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Looks like that hurt quite a bit...not that I care, anyway. But for heaven's sake just hit me already!
— Keiri during battle
I am determined, with all my willpower, that my crimson irises will fall upon the gaze of sky-blue eyes once more. Eyes that belong to my one and only daughter. Make me proud.
— Jet to Keiri on his farewell letter
Keiri Aozora Hogosha
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Age 17
Alias "Auric Lightning"
Nickname Kiera, Kiri, Kane, Kay, Ao, Zora
Status Alive
Color Dark Blue
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born Unknown
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Jet-Black
Eyes Sky Blue
Height 5'7
Weight 132 lbs
Professional Status
Social Rank Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Team Team KHSR
Partner Haukea Nila
Occupation -Singer



-Hardcore Gamer

-Novice Hacker


-Huntress In Training

Personal Status
Relatives Brother: Reiku Hogosha (Doesn't know it...yet)
Additional Info
Likes -Anything involving adrenaline


-Making music

-Anything involving cars or weapons



-Playing guitar



Dislikes -Annoyances




-Being constantly told what to do

-Being frustrated and stressed

-Smartasses who aren't smart


Special Skills -Utilizes Aura with an excellent amount of skill

-Excels in close-medium range combat

-Very determined

-Lightning quick (movement and attack-wise


-Very precise

-Excels in hand-to-hand combat

-Implements creativity and improvisation quite well

-Slightly unpredictable

-Hits fairly hard

Weaknesses -Mediocre skill in long range combat

-Has almost no skill in using Dust

-Somewhat clumsy



-Has ADD

-Loud at times


Character Theme

Machines - Crown The Empire
Battle Theme

Shockwave - Black Tide
Keiri's Logo.png

Keiri's emblem, Resurgence

Description Summary

Keiri Aozora Hogosha is a seventeen-year old girl who's appearance tells the outside world of her adventurous, adrenaline-loving, somewhat rebellious personality. From her short-shorts to her cropped t-shirt and hoodie to her somewhat untidy chopped haircut that has sky-blue streaks that matches the same shade of blue as her eyes, her appearance tells volumes about her. However, what lies underneath is a friendly, playful core that can be easily relied on...when in the right mood, however.

She wields two Tactical Reconnaissance Elbow Gunblades (TREG) and a Compactable Aerodynamic High-speed Blade (CAHB). In battle, she is quick, swift, light on her feet. Her attacks hit fairly hard but the rate of her strikes are devestatingly fast. Overall, she usually sticks to the offensive, and her impulsive, somewhat cocky mindset are usually the main cause of her injuries. However, her creativity can offset that as she can easily improvise in the field, making her a slightly unpredicatble opponent.

Keiri's overall personality is the result of the proverbial bird that had freed itself from the vice of its own parents house. She had evolved from a shy, fragile girl to a person who is outgoing and willing to do just about anything that the task requires. The person that had freed her had became her mentor, and because of him Keiri had allowed herself to submerge into the world of absolute freedom. However, she still clings on to her violent, painful memories, a scar on her left eye serves as a very gruesome reminder of them...

Additional Info

Aura Colour: Dark Blue

Pronounciation: Kee-ehh-REE Ow-zorr-AHH Hog-OH-sha

Combat Discipline: Divas Virtus, Various

Combat Style: Offensive, usually attacks first, sometimes utilizes creativity to offset disadvantages gained during battle.

Semblance: Similar to Reiku's Semblance, Keiri's Auric potency and quantity is boosted, but the effect is weaker. However, she enters into something that is similar to a "Berserk" state, in which her attacks hit with more force while her overall reaction time decreases somewhat.


Being the troublesome twin of Reiku, it's a little clichéd to say that she is the polar opposite of him in terms of personality. She actually isn't, but in most cases she is.

Keiri somewhat has the personality of a determined, adventurous, somewhat snarky, adrenaline-loving rebel with a quirky vocabulary that would throw most people off kilter. She usually prefers "I DON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!" rather than "'m". Outgoing and sometimes talkative, she retains a positive attitude most of the time, though she'll wear the appropriate expression when necessary (that doesn't mean she'll act somewhat immature on occasion, however). Her laid back personality along with occasional moments of joviality often comes out as "lazy" and "very ignorant to any situation and the world around her". However, she isn't as lazy as she looks. It's only because productivity comes out of her in bursts - one moment she's writing furiously on that essay that's been assigned today (ugh, BORING) and the next moment she's laying around in bed with her headphones on (MUCH better), actively ignoring the world around her.

