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Great hope has no real footing unless one is willing to face into the doom that may also be on the way.
— Norman Mailer, The Big Empty
Come on! Don't be shy! It's only a hundred-foot drop if you miss!
— Kaili Hart, giving what she sees as encouragement

Kaili Hart
Age 18
Alias Silver Shadow
Jade Sterling
Nickname Kai (by close friends)
Status Active
Color Dark Green
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Where: Hammerhead Cove
When: November 3rd
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Olive
Hair Black
Eyes Gold
Semblance Shadow's Shroud
Height 6'5"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy (formerly)
Team Team NTHK (formerly)
Partner Tsubaki Silvius (formerly)
Isolde Itri
Occupation Huntress-in-Training (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Father: Bardon Hart (Deceased)
Mother: Selena Idahnou-Hart (Deceased)
Y. Bro: Wolfram Hart ("Deceased")
Cousin: Zircona Hart
Additional Info
Emblem KailiSymbol1
Likes Fighting.
Playing pranks.
Teasing others.
Dislikes Being a subordinate.
Easy fights.
Complicated plans.
Special Skills Playing pranks.
Steering a ship.
Weaknesses Over-confidence.
Ranged combat.

Kaili Hart attended Beacon as a second-year student, the fourth member of Team NTHK (Nighthawk) and the partner of Tsubaki Silvius. However, with Beacon's fall, Kaili has returned to her home of Hammerhead Cove, resuming her former position as captain of the pirate/raiding ship Wolf Raven, with close friend Isolde Itri as her first-mate. While not a Faunus, Kaili has a Faunus cousin in Zircona Hart. She is also a longtime friend of Ember Maerts.


Kaili can be very intimidating, standing at 6'5" and thus towering over many. In fact, she simply looks rebellious in general, from her stance to her clothes. She has an olive complexion, and her eyes are angular and gold in color.

Slight changes were made to Kaili's hairstyle after the BoB. It's still worn down, but her bangs now fall on the left side of her face, instead of over her right eye, and the braid there is longer and thinner. The two braids going around and connecting in the back were kept.

Casual (Pre-BoB)

When out of Beacon uniform, Kaili wears a dark green cape over a silver camisole, pinned on her left shoulder with a silver pin. Over her camisole, but under her cape, Kaili wears a brown belt/sash with a lot of pockets. A triangular, dark green tricorne pirate hat trimmed with silver sits on her head.

On Kaili's wrists are silver bands, two dark green leaves sprouting from each, facing upwards. To complete her outfit, Kaili wears fitting black jean capris, and gold, inch-high heeled sandals. Kaili also wears silver skull and crossbones stud earrings.

Casual (Post-BoB)

Kaili's attire has changed dramatically. It now better represents her station as pirate captain, consisting of a silver vest-like tunic over a dark-green shirt, her previous tricorne, and a dark-green mini-cape falling over her shoulders.

Instead of capris, Kaili wears a pair of black pants, and dark-green boots are on her feet. A brown belt, going under her cape, slants diagonally from her right shoulder across her torso. Another belt, this one gold in color, is worn around her waist, holding her sai.

Meanwhile, Kaili's skull-and-crossbones earrings have stayed, being matched by a silver skull-and-crossbones necklace, partially hidden under her cape. Her fake leaf bracelets have also stayed.

Silver Shadow

As Silver Shadow, Kaili wears a dark green camisole that stops a bit above her belly button and a dull-gold mini-skirt. Around her waist is a brown belt, slightly slanted, with sheaths for her sai on either side. Over all of it Kaili wears a silver cape with black trim, pinned right above her collarbone with a gold pin, inlaid with dark green emeralds on either side.

On Kaili's feet are a pair of black boots with inch-high heels going up to her mid-thighs, while on her head she wears a silver, black-trimmed tricorne pirate hat. She also pulls up her hair into a ponytail, leaving the braid and her bangs, and keeps her stud earrings, necklace, and bracelets.


Kaili's confidence in herself definitely doesn't take away the image of a royal snob - in fact, it often comes across as arrogance because people already have that image of her in their mind. Add the fact that Kaili couldn't give a crap about what others think of her, and the image just sours more.

