I've lived too long in this stale world. And if it is to will come about suddenly and dramatically.
— Katelyn Corvo


Name: Katelyn Corvo

Age: 30

Nickname: The Lady of Fear

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height:  5' 9" 

Weight: 132 lbs.

Character Theme: (Fearless by Petteri Sainio)
Petteri Sainio Fearless Epic Cinematic Orchestral
Entrance Theme: (Approaching Hell by Berlin Production Music)
Berlin Production Music Approaching Hell Boris Non
Battle Theme: (Fade To Black)
Most Wondrous OSTs Ever Fade To Black


Katelyn Corvo, upon intial inspection, looks like your average human, but don't let her looks fool you. Her clothing reflects her dark nature: red undershirt, with a grey and red jacket that she leaves opened, grey and red combat boots, grey leather gloves,  and grey jeans held up with a red belt. Her lightly tanned skin and black hair don't set her apart from a crowd, but her eyes often do. 

However, at second glance, she can be quite the looker. However, in the line of work that she has gotten into in the past, looks have rarely been a concern. But that doesn't mean she won't use them to her advatange if she has to. 

She keeps a custom black sheath for her sword on her back. She also carries a red-handled whip in a holster on her hip, as well as a small knife in a sheath underneath the sleeves of her undershirt. However it looks, she's very well armed.


She was never known for being a "normal" woman. She loved to see how far she could push people and the rules of society. However, with her current position, she's learned to keep a tight leash on her emotions, keeping her hair trigger temper in check. But, she has learned to use it when it is useful in a fight. Her intelligence is often a surprise to many people who don't know her well. 

And despite the way she is dressed, she can be quite flirtatious. And some are often surprised by how menacing her newly calm tone can sound when she's talking to people. She's not a hero by any standards. She had made a deal with a woman named Lucinda, getting hired in order to help bring the world into a new age. Her damaged mind saw Lucinda as a way to make a demonstrable change to the world. 


Her weapons are a reflection of what she is and does. She can be agressive, and sometimes uses her weapons without strategy: 

  • Broadsword ('Fenrir'): A dark bladed sword that she has sheathed on her back. She uses it for her most basic attacks and capable of hard, punishing strikes. This also has a mode that allows the blade to become a massive rifle with incredible range and accuracy.
  • Battle Whip ('Koyu Yılanı'): A red handled, black-metal studded-leather whip that she uses in combat. Sometimes used to haul in her victims if her normal methods have failed. It also can serve as a makeshift garrotte if she so desires it. This weapon is laced with Dust in the metalic studs.
  • Combat Knife: Kept underneath her sleeve, she uses it only when all other methods that have failed. It's long 10" blade, makes any strike with the weapon near lethal. 


Katelyn discovered her Aura at a young age. She was fascinated by the abilities that it gave her. It gives her blade much better cutting power. It also allows her, when the whip is used, or either her hand or her whip make contact with the victim; when it does happen, she can produce induce illusions that can make the victim go insane, for a brief moment (five minutes to be exact). It also allows her whip's metalic studs to have more cutting power than they already have. 

When her Aura is active, it is a gunmetal-grey color, and her eyes turn pitch black. 


The fact of the matter is, Katelyn wasn't always the person she is known for today. As a child, she enjoyed her somewhat ordinary life, the concerns for things that didn't happen to her an her family were minimal. However, things started to change as she got older. And after she discovered her Aura, things didn't get any better for her. 

Raised in a supertitious town, Katelyn's family started to be ostracized for the gifts she possessed. This only grew worse as reports of her causeing trouble. Katelyn thought nothing of these reports, but then her father took matters into his own hands, determined to teach his child a lesson in respecting authority. 

At the age of 11, her father started to both verbally and physically abuse her if she got out of line. This continued until she was 13, when she fled the home to Signal and then to Beacon. After Beacon, she started a series of jobs that would end in dead ends. However, they were respectable lines of work, and she continued this until she was about in her mid 20's. Upon her last line of work in security at the age of 25, she was then released for psychological reasons, out of her own safety and that of others.

At the age of 26, she came into contact with a  Lucinda Leroux, hoping that she could land a job with her company. Two years after making contact, she's risen up in the ranks of the company. 

Authors' Notes

  • Last Name Corvo is the Italian word for 'crow'
  • Broadsword 'Fenrir' is named for the feared wolf of Norse mythology
  • Whip Koyu Yilani is the Turkish term for 'Night Snake' 

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