Her attitude towards situations usually leans toward the positive end, always looking for the bright side of things. During these times, she often stays rather Arctic-cool and calm toward them. In combat, she's usually enthusiastic and even a little cocky at times, often teasing her opponents or provoking them like a bullfighter and a bull. Her sheer determination and willpower can enable her to power through the worst of pains, both physical and mental, as demonstrated by her early years at the orphanage. Just don't mess with her valuables, though, as she can get rather...defensive. As in she broke someone's wrist at one point for touching her weapons without permission. Don't even think about it.

Keiri's overall personality is positive, outgoing, determined, adventurous, and somewhat rebellious; she also can occasionally fall victim to her own emotions (though this doesn't mean she's emotionally unstable).


Similar to her brother, Keiri doesn't take her looks as a priority (unless when going to a formal event) and prefers to wear something casual. Unlike Reiku, however, she doesn't mind going a little more wild with her appearance. Her jet-black hair is your typical, meduim-long chopped haircut; shaggy and messy-looking but actually quite tidy, bangs swept to her left - concealing most of an eye - and flowing straight down her shoulders (mostly down her left) and her back, ending just at just-above-the-breast length. The ends of these locks are dyed in a shade of blue that matches her piercing yet friendly, playful eyes. The hair covers a subtle scar on her left eye that travels diagonally from the top left down, an eternal wound that serves a reminder of her violent, bird-in-a-cage past...

Don't remind her of it.

Switching subjects, her outerwear consists of mainly clothing that would easily blend into a crowd of your stereotypical teenagers but with a little more flare. For her top, she usually wears a simple, black and blue full zip-up hoodie (she prefers to keep it open) with an obsidian cropped t-shirt that shows off her midriff, its sleeves falling off both of her shoulders should the hoodie be removed. Her neck contains a necklace with a peculiar crystal pendant on it. Her hands reside nothing but your standard ebony leather fingerless gloves. Matching tight short-shorts are her choice for her bottoms, while sneakers, equal in design, are her prefered selections of shoes. Her trademark, like Reiku, is a pair of black over-the-ear headphones with blue decals decorating them.

(See the Trivia section for more information regarding this section)


"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean we have a choice. But there's none that will allow her to live."

"Except one..."


Keiri started off her life in a shady, unkempt foster home, her true parents unknown. The place was quite intimidating for her, growing up in a place where things were fought and competed over. There was a sense of heiarchy, where the kids who won the most battles would reign while Keiri would be somewhere down the bottom due to the shy, inferiority-complex the "superiors" induced upon her. For that reason she didn't bother fighting back the ordeals she faced. She didn't need to grow up to ponder about who her parents were and why they'd abandoned her. Her life had already started off low, and would only go lower as she received numerous bruises and cuts and broken bones. The volunteers there didn't bother to help out as the children became not only scarred on the outside but on the inside, leading to eventual suicide; the building itself producing its own death toll.

One day, she had just turned thirteen. And according to the higher-ups, anyone who had entered their teenage years must go through an initiation. She had several options, but the bullies decided to choose for her...


I saw it in his eyes. The malicious, carnal intent that held itself beneath violent, furious irises. He towered over me, his shadow cast upon my figure half the size of him. It was clichéd, I suppose, but the truth mustn't stray anywhere into the land of the lies. With his fists tightly clenched, I hoped he would simply cave my head in.


He knew that I would simply take it as if it was nothing. He knew me. He knew of my ordeals. But his intentions shifted somewhere else. He had no intention of simply injuring me; I knew it the moment his hands clutched my shoulder, bringing me down face-first with one, powerful swing. The boy wanted to not only damage my body but to damage my soul itself. He, too, was furious at his parents forsaking him. But, unlike me, he dealt with his anger in a more...intimate fashion.

From the ground he grappled me and slammed my body to the wall, and from there he violently tore my clothes from me. I wouldn't mind a little physical beatdown.

But this...

This, I simply couldn't accept it.