Also quite reckless, Kaili has no thought for her own personal safety, jumping into any fray without a second thought. It won't matter what others say or do - nothing stops her from getting into a good brawl. Beware, though - Kaili loves a challenge, and will often complain if the fight was too easy. Loudly.

As a pirate, Kaili loves anything of value, often stealing things from the people around her. However, due to pressure from her leader, she gives them back when she's done with them. If possible, anyway - sometimes her pranks destroy things, and other times she has no way to get back to the location she got them from. Now, though, this practice has pretty much stopped, as Kaili is back in full pirate mode, and doesn't have anyone to restrain her.

Kaili also loves to play practical jokes (or any kind of joke, really) and pranks, and make people annoyed or startled. If you see anything in her hands that looks weird or strange, or doesn't seem to fit together in any way, get away as fast as possible - especially if she's walking straight toward you with a grin on her face. You DO NOT want to be around for her pranks.

That said, Kaili is one of those people who loves to use things in ways their inventors never intended. You can give her almost anything, and she'll find a completely different/bizarre/weird purpose for it. This, combined with her imagination, gives birth to some very bizarre pranks.

Speaking of her imagination, Kaili is often imagining things. If she's not starting a fight, playing a prank, or up to one of her other activities, you can bet she'll be lounging around somewhere, staring off into space as she imagines scenarios. Her imagination, though, can be quite... disturbing, to say the least. Also, don't interrupt her while she's doing so - she'll be quite pissed.

Kaili loves being at sea, and missed it while at Beacon, where she was loaded down with studies. While she's come to be okay with traveling over land, and quickly developed a love of parkour, her preferred method of travel is still by her ship, the Wolf Raven. She hates having to give up the helm to someone else, rarely doing so, and would probably drive herself to complete exhaustion without her first-mate.

In general, Kaili is a very independent young woman. She absolutely detests being under someone else's authority, and tends to only follow orders if she agrees with them. Often, she's the one to mess up the plan, liking to go in blades out.

Often sarcastic and blunt, Kaili can come across as very mean. Others see her sarcasm as wit, and her bluntness as honesty. Also expect her speech to be peppered with lots of bad words, as she never learned to censor herself, and honestly doesn't care.

However, Kaili hides quite a few secrets deep in her heart, and has cried herself to sleep more than once over her biggest - her brother, whom she's vowed keep searching for till her last breath. She refuses to let anyone see her cry, though; she manages to keep a straight face even in the face of things that remind her of her brother or her parents. That said, Kaili has not told a soul other than Isolde about her full past - Ozpin doesn't count, since he always seems to know everything.



Kaili was born to Bardon Hart and his wife, Selena Idahnou-Hart (Idahnou was her maiden name), on the island of Hammerhead Cove, in the district known as the Storm Quarter. She later became an older sister when her brother, Wolfram, was born. The family of four lived a happy life, for a while.

When Kaili was six, a house fire burnt their house to the ground, with her parents and younger brother inside. Though her parents' bodies were found, her brother's never was. Officials assumed his body had been burnt to ashes in the fire, but Kaili refused to believe that. She wouldn't believe he was dead until she saw his body for herself.

As such, Kaili took to a life of living on the streets, refusing to be put in an orphanage. After several harrowing years, she gained enough credence to have several mercenary/criminal groups offer her a place in their organizations, to which Kaili "politely" declined. Soon enough, word of her got around, and the name "Silver Shadow" could be heard spoken by many a person hailing from Hammerhead Cove.

Friend & Ship

Once, Kaili found herself confronted with a request to be the bodyguard of a wealthy man's daughter - they were about the same age, so it'd be inconspicuous, and the man was offering to train her, as well. Kaili, however, refused, not wanting to be tied down by anyone. She liked being her own boss.

Fate, however, made sure that Kaili would meet said daughter - Isolde Itri. The two bonded quickly over their love of independence, and met in secret often. And when she found that Isolde had stolen some of her father's money, and wanted to do what her father did with it (basically gambling and betting) Kaili agreed.

