Creator: AaronCruse


Name: Karter Hughes

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: N/A 

Weight: N/A

Hair: Grey

Eyes: N/A




The name of the weapon is Uzubolg, custom made by Karter himself, he created it with the purpose of attacking multiple enemies at once.

Draft model of Uzubolg (incomplete)

The exterior of the weapon is layered with 13 spikes, of different sizes; each connected to a chain which is wrapped around a a pole in the center of the weapon, the poles can spin independently of each other, connected by an inner pole that runs down the whole interior of  the weapon.

The buttons located on the handle of  the weapon allow the user to manipulate the different segments as well as the outer poles inside, when a segment spins, the outer pole spins with it. Each spike contains a dust powered  thruster, which propels the spike in a particular direction by releasing the outer poles allowing free movement, meaning as the spike moves, the chain attached to the spike will follow, thus turning the outer pole at high speeds. As this will cause the weapon to heat up extremely fast, a cooling system has been attached to the end for safety measures.

By lifting the lever located below the handle halfway, the bottom segment opens up as the larger drill spins allowing it to be mounted onto a surface, the 4 thrusters around the base can be activated to ensure it stays upright. In some cases Karter has been known to use this offensively to penetrate heavily armored targets.

Lifting the lever all the way will open up the bottom segment and prepare the drill for launch, other functions are immediately stopped when this is activated to divert the power to the drill. Several options are available in this mode: 1. Drill (Default) 2. Harpoon 3. Hook Depending on the chosen option the drill can open up like either a harpoon to penetrate light armor and flesh, or a hook which has the main purpose of latching onto objects. When in its default mode the drill spins at high speeds, although not as fast as it is known to when still attacked to the weapon Like the spikes located around the the higher segments, the drill can be launched and then manually retracted thanks to a chain.

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