So I attempted to fight back. I turned around to face my aggressor and threw my fist hard against his midsection. He doubles over, but it didn't do much other than anger him more. He throws his gigantic body at me, eyes wild with fury, and points a knife at me. I was determined to prevent his victory, so I managed to shove him off, desperately sprinting for the door. His hand met my shoulder and I swing around, only to have his knife take a malevolent slice at my eye.

It left behind my souvenir of this place.

Now, I was about to give his.

I lunged at him with all my might, the unstoppable momentum of my will charged up in one massive tackle. I manage to bring him to the floor, swiping the knife from his hand. From there, his violence was mirrored upon him, impulses taking hold as my ears were filled with the sickening squelch of the blade repeatedly tearing apart flesh. Thirteen years of pent up anger finally unleashed on this boy...

It was done.

My hands bloodstained, the bully maimed to an unrecognizable mess on the already filthy floor, my body shaking like a Class 10 earthquake on the Richter Scale. My lungs took in greedy, panicked breaths of air, my heart wanted to break out of its cage. Or just plain break. It was a sight I couldn't bear to see. And it was a sight that could throw me in juvenile detention of the Vale Police Department. Sure, this foster home that I call "hell" wouldn't care about some death by suicide, or its psychologically scarred patrons. But a murder? That would definitely send a massive wake up call to the staff. So I fled the place, blankets covering my ashamed, naked body as I searched for a safe haven to hide myself...


Keiri eventually found some old, tattered threads inside a clothing donations box, something casual to allow her to blend in with the crowd. For several weeks she relied on soup kitchens and temporary housings with willing residents to take her in. Eventually, her luck seemed to change when a couple decided to bring keep Keiri as their own adopted daughter. The girl was ecstatic. It seemed as if heaven had finally endowed itself upon her life; the parents treated Keiri like she was one if their own, as if she actually mattered to them. From there, she was homeschooled, due to her age. And her performance was quite above-average for someone who was supposed to go to school seven-or-so years ago. Things were really going well for Keiri.

However, it wasn't before long until this peace faded into an atmosphere that mirrored that of the foster home.

The couple became too attached to her, and grew overly protective of the girl - the result of a loss that took place recently. Or rather, a runaway...

The parents did not want to lose another one of their own, and so Keiri only rarely had her eyes actually feast the world beyond the confines of her own home. And soon the elder pair began pushing her in an increasingly aggressive manner in regards of her education, constantly yelling and screaming at the poor soul to do even better at her tests. The heaven she once thought was true only turned out to be a thin veil of lies, replaced with the nightmare that was brought upon the previous child before her that fled.

It was hell.

And she regretted leaving her previous residence.

Maybe this was even worse...a beatdown was more frequent than at the foster home due to her parents' extremely high expectations of her - a decent grade was never enough.

She desperately wanted to leave this hellhole...but where would she go? Would anyone else take a runaway? In this city, she disliked her chances. And so she allowed Stockholm Syndrome to settle in...

Keiri was trapped in a cage once more, its vice stronger and fiercer than before.

It was only six months later did someone finally possess the key to unlock the cage...


My sky-blue crystals held their sad yet unwavering gaze to the outdoors, my body moulded into the chair on the terrace. The plexiglass enclosure kept my attempts of escape at bay, the only way my ears pick up the sound of the birdsong outside are the numerous two-by-two inch openings covered with a metal insect mesh. The outside world seemed to mimic my mood with its overcast skies, the sun piercing through the clouds. It's clichéd, I know, but the birds...their chirps and notes were the embodiment of the hope I wish I had, an abrasive surface to set the proverbial match alight.

My lungs take in a breathy sigh, an attempt of blowing away the boredom and stress that plagued me. I try to sleep and enjoy the sounds of the birds, and so I allow the darkness that is my eyelids to consume my vision...


My eyes open slowly, the few seconds of peace were shattered when the soothing, silky notes of the birds' tunes were temporarily interrupted by the sound of nearby feet landing on the edge of the terrace.


My hand quickly reached my mouth to suppress the outbound scream, sky-blue eyes now flared out in surprise.

"Hello." The man spoke as he waved kindly at me, his feet planted in such a way that he stood on the impossibly thin platform that was naturally formed when the enclosure was constructed.

I was amazed at his presence, with contradictory emotions of fear and shock entwining themselves from within me. My words stumbled out in high-pitched squeaks.

"H-how are you-"

"Shhhh..." The man shushed. "I doubt your parents would enjoy the sight of me talking to you."