It was one of these gambles that gave 14-year-old Kaili a seafaring pirate ship, and the idea to become a pirate. With Isolde's support, and a bit more of the wealthy father's money, Kaili repainted the ship, naming it Wolf Raven, and hired a crew from among those that admired her reputation as Silver Shadow.

The hard part, however, was finding a first-mate - at least, until Isolde decided she wanted to go with Kaili. The street-thief agreed, announcing Isolde as her first-mate, and the two became inseparable.

Setting Sail

Kaili soon set sail for Vale, a place she had only heard about from other residents of Hammerhead. Since she'd had no luck finding her brother in the Cove, Kaili decided he must have gone somewhere else. How, she didn't know, but she knew she wasn't going to find him at the Cove.

Once in Vale, Kaili's routine as Silver Shadow began again. What she didn't anticipate, though, were the authorities. For the Cove didn't really have any laws against anything, meaning anyone could do whatever they really wanted there.

In Vale, though, it was a completely different story, and Kaili got caught quite a few times during her first few months. Somehow, though, she always managed to give them the slip. Realizing she'd have to come up with a fake real name, she started passing herself off as Jade Sterling whenever the authorities pushed her on who she was.

Patch & Mistral

After staying in Vale for a little while, Kaili traveled to Patch. There, she met a girl named Ember Maerts, who soon became her best friend. She learned the tomboy went to Signal, a combat school for those who wanted to become Huntsmen and Huntresses. Interested in the prospect, Kaili asked Ember about it. She also helped the tomboy build her weapons, Hot Havoc and Hot Secrets.

Having learned much about Huntsmen, Huntresses, Grimm, and the schools that trained the former two, Kaili decided she wanted to experience it for herself. Plus, she figured it would give her free-reign to search for her brother around Vale - without having to deal with the law. Ember recommended Beacon to her, and Kaili agreed. Soon after, Ember began teaching Kaili what she knew.

It wasn't long before Kaili became restless, however, saying goodbye to Ember to head for Mistral. There, the young pirate had a surprise waiting in the form of a Faunus cousin, Zircona Hart. Happy to have found a living relative, Kaili revealed most of her history to the young girl. They became quite close quickly, though Kaili never found the time to tell the Faunus about her brother.

When Kaili left to go back to Patch, she asked Zircona if she wanted to come as well. Zircona accepted, and the cousins left Mistral together. Back on Patch, Kaili reunited with Ember, introducing Zircona to her. Soon, Kaili's cousin was taking lessons from Ember alongside the pirate.

Parting Ways

When it came time to go to Beacon, though, Ember came to Kaili, saying she was going to go to Haven instead, so as to search for her father there. Kaili, understanding, gave her support, though also felt slight guilt at having never told her friend about her brother.

Kaili then passed Beacon's exam, getting accepted to the school. After the initiation test, she became a member of Team NTHK, leaving the Wolf Raven in the care of her first-mate. A year went by, with Kaili keeping in touch with Ember and Isolde.

As Kaili started her second year at Beacon, she was happy to find that Zircona had enrolled. The two talk more often, though not that much, as Kaili tends to be juggling pranks, schoolwork, and the search for her brother all at the same time. She hasn't made much progress in her search, but won't give up.

Fall of Beacon & Aftermath

As a Beacon student, Kaili was there for the BoB, along with her team. They fought to protect the citizens, helping to evacuate them. They found themselves fighting alongside Kaili's old friend Ember Maerts and the tomboy's teammates, and later helped Zircona's teammates get their leader and his younger sister to the Bullhead heading for Patch. However, with the CCT down, Kaili hasn't heard from Zircona or Ember since.

Kaili and her teammates stayed in a safe zone for a little bit, but Nile soon announced he would be heading for Vacuo, while Hirsch's family came to take him home. Kaili herself decided to go back to Hammerhead Cove, resuming her position as captain of the Wolf Raven, and her pirating occupation. She has yet to go back to the Storm Quarter, however, where her most painful memories reside.



Kaili's symbol, drawn by me (on lined paper).

