Imbécile! The first rule of combat, keep an eye on your adversaire!
— Kay Armeé Ciel

Kay Armeé Ciel is a Fan Made OC owned by Sebi99cl. Do not use without permission.

Kay Armeé Ciel

Kay Armeé Ciel
Age 17 1/2
Status Active
Color Sky Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Born August 15
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Light Blue
Semblance Soldier's Shield
Height 4' 10"
Weight 125 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Unconfirmed
Partner Unconfirmed
Occupation Hunter-in-Training
Additional Info
Likes Strategic Planning, Stealth Tactics mostly, Getting the drop on someone, and looking down on peasants
Dislikes People that make fun of him for his height
Special Skills Stealth Fighter, Assassin Tank
Weaknesses Can't reach sometimes, Very self-absorbed


Born to a very upper class family, Kay was an only child. Of course, this effectively meant he got anything he wanted. From an early age, it was clear that Kay was a snobby, spoiled child. He yelled at his nannies, he hated playing with lower class children, and he was generally a bit of a brat. However, he showed a great interest in fighting, specifically tactical stealth and firepower. Starting at the age of 7, he pestered his parents to allow him to become a Hunter.

At age 8, Kay began to train himself. He and his father's friend, a weapons manufacturer, helped him make his weapon, Alps Traverser. His parents hired a private tutor to help him with his studies, and a private instructor to help him with his training. Kay quickly showed his proficiency in strategic stealth tactics, as well as the ability to dish out large damage before running for it. However, he was always short for his age, a trait he detested greatly. 

At age 10, Kay's parents encouraged him to try to befriend some more kids. Kay obliged, mostly out of boredom. However, he quickly ended this test, as he was taunted and ridiculed for his height. The only people who stood by his side were two faunus kids, the same age as he. These were KAy's only true friends, who stood by his side, mostly because they were bullied just like he was. The three of them usually trained together, and helped each other improve.

When Kay was able to enter Signal, his parents signed him up as soon as possible. He quickly mastered his combat classes, and did very well in his studies. He wasn't the best, but he was above average. Throughout his Signal years, he continued to have lessons with his private instructor, and almost mastered the art of sword fighting/pistol firing, which is one of his weapon's forms. He also unlocked his aura. 

After completing Signal, and before getting accepted into Beacon, Kay and his faunus friends were having a small congratulatory picnic, when they were unexpectedly attacked by a curious Ursa roaming around (This was also the last time Kay plans a picnic in Forever Fall.). As the Ursa charged, Kay rushed to defend his friends, already pulling out his weapon. However, as the Ursa slashed, Kay felt hia aura flare, and he saw a large shield, in the shape of a shield, appear in front of him. The Ursa's slash hit the shield and stopped, allowing Kay to quickly land the killing blow, although he felt a slight pain afterwards. This was how he discovered his Semblance, Soldier's Shield.

Kay was accepted into Beacon soon after this event.


Kay is a complete spoiled rich boy, or at least he seems that way to everyone he meets. He is completely full of himself, believing himself to be much more important than anyone else he meets. This is mainly done as a tactic to put others down, so that they will not counter him due to his height. 

In reality, Kay is actually a very lonesome person. His only true friends were the two faunus, who did not attend Beacon, and after he left them, he constantly tried to make himself feel better by putting others down, whether it be social status or otherwise. If anyone ever really got to know him, he is a lot more outgoing to them, seeing them as a friend.

In combat, Kay sticks to the shadows, firing away with his weapon, quickly moving from place to place. However, when a teammate is in trouble, he runs in to take the brunt of the blow, then dishes out massive damage before making a hasty retreat.

Kay is heterosexual.

His favorite foods are caviar, escargot, and expensive cuisine.

He speaks with a French accent.


Kay wears a button up, blue sleeveless vest, with a white shirt underneath. He has a belt on which he keeps ammo and other necessities. He wears black combat pants, and usually has a dark blue jacket over his top clothing. He wears a dark Blue Bicorne hat, with a blue feather on the top. 

Kay is very short for his age. However, he has a well muscled figure, and sports a scar on his back from an accidental fall off a swing. He has short black hair, usually kept combed.

Weapons and Abilities

Alps Traverser

Kay's weapon is a SPAS (Sword Pistol Assault Rifle).

-Basic form is a FAMAS-looking rifle

-Fires fire dust ammo, and sometimes lightning dust ammo

-Fires 5.56x45mm rounds, at a rate of 1000 rounds a minute

-Cartridges hold 30 rounds each

-Changes into a MAC 50 pistol/Admiral's Sword combo

-MAC 50 pistol is semi-automatic, 9-round cartridge

-Admiral's sword is tinted blue, and the curved handle is dark blue

Soldier's Shield

Kay's Semblance is called Soldier's Shield. When it is activated, Kay can block almost any attack, with the exception of extremely powerful hits, such as a large explosion or multiple Ursas tackling the shield at once. The shield prevents any attack from going through, but slightly harms Kay proportionately, as well as putting a strain on his aura and stamina the longer it is used.


Kay's aura is light blue.


Main Theme:


  • Kay is based off Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military leader.
  • All of Kay's weapons are French in origin.
  • Kay, in multiple languages, means "glory". Armeé is French for army, and Ciel is french for sky.

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