I silently nod out of agreement, but emotions of fear and nervousness still lace my mind. As a result, questions and worries begin invading my head.

Who is he?

Why is here?

What does he want from me?

How did he know-

"It's okay. I'm not here to hurt you," the man consoled. "I don't seek anything from you-"

"Then what the hell are you doing here!?" I snap. "You know how much-"

"You'll get into trouble if they see me. Yes, I know," he replied with such impossible smoothness. "I've heard. I just..."

He trailed off, his voice becoming distant. He seemed to possess the ability to read emotions, maybe even thoughts, because had just answered the majority of my questions before they even had the chance to slip from my mouth. Out of curiousity, my eyes quickly roam his figure. His medium, athletic build was, from head to toe, cloaked in black clothing decorated with swirling blue designs that traveled the very fibers they resided on with such impossible complexity. His jeans, his sneakers, his t-shirt, his warrior-esque cloak; they all matched perfectly as if they were made for one specific outfit. His physical appearance, however, was unique; it spoke unending, volumes of his past. Crimson eyes seemed to pierce and intimidate any gaze they met, yet they currently held a friendly, playful stare. Jet-black hair in a somewhat untidy mess framed his face, bangs swept to the left; a bundle of it dyed in the same shade as his eyes. The physical traits of his visage featured a terrain that was marred with a couple of scars - one across his nose and one on his left eye, mirroring my own...

He was the one to shatter the silence, his voice steadily regaining its original volume.

"I'm just here because I thought you needed someone to talk to, Keiri."

My eyes widen with surprise before quickly narrowing with suspicion, my curiousity suddenly igniting from within me.

"How the hell did you know where I live?" I spoke, my knife-like voice seemed to pierce the air. "And where did you get my name? And why talk to me for your problems, out of all possible people?

"I have...sources. And your history..." He responded calmly. "It mirrors mine with such unrivaled parallels. I just couldn't help but satisfy my loneliness by coming to you."

There was a long pause. I wasn't convinced.

"Look," he began, breaking the noiseless barrier once more. "I just need someone to relate to. And yes, I know, I know. I am a thirty-something-year old Hunter coming to a teenager to talk to about his problems and predicaments. It's odd and kinda...pedo-ish. But there's something that tells me that you're the one I should turn to."

The moment his last sentence escaped his mouth was the moment my heart rate pulled the brakes. I never had anyone to talk to. I never had anyone in general to consider as my friend. I was just a lonely, beat-up girl with an equally damaged soul. But now...someone has the fuel in which I can ignite my spirit, finally allowing it to shred through the darkness that had plagued my life. But there was all but one barrier that stopped me...

"Why should I trust you?"

This seemed to catch the man off guard, because he was unable to conjure up an instant response.

"It's...complicated." He spoke slowly. "But I'm not asking for an intimate relationship. But my personality is...well, it's like saying I'm a sixteen-year old with twenty-one years of experience. So I feel like a teenager would be able to understand me better than an adult because I would usually come off as slightly immature around people that I consider as close friends. You get me?"

It made sense, I suppose. I was still weirded out by all this, but after the reveal of his reasoning, a pact of trust was simply irresistible. But before my mouth could form words, a monotonous ring emitted from the man.


"Aww man..." He groaned. "My schedule's messing with me. I'll see you later, then?"

"...Sure...I guess," I shrugged. "Oh. And your name?"


The man nodded and leaped off the edge, landing with a soft thud and he took off in a sprint.

I hope you're really what you say you are...


For every day since the first meeting, there was one man precariously perched on the ledge, waiting patiently to greet Keiri. The main topics exchanged between the two involved: discussing and learning about each others' interests, personal lives, backstories, and overall character.

The girl had to admit, Jet was quite the charmer, in her opinion. The man admitted to being an introvert, but there was no evidence of this when he was chatting with the girl. He was funny, eccentric, and possesses a rather positive outlook on life despite his past and his nomadic nature - he always found a new place to sleep, just like me before I ended up here. Nothing ever seemed to worry him. But he was always careful to not let the relationship between him and Keiri evolve into a romance. Because that would be, well...odd.

The two eventually became the best of friends; Jet gave Keiri a chance to temporarily escape from the hell that is her own parents, while Keiri gave Jet the comfort of having someone to turn to due to his lack of contacts at the moment.

