"It seems like Huntresses and I have a lot in common... Well trained, romanticised, loved by the people... But they have something I don't, and that's something to feel proud of. Cutting a spider droid in two on a closed set is one thing... SHooting a real life Nevermore out of the air before it slaughters the people of our home is another. That is why... I will be retiring from my acting career, and will be attending Beacon to become a Huntress. A real one." ~ Kasumi when she announced her desire to be a huntress.


Name: Kasumi Gallota

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 160 lbs. 

Hair: Long brown ponytail.



Kasumi is an athletic, slender looking woman with a waist length, brown ponytail, a few organized strands of hair jutting down in front of her face. She's got a slightly tan skin tone, and sharp, attractive features. Her frame is svelte, yet extremely muscular due to her roles in several action movies. She has striking blue eyes, and a clear complexion.

Wearing a somewhat for fitting, decorative long sleeved shirt, she usually has the triple threat in the Eliza form under her sleeves. Kasumi also wears a combat skirt, similarly decorative, that goes down to her knees, where she has black kneesocks. They go down to reach her expensive looking black shoes, with two inch heels. Her colour scheme is light blue and black.


A cheerful girl to say the least, Kasumi comes across often as a bit analytical. An intellectual more than anything, she tends to like having all the information before acting, lest she bank her choices on emotion over logic. Independant and confident, Kasumi puts on a social front, able to achieve her beloved acting where she is expected to act, even in public. She can adopt personas at will, seeming like anyone she wishes with mere minutes of practice.

Among those she considers friends, Kasumi is quiet, prefering to listen to others as opposed to speak, adding to her bank of knowledge within her Eidetic memory and amazing muscle memory. Also of note is her faint racism towards faunus. It's not aggressive, but she's slightly uncomfortable around the race. Rare is the moment she will speak or act on this discomfort. In combat, she uses the training she's recieved to flow between her different combat styles with ease, between the calm, analytical defense and grace of Eliza Gynaste, the aggressive and powerful slashes of Raichel, and the sensual non-challant attitude of Jessi-caliber. While swapping between these personas, she will also adopt their personalities. 


The Triple Threat is Kasumi's uniquely made three weapon combo. It combines the three weapons used by her main roles with a quick mechanic for swapping between them. In its natural mode, it's a pair of hidden blades, inately in Eliza form. When the blades are locked together, they combine at the blades, extending into Raichel's powerful katana. When the Hidden blades are pulled into a backwards spin motion, a handle sticks up from each one, brandishing the dual pistols known as Saint Catharine's Festival; Jessi-Caliber's guns.

From the Hidden blade form, it's capable of extending and retracting whenever, and has red dust canisters for creating a better defence. Other than this, the blades are best suited for stealth and climbing, Eliza's forte. 

Masamune, Raichel's katana, is a fairly simple blade, but still uses the same red dust as the hidden blades, building up powerful parries. In addition, white dust can be activated, giving the blade massive cutting power, slicing through limb and steel with ease.

Lastly, Saint Catharine's Festival is the set of hand cannon pistols, semi-automatic with a charge function, using red dust as ammunition for strong, quick shots. The gun can also be charged for a stronger attack, a five second charge able to smash boulders as the maximum power.


Kasumi's semblance is the Aqua rune. Quite simply, Kasumi places her hand onto an object, and a blue rune appears. At some point in the next minute, she can start making a rush of water flow from the rune at will, with the pressure greater than a water cannon. In small sizes, the jet of water can even appear sharp, and when placed large enough, it's strong enough to launch Kasumi or her enemies large distances. In addition, any water from the runes is dissipated when she releases the rune. Having too many active at a time can fatigue her.


Abandoned by her parents after a non-notable life in the Vale slums, Kasumi grew up at the port, begging for her very survival. She often made her way around the city, and took a liking to the plays. Kasumi decided to name herself, after the mists that would wake her up morning after morning, the taste of the salt heavy in the air. Having absolutely no education, yet an uncanny memory, she stole the script to a play, teaching herself to read by sneaking into the plays and following along with the story as she read. Having seen some plays many times, she would eventually just take the script out of the theater, learning from the actions and words she had memorized. Eventually, the stage director of one of the plays noticed Kasumi, and thought the girl interesting, giving her a bit role as a homeless girl in one of his productions, as he found fitting.

Kasumi learned her words in such short time, and even though it was a bit role, she acted her heart out, putting every bit of passion she had into it. She got quite a few tips, living happily for a few days before the money ran out. She quickly got back to the theatre, asking for more roles, which they happily gave her. Years went by, and her roles grew from bit roles to side characters. Side characters to secondary characters. Secondary to Starring roles. Eventually, she was never at a loss for money, and could live comfortably, all by the age of fifteen.

Unfortunately, fame attracted attention, and it wasn't long before she was attacked coming out of the theatre after rehearsals, grabbed and beaten by two faunus. She awoke in the hospital a few days later, concussed and without her purse. There certainly wasn't all her money in it, but it was certainly disheartening such people existed. After a few more months, she was contacted by a film director, wanting Kasumi to make the jump from the stage to the screen. She happily accepted, starting on her first movie mere weeks later, simply named Assassin.

The premise was an upperclass rich girl named Eliza Gynaste who's family was wrongly accused and executed, and she dons a secret pair of hidden blades, getting revenge and unravelling a conspiracy with a long standing guild. This was her first jump into true combat, the girl being taught counters and a few martial arts, also heavily focusing on free running acrobatics and climbing sheer surfaces.

After the amazing success of Assassin, she jumped right back in, loving the direction her acting was taking. She took another action role in Clockwork Soldier, playing a gynoid named Raichel, a lightning using swordswoman destroying a group of terrorists threatening Vale. It was very action heavy, moreso than Assassin, and it showed the sheer dedication Kasumi had to her roles. 

Even better than her first film, Clockwork Soldier raked in ticket sales by the truckload, and is considered Kasumi's best film. Still, after that came her most recent film, Jessi-Caliber. The titular character is a special solo Huntress, fending off hordes of Grimm in a massive worldwide invasion, as well as a special human Grimm hybrid, and this film trained Kasumi's marksmanship, and was the first time Kasumi had been portrayed as sexy over badass. 

However, having personally talked to several Huntresses prior to starting Jessi-Caliber, Kasumi realized that with the skills she has, she could become a real huntress herself. At first, her agent thought it was a joke, but she was very serious. She had come to find out that she may have been someone many people knew, but the only ones who truly deserved that fame were the Huntsman and Huntresses. Effectively retiring from acting, she applied to Beacon, and was accepted, joinging the students like any other Hunter in training.

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