Kaze Sunīkā
Age 18
Status Active
Color Lime Green
Gender Female
Species Elven
Handedness Right
Complexion White
Hair Lime Green
Eyes Lime Green
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Team Unknown
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Special Skills Agile, Hardhitting


Kaze seems to be very curvy in figure, and is of average height. She has long lime green hair, and lime green eyes, and is known to be very eye-catching. Her hair is silky soft, and is tied up in some sort of ponytail, with something surrounding it. Kaze normally places two small flowers on the top right hand corner of her hair, and she is deemed to be attractive by most. Kaze also tends to make cute faces whenever a certain emotion pops up.

She sports a white, and green dress along with boots just below her knees. She has a blade inside of its sheathe on her back.


Shy, and socially awkard, Kaze tends to not want to speak with anyone. Only able to squeak a few words out of her mouth if she really has to, despite that she would be polite to everyone she meets and refuses to be rude with anyone. Normally she will try to start a conversation with others, but always ends up saying something out of the ordinary she once said "I like your face" to a person she just met. But soon regretted it because the man thought that Kaze was weird.

The Blade of Erendil

Weapon: Double sided blade

Type: Melee

Weapon Deprivation: Sword

The Blade of Erendil isn't neccesarily Kaze's choice of weapon, but was gifted to her by her father a long time ago.  It has a black handle, with golden lines around it, it has a red gem in the middle of the handle.  Despite her using her martial arts more than her sword, she has grown attached to the sword.


Kaze likes to outsmart her opponents, and generally uses her speed to her advantage. She also likes to think whenever she fights.

Fighting Prowess

Whenever in combat, she mixes her martial arts and her swordmanship around proving that it is quite effective. The attacks are extremely quick and hard to spot, or dodge.

+ Hard to hit, and extremely agile

+ Hits extremely hard

~ Not neccesarily easy to knock down, but can't really take hits that well

- Low defense

(-) Disadvantaged against defense freaks.


  • Kaze Sunīkā is Wind Sneaker pronounced in Japanese.

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