For an entire year, they shared and exchanged just about every emotion the human brain could conjure up, and an inseparable bond began to form. From laughs to cries to even anger, the moments Keiri had shared with Jet were, almost literally, heaven. She was almost free...

Then one day...

The key to the proverbial cage had bestowed upon her.

All she had to do now...

Was to take it.



"Yeah. Almost took my eye off."

I stared in amazement as Jet explained the existence of his scars, an intimidating feature that contradicted his upbeat, friendly persona. I had to admit, the way he'd got them were quite...grotesque. Not that it disturbed me; the bully on the foster care floor would be a worse sight to see...

Nope. Just...push that memory down, Keiri. Just push it down...

"So..." The man continued. "There's something I want to ask."

"Sure. Go right ahead." I reply curiously.

" you want to get out of here?"

"More than anything...wait, are you saying-"

"Yes, Keiri. I'd like to take you with me. I'll be your mentor, too. Y'know, teach you how to fight and stuff like that."

I was surprised. Sure, Jet had been my only friend since I had since...well, ever. I never had a person to talk to before him. But even though he had been my only escape from this hell I call "home", I was uncomfortable placing a massive burden on him.

"A-are you sure?" I asked, my flow stumbling slightly. "I mean, I really don't want to bother you. And besides, how are you going to get me out?"

"It's fine, Keiri." He replied smoothly. "I think you'll be a great partner to me,. I really do. Maybe even my own daughter. And besides..."

In one, swift yet fluent move, the man unsheathed his sword and made two cuts that penetrated into the plexiglass in the shape of a diagonal cross. The proverbial key had been given to her. All Keiri had to do now was unlock the cage.

"Now, how about I ask you this," he then said to her. "The world out there is rather...dangerous. Filled to the brimm with monsters and malevolent people. And I won't always be there to protect you. But this is the price to pay for the wonderful feeling that we call freedom. And you start paying that debt as soon as you break open the glass.

"Are you willing to accept my offer? Because I can still visit you here everyday and your parents won't even notice. But they will notice a missing 'family member'."

I pondered my decision for a moment. He was right. He didn't have a permanent home, so what could I possibly be subjected to? What forces lurk on the outside? And my "parents" have already lost a child due to his decisions of running away - what if they decide that they would not lose another one?


I made my choice.

So I curled my fingers into a fist, reeled back, and slammed the "X" on the plexiglass as hard as I could.


The mark of absolute freedom had bestowed upon her as soon as the piercing sound of shattering glass invaded her ears. She had taken the key and unlocked the cage, setting free the bird from its vice at last.

The man revealed that "Jet" was only his nickname, but he had never unfurled the pages stating his actual name, not that Keiri minded at all. She was fine with just that. The idea of freedom had always piqued her curiousity, but because she had been moulded into believing that being within tight confines would remain for the rest of her life, it took some time getting used to this much openess. The first few days with Jet had been riddled with questions from the girl, questions that interrogated his definition of living life. For example, when the man had told her that she was allowed to explore the forrest that they camped out in for the first night, she worried about all the Grimm that lurked on the outside, despite him mentioning that there weren't actually any monsters for miles. But, again, it took some time. But she finally fit herself into the proverbial jigsaw puzzle.

During this time, due to her sudden exposure to freedom, Keiri had developed a more open and adventurous personality. She was no longer afraid of what was out there, but rather, she faced the danger without hesitation, sometimes even with extreme prejudice. Of course, her cockiness was controlled by the man, who was now her mentor.

The girl can describe Jet's teaching methods as "quite chill", as he was very patient when educating her. He'd often find unique and interesting ways of showing her how to perform strikes, among other things. Despite this, the man would persist her to perform a task over and over not until she'd completed successfully, but until she'd completed it successfully with as much smoothness as possible without fault. During her education with Jet, she had learned how to shoot properly, studied on various fighting styles and techniques, learned how to maintain her weapons, learned to utilize her Aura to its maximum potential – everything she can learn so that she would be able to defend and endure herself from the nastiest of lethalities out there.

Of course, with an easygoing personality, Jet gave her some time to breath between lessons. This was the only time where Keiri could actually experience the things that were missing from her childhood years. She had never tasted luxury food such as pizza, burgers, chocolate, and ice cream. She had never been to the arcade, nor had she ever gone swimming or shopping. That is, until the mentor gave her an opportunity to do so. The girl was stunned by all the things that she had missed. And she was very excited to try them all.