Isolde Itri

Kaili sees her first-mate, Isolde, as the younger sister she never had. As such, she's also Kaili's best friend, and the pirate has told more to her than to anyone else. In fact, Isolde is the only one who knows about Wolf, Kaili's brother, making her the only one to know Kaili's full past.

Since returning to the Wolf Raven, Kaili has developed an even deeper relationship with her first-mate, telling Isolde everything that happened at Beacon. Kaili has disregarded her first-mate's concerns, however, saying that it's over, she's safe, and that worrying about what could have happened is pointless.

Zircona Hart

Zircona is Kaili's younger cousin, and her only known living relative. She's confessed many things to the panther-tailed Faunus, but not as much as she has to her best friend. Kaili loves Zircona, and is paranoid about losing her only relative. She's been trying to work up the courage to talk to Zircona about her brother, but hasn't been able to yet.

Kaili didn't have much of a chance to see Zircona after the BoB, other than just making sure she was okay. She doesn't know where the Faunus is now, with the CCT being down, and is a bit concerned about her - the pirate simply doesn't want to lose her last family.

Ember Maerts

Ember is a good friend of Kaili's. They keep in touch, but Kaili doesn't really communicate much of the more personal stuff anymore, preferring to do that face-to-face. They also tease each other a lot, Kaili usually starting it. Ember is also one of the few who understands the pirate's independent nature, being the same way herself.

Kaili managed to see Ember before leaving, so the pirate knows her friend is okay. However, with the CCT down, Kaili hasn't been able to contact Ember since. Kaili doesn't worry all that much, though - she knows her friend is capable, and has capable teammates backing her up.

Nile Alcor

As her leader, Kaili respects Nile, but usually finds his plans to be too complicated, often making remarks about them. In fact, she rarely follows them, not only because she doesn't want to, but because she likes seeing Nile annoyed. Kaili often makes a point of trying to rile him up.

Kaili was a bit disappointed when Nile decided to head to Vacuo on his own. She misses being able to tease and annoy him, and has realized she really does care for him. Not in a romantic way, but the way that teammates should. Kaili had depended on Nile, and he left them.

Tsubaki Silvius

Tsubaki is Kaili's partner, and is still a mystery to her even after having been with the calm girl for a year. Kaili has tried numerous times to startle the girl, but Tsubaki seems to have a sixth sense, alerting her to the rebellious girl's attempts and often stopping them right in their tracks with a elegant, if sometimes blunt, comment. Tsubaki sometimes even stops Kaili's attempts to startle Hirsch and make Nile angry, which annoys Kaili in turn, and often still startles Hirsch or makes Nile annoyed anyway.

When Kaili left for the Cove, she thought she'd be relieved to leave Tsubaki behind. Turns out, the hole left is bigger than the one left by Nile and Hirsch. Kaili had genuinely enjoyed attempting to startle the one-eyed girl, and actually misses Tsubaki's curt interruptions to her scheming. It's simply not the same anymore.

Hirsch Levin

Kaili finds Hirsch to be quite boring, as he always has his nose in a book. She's always teasing him about the fact he's a Huntsman-in-training yet doesn't like adventure. She also enjoys startling him, though finds it to be WAY too easy to do, which she dislikes, often telling him to toughen up.

When Hirsch's family came to get him, Kaili was the most vocal among her teammates protests, to her own surprise. She misses startling him out of the blue, and sometimes wonders how he's getting along at home, where she knows expectations await him. There are even times where the pirate thinks of breaking Hirsch out of his pressured situation - literally breaking into his home and taking him away with her.



Yín & Jīn
Twin sai

Kaili Hart


DFBS (Dual Four-Bladed Sai)



Weapon Derivation

Sai, Daggers, Tridents

Named Yín & Jīn, Kaili's weapons were originally a simple pair of sai - one silver, the other gold. Both of their hilts are wrapped in a dark green leather.

Prongs: As sai, Yín & Jīn have curved prongs that can be used to catch an opponent's weapon or block an attack. Though, true to form, Kaili uses them in other ways, as well.


After the BoB, Kaili has made major updates to Yín & Jīn. They still don't use Dust, but are now able to transform, and they have been classified as Dual Four-Bladed Sai (DFBS).

