collared cardigan over a white, strapless tubetop underneath. Her tubetop has gold accent designs along it, in the shape of wings extending out from her back and reaching around to the front of her body.

Her bottoms consist of white short-shorts with a gold belt around her waist, as well as two thigh-high golden, armored boots on her legs. She also wears a necklace around her neck that her father gave to her before he went missing. She never knew her mother, so her father was all she ever had.

Distinguishing Features/Markings

Both of her ears are pierced.


Kaia is energetic and happy, although not very talkative. She tends to take the saying "grab the bull by the horns" to heart, and tries to approach every situation with a clear mind and sound body. Although, this tends to be her outwards appearance to other people. She sets up a facade for the world to see to protect the true self that she hides away.

On the inside, she's very wary of who she becomes friends with, and tends to stand closer to the side of the room, rather than in the center. But in combat, she's never afraid to take the lead for her teammates. Since her gun was basically made to do heavy damage, she's used to being the main tank out of the whole team.

Weapons and Powers/Abilities



Solar Arc

Solar Arc is a LDCA(Lightweight Dust Combat Apparatus) that utilizes Dust rounds for ammunition, about equal to shoulder height with her body. Just as in its classification, it is made from very lightweight material which makes it easy to carry and use. It functions similar to a grenade launcher, but is shaped like a shotgun in concept. It has four golden, wing-shaped metal parts attached to the white part of the gun, the top two of which come out when she is firing, looking like a crossbow. She normally holds it upside down, which is strange, but there is a lever on the top that is linked to the trigger if she ever wants to hold it right-side up. She normally only holds it right-side up when mobile and needing to fire quickly. There is a magnetic holster which is part of a pack on her back that clings to the side of the gun, as well as a seat-belt like mechanism which buckles it into place.


Kaia's second weapon is a convertible belt-sword, devised by her father and made by a blacksmith friend she'd made when she came into the Kingdom. The sword is a katana, made from a titanium alloy with a silver tint, the belt's buckle functioning as part of the cross-guard. It also functions as a whip-sword, the cord connecting each section of the belt allowing for mid-range capabilities.

Kaia matrix o3o

An example of what her matrix might look like; hers is different in coloration, and usually manifests around her gun or her wrists.


Reload: Kaia is able to absorb Dust into a matrix and convert it into a form of usable energy, which then manifests in the form of large, glowing 'orbs'. These orbs function like grenades and are originally what compelled her to make her gun, functioning as ammo for the large weapon, but she can also control their direction or when they detonate if she manifests them independent of the gun itself. She can further augment this semblance by loading Dust directly into her gun where a normal magazine would load and making the rounds that way.

During the timeskip, she was able to unlock a secondary portion of this semblance, being able to create five missile-like projectiles instead of a single orb. All of the missiles must launch at the same time and be the same color, and they arc through the air to hit the same position in front of her.

InGame Skill 12

The default fire from her gun


The missiles that she can launch from her gun

  • Red: A true 'explosion' instead of only a concussive combustion
  • Blue: Ice forms at the site of combustion
  • Yellow: Electrocution to whatever is within the combustion's range
  • Green: Blast of air that pushes everything back in a 3meter radius
  • Light Blue: Blasts of water wherever the bomb is detonated
  • Purple: An explosion of a small cloud of noxious gas
  • White: Flash-bang

Other Abilities

Due to the size and material that her gun is made from, she can hold it in front of her body like a shield to block frontal attacks, allowing the rest of her team to hit the Grimm instead of worrying about her. This is also very useful in sparring because she can raise the barrel of her gun and fire a green pulse towards her enemy or the ground to evade attacks.


Kaia was raised outside of the kingdoms with her father, even though she was born in Vale, and from a very young age, she had already learned the mantra "Survival of the fittest". They had a small group of around 30 people, and whenever someone got too sick or was injured, the group would tend to them, hide them, and leave. Kaia's father told her that "sometimes you just gotta move on."

Fortunately for her, she remembers that to this day, and when her father didn't come home for a week, she knew that she had to move on. The group still took her with them, and she learned a lot of valuable things outside of Vale. Soon, they managed to get so close to the kingdom that a series of scouts noticed them and took all of them inside. There, they were fed, cleaned, and given jobs in society, but for the children like Kaia at the time, they were put into foster care.

Her foster families were never bad, they were always friendly, honest people who normally couldn't or had never wanted to have kids on their own. But she still hated being in foster care; still hated feeling.... alone.

She managed to get out of the city again, a few friends helping her sneak away but this time there was nobody with her. She should have died that day; just a stupid, reckless girl. But, she didn't, all because of a certain Huntsman that had a mission outside the kingdom. On his way back, he noticed her quickly being overrun by Grimm with only a sword to defend herself that she didn't really know how to use.

After she was saved, Kaia dedicated her life to becoming a Huntress, feeling like she needed to... pay him back. She enlisted in Signal Academy, made her gun, and soon graduated. Then, she went for Beacon... and just barely got in, her marks teetering on the edge of rejection.

To this day, she wonders if becoming a Huntress is something her father would've approved. But, frankly, when she's neck-deep in Grimm, she doesn't really give a damn.

Fall of Beacon

Kaia had been in the library during the initial wave of Grimm, only having her sword with her at the time. When a Griffon broke through the wall and injured two or three students, she was too worried about saving herself, running out of the library and down the hall where she could collect her thoughts and summon her gun. She knew Elidyr was in their dorm, so she devised a plan to run back and change out of her school uniform while killing off the Grimm on her way.

When she got back to her dorm; Elidyr was nowhere to be found. She assumed that he had high-tailed it to the library to try to find her. Quickly changing her clothes, Kaia started on her way to the extraction point where she was sure she'd find her teammates. But instead of finding them where she planned, she had happened to stumble upon them at Auriel's house, as the girl's father died in her arms. As she watched Auriel lose all hope, Kaia remembered why she wanted to be a Huntress in the first place, and her resolve was reinforced by the tragedy happening around her; so when Chrysos proposed that they stay in Vale and try to clear the Grimm out, she was the first one to say yes, and also the most enthusiastic. She doesn't know what the future has in store, but with a bit more experience than when she first started, Kaia's happy to think that she'll be ready for anything coming her way.


During the Timeskip, Kaia grew more independent as a person, as well as learning more about her semblance and the abilities she possesses. In time, she learned of a new ability that she could easily perform as she was one day training on Grimm in the local area.

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