In rare occasions, the two would have a friendly yet competitive shooting competition. The twist? They had to jump off a cliff hundreds of feet high and shoot the targets in mid-air. And, of course, bonus points were awarded for a stylish landing - in this case, Keiri always won that portion of the contest.

When their birthdays came, they'd hunt down as many Grimm monsters as they can. They had taken on packs of Beowolves to an Ursa Major with her children to even a Nevermore. And at the end of the day, they would each present a souvenir as a gift to commemorate the special occasion.

Their bond intertwined them tight over the years; they would be the eyes and ears of their six, they would cheer and encourage each other on during battles, and there was even a few occasions where one would take the proverbial bullet (though, a few times were not-so-proverbial). They had allowed their friendship to grow into one that was bulletproof, with nothing capable enough to shatter the indestructible bond.

By the time she had hit the age of seventeen, Jet decided that it was about time her hands held a weapon of their own. And so he brought out his special "blacksmith kit", allowing Keiri to breath life into her own killer toy. From the fires of the smelting hot furnace she had created Inazuma and Rakurai - dual gunblades imbued with her soul, making it a true extension of herself.

Later that same year, she decided to give her "parents" a little "pep-talk" regarding how well off she is now. And so she did. When she arrived, however, the building was engulfed in a raging inferno, the sickening yet satisfying screams of the couple that had lived there filled her ears. It looked like Karma had finally caught up to them. But there was something that had piqued her curiousity: a boy was standing in front of the house tens of feet away. Was he the runaway she had heard about? Her answer came when he threw a rectangular object into the blaze, fueling it even more as an explosion suddenly rocked the ground beneath her.

Several weeks later saw her applying for admission to the prestigious Beacon Academy, where she took the combat test due to her lack of prior official education. Professor Ozpin realized her overall potential the moment her blades returned to their sheaths and accepted her into the academic institute.

Once Keiri left the building, she was absolutely ecstatic. Eager to show off her certificate, she went back to the campsite to announce the excellent news to Jet...

But the black-haired mentor was missing, his prescence replaced by his "blacksmith kit" and a compactable sword with the word "Blur" engraved onto the bottom of the hilt. Beside it lay a lone letter from the man.

My dearest Keiri,

Okay, the intro was a bit cheesy, but hey, I don't have a lot of time on me right now. But anyway, you were one hell of a girl to be around. And that's nothing to joke about. A shy, fragile, broken soul turned tough, determined, outgoing, and hard-as-nails. Now THAT'S something to muse about! I've watched you during your combat test at Beacon and words cannot explain how proud I am to see the three years of labouring over your education finally paying itself back!

However, I contradict my happiness with my deepest apologies, as I am forced to congratulate you in the form of a paper that you now hold in your hands right now. It would be a hell of a lot nicer to give a nice slap on the back in person, seems that fate had finally caught up to me.

Do not ask me what that means, but I thought I could get away with what I have. But please do me a favour and do not ever, EVER attempt what I did a long time ago. Because then you would have to carry a significant weight plopped on your shoulders. And I really hope you understand, Keiri.

So now, I part ways with you, leaving behind my last gifts to a person who has grown a lot over the three long years we've spent together. A person who has become a stong warrior capable of taking on whatever the world throws at her. A person that I take extreme pride in for her abilities and achievements. And no matter how much life hates you, you stick up your middle finger and endure and fight back the things that life attacks you with.

I know how much it hurts you now that I am gone, I really do. Because then you are left with no one to turn to for your problems, once again leaving you lonely and vulnerable to the world before you. But I know for sure that Beacon will open a plethora of doors for you, enabling a chance for you to make new friends and to learn new things so that one day, you'll become a fully-fledged Huntress. And I believe you can do it, Keiri.

Do not let my abscence faze you. Break though the emotional barrier and push on. Pray that you will see me again, and I swear on my life that I WILL make it happen. I will. And I promise.

I am determined, with all my willpower, that my crimson irises will fall upon the gaze of sky-blue eyes once more. Eyes that belong to my one and only daughter.

Make me proud.

Goodbye, Keiri.