Daggers: Kaili has hollowed out Yín & Jīn's hilts, inserting dagger blades into them, the blades themselves stick out of the hilts. They can be slid out and used on their own, if necessary.

Tridents: Yín & Jīn's prongs move up the sides of the blades so they're now three-pronged mini-tridents. They can also rotate around the blades, tearing apart whatever they come in-contact with.

Semblance & Abilities


Before the BoB, Kaili had not found her Semblance yet, which isn't much of a surprise if you consider the fact she never went to a combat school before Beacon. In fact, it was during the battle that the pirate uncovered her Semblance, which she's nicknamed Shadow's Shroud.

This Semblance has been described as shadow travel, though really it's more a form of teleportation. Kaili is able to disappear into a shadow, then reappear in one that was within her sight. However, she can only do this if both shadows are her size or larger. And again, the shadow she reappears in must be within her sight.

Due to this, Shadow's Shroud is best used at night, or anywhere where there's a large selection of shadows for Kaili to teleport between. Aura-wise, it doesn't seem to use up that much. Kaili doesn't really keep track of it, but Isolde observed the pirate using it 10 times during a battle, and still having about half her Aura left after it was all over. However, Kaili has discovered a slight cool-down is needed. She's not able to just spam her teleportation; a few seconds between one jump and the next is necessary.

Being still inexperienced in using her Semblance, Kaili is still adjusting to being able to move between shadows, and sometimes forgets about this ability altogether. Other times, she gets disoriented due to immediately appearing in a different spot - her eyes have to adjust the positions of people and objects.


Usually, Kaili relies on acrobatics and speed to jump around the battlefield and avoid enemies. These two abilities also make her a skilled practitioner of parkour. Some have even declared her to be part cat, which is completely untrue. Rather, her skill comes from practice - practice she had on the streets of Hammerhead Cove and Vale. Though, with the discovery of her Semblance, Kaili has started to use it as well.

Kaili, like many from Hammerhead Cove, knows how to work a ship - all parts of a ship, though she's most content at the helm. She's an excellent navigator, having memorized constellation positions and whatnot. And of course, she carries her own compass as well.

To Kaili, Yín and Jīn are extensions of herself, and she uses them with practiced ease. And true to her nature, she also uses them in ways never intended. For example, she's been known to throw them at her opponents, and use the space between the blade and the curved prongs to catch things like someone's wrist. Her fighting style, naturally, revolves around offsetting her opponents and catching them off-guard.

Kaili has a natural tolerance for pain, as well as a lot of willpower. This means she has quite a bit of endurance in a fight. In fact, she's stated herself that she doesn't care if her Aura breaks - she'll keep fighting till she can't anymore.

Kaili's Stats :

Class Rogue
Job Swashbuckler
Critical Damage
Attack Speed
Dust Use
Semblance Power
Parry/Block Rating
Vitality (Fitness)
Tech Skill
Movement Speed
       ~Adapted from Jollyjo by JayHart
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm

Trivia & Author's Notes

  • Kaili comes from Kaila/Kelila, meaning "crown of laurel" in Hebrew. Laurel refers to shrubs or plants with dark green leaves.
  • Her theme (not song theme) is Pirate/Islander, with a little Okinawan mixed in.
  • Surprisingly, despite her theme, she isn't alluded to an islander or a pirate at all. In fact, she alludes to one of my previous OCs, not for RWBY, named Jade Sterling.
  • Kaili is pronounced kai-lee. In other words, like Kylee.
  • Bardon is my twist of Brandon, meaning "hill covered with broom", while Selena is a variant of Selene, which means "moon".
  • Wolf Raven, Kaili's ship, is named after the meaning of her brother's name, as Wolfram literally means "wolf raven".
    • Btw, when I say ship, I mean ship. Not airship, not Bullhead.
  • Fun fact: Kaili never learned how to drive a car - she never had the time, going straight from being a pirate/street-kid/thief to a Beacon student.
  • Kaili's Zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • Kaili's Briggs-Meyers personality type is ESTP, the Entrepreneur.


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