Name: Abigail Lilly

Team: JAKE

Colour: Lust Red

Theme:  Monster by Dev
Monster Dev

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 157.5cm (5'2")

Weight: 49kg (108 pounds)

Complexion: Pale

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue, but she wears Red contacts

Likes: Strawberries, Jacob, Fire, Puppies

Dislikes: Meat, Most Men, Order, Cockroaches


Kayla is a skinny, pale teenager of below average height. Her most noticable features are her breasts, which are naturally large despite her small frame. She is also incredibly attractive, which she uses to her advantage in combat as a distraction and a detterant. She has light blonde hair and deep blue eyes, but wears red contact lenses. Her hair is generally worn down and her fringe sweeps to the right, slightly covering her eye. In hot weather, she wears her hair up in pigtails. She wears a pair of white, high-heeled boots that reach up to her thighs and a blood red skirt. She also wears a red, long-sleeved shirt with a red scarf. Her sword is slung over her back.  On the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test, she is type ESFP (Extrovert 67%, Sensing 75%, Feeling 38%, Perceiving 33%).


Kayla gives off the vibe of an innocent schoolgirl at first glance, but is in fact very flirtatious. This is not due to any addiction or personality trait, but is in fact a method of insulting men. She believes most men "think with their dicks". She tends to show a higher interest in sensible men, as shown when Jacob Myrddin initially rejected her advances. She cares for friends and loved ones on a very deep level, and gets depressed very quickly if she believes a friend was injured or killed due to her. She is also a vegetarian, refusing to et the meat of animals until it becomes a last resort. In direct contrast to this gentle nature however, she has a love of destruction. She particuarly enjoys large explosions and fires. 


  • Rouge and Noir: Dual-Bladed Sword Staff (DBSS), Rouge and Noir are a pair of swords that connect at the hilt to create a dual-bladed staff like weapon. As the names suggest, Rouge is red and Noir is black. The area where the blade meets the hilt is customized, Rouge being a fox head and Noir being a rabbit head. Each sword is 90cm (3 feet) long, and is 180cm (6 feet) long when connected. This length, and and the balance of the weapon means it is used in a similar fashion to a Bo Staff. However, passovers cannot be used due to the blade. This means that swapping hands is generally done during a figure-eight or similar manouver.
  • Luxure: Shoulder-Mounted Flamethrower and Rocket (SMFR), Luxure is a shoulder mounted rocket launcher modified to support a flamethrower, bayonett and has a lock on system. The flamethrower is powered entirely by orange dust, and the rockets are propelled by red dust. Luxure itself is further customized, supporting multiple gun attachments including a sniper rifle and light-machine gun. It also has a retractable stand, and can serve as a sheath for Rouge and Noir. Kayla only uses Luxure when "she can afford to have a bit of fun".

Combat Style

Kayla prefers the use of power over speed, smashing through the defense of the opponents while still maintaining powerful defensive manouvers. He naturally small frame makes her a hard target, and the defensive capabilities of her sword staff make her difficult to contact. She also has a more subtle method of attack called 'De La Femme Tactile' (Woman's Touch) that uses seduction and charm in conjunction with "below the belt" tactics. She is so skilled in seduction that she can even use this technique to fluster heterosexual women. The only man to ever beat her in fight is Jacob Myrddin, which surprised her so much that she questioned his sexuality. Her "personal arsenal" Luxure is preffered to either of the previous methods however, but she likes to save it for special occasions. Jacob Myrddin likens its destructive power to a small to medium sized army, capable of completely levelling small cities.


I will be releasing a few chapters of a fanfiction about Team JAKE in some time, and her history will be explained in those. 


  • Kayla's last name comes from the demon Lilith in Catholic folklore. Lilith was the first wife of Adam, but he rejected her and she became a demon.
  • She loves strawberries, to the point where she uses them in conjunction with her "Woman's Touch" technique.
  • Kayla loves foxes, and her emblem is a red fox head with a lily in its mouth.
  • Her seductive nature and affinity for the colour red are both French stereotypes. As well as this, Rouge and Noir are the French words for red and black respectively, and Luxure is French for lust.
  • She has kicked 76 men in the crotch overall, and multiples add up to a total of 105 kicks in the crotch. She seeks to improve this number in every fight.

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