Your loving father,


Tears sprung into her eyes, her voice sobbed as she took in every single word the letter had possessed. Her mentor hadn't thought of Keiri as his partner, but his own child, a daughter to care for. Now, he exits stage left on her life, paying the price of freedom yet again as more options opened up around her. She now had full control of her life, choices were abound and countless decisions had to be made.

The girl wiped away her tears, making up her mind about her future. A new chapter lay ahead of her, the proverbial pages awaiting patiently to be filled with words that will describe her new life as a student. Folding the letter into her pocket, her mouth formed words of promise and determination.

"I won't let you down, dad..."


Primary Weapon Type:

Tactical Reconnaissance Elbow Gunblade (x2)

Primary Weapon Name:

Inazuma & Rakurai

Description (Basic):

Akimbo machine pistols that turns into elbow blades and back with lightning quick speed (seriously, that's not exaggerating, you know).

Description (Gun Form):

Just two fully automatic pistols that fire FN 5.7×28mm caliber cartridges. Each magazine holds 20 rounds each, with both of them firing at a rate of 793 RPM with a muzzle velocity of 670 m/s. They are at their most useful at close to medium range. She will get you with them, however, no matter the range. Watch your back...

Description (Elbow Blade Form):

Custom-made elbow blades that sport a foldable handle for easy storage. The come with unique arm bands with a compact drawer-like rail system to store the blades in place for stealth attacks - just a simple flick of the arm and the rail will unlock and slide down to a certain length, which, in turn, unlocks and unfolds the blades. Badassery at its finest. Though, the wielder will have to make sure to catch them as they fall out of the user's sleeves, however. Buzzkill? Not really, but dismembered fingers are obviously no fun at all.

Secondary Weapon Type:

Compact Aerodynamic High-speed Blade

Secondary Weapon Name:



An original design from the ground up, this one-handed sword was made to suit Keiri's preferences during battle. The blade is carefully crafted with racecar-like aerodynamic efficiency all while staying significantly sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel. This allows the wielder to slice through materials as strong as bamboo with devastating ease. That's right. Don't mess with this blade. Don't even question it.
The sword’s manufacturing process is highly secretive and the material used is said to be one of the strongest in the world, yet extremely light. One of the key features about this blade is that it can be folded up for easy storage, and can still be used as a fully fledged weapon even when compacted (stealth awesomeness FTW).

Abilities/Combat Style

Keiri Aozora Hogosha's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

A major advantage that Keiri has right at the start of a battle is her Aura. She emanates one that is abnormally strong, and equally abnormal is the quantity of Aura she posesses. Because of this, her attacks mainly make use of this precious energy, although she can use her own weapons very effectively without it. She does, however, rely on it fairly heavily, which can wear her out after some time.

Her personality already indicates a determined, attack-first type of fighter, which means that she'd waste no time being on the offensive first, as she's confident that it will take quite an effort from her opponent(s) to bring her to her knees. Like Reiku, Keiri's impulses tend to take the reigns, so she'll rely on her Aura quite a bit to cover it. However, her creativity is often utilised in the form of improvisation to offset her impulsivity, usually used in tandem with the environment around her, making her a slightly unpredictable opponent.

Although Keiri prefers to be on the attacking end, she is quite agile in her movements, making her a very evasive fighter. On top of that, she's had her share of parkour training, which can be used to outrun the opponent or to gather momentum for a strike.



  • "Keiri" is a variant of "Kiera", which means "Black".
    • "Keiri" is also an anagram for "Reiki", which translates to "Aura" in Japanese.
    • On a similar note, "Hogosha" means "Guardian" in the same language.
    • "Aozora" is defined as "blue sky"; also in the same language.
    • "Inazuma & Rakurai" means "Lightning Bolt & Thunderbolt" (respectively) in Japanese.
  • Some people mispronounce her name as "Kay-ree". Others go by "Kee-ree".
  • She despises being called "Kay".
  • Her design and colour scheme is based off of "Black Rock Shooter" and "Lucario" from Pokèmon.
  • Kudos to Sam and Jollyjo for the awesome stats template!
  • A unique yet subtle feature of this profile is that it is written while the author is mimicking some of her personality traits.
  • Her picture is the 7000th picture in the RWBY Fanon Wiki.
    • The picture is also an alternate version of her appearance.
  • Her "inner turbulence" comes in the form of memories.

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