A Micro Kingdom founded by Arthur Royce and the former Knights of the Round after the defeat and death of terrorist Lucius "The Superior" Porfirio


As stated earlier the Kingdom was founded on the foundations of deceased terrorist Lucius's base of operations.

It originally was a castle surrounded by mountains and ruins with The Grimm strangely staying away from the castle and it was utilized by Lucius to protect his base if he were to be discovered.

Seven Years ago hero Arthur Royce, Lionel Auriel and Assassin turned ally Lancelot Xylander stormed through the castle defeating and killing the former lord of the castle. 

Later Arthur with Lionel and other ally Ector Rohan started to not only rebuild the castle but also a few ruins and used them to build the cities Annwn and Avalon to attempt to gives homes to those that have no kingdom to call their own. Now the cities are thriving with Lionel and Ector finding new sorts of relics of The Vaciar in the deeper ruins of the area.


The places between the two cities and Camelot are surrounded by mountains and desert with only one large river that goes through Avalon being one of the sources of water in that region. It is usually hot with degrees constantly being in the nineties or higher.  Around the river it usually hits temperature of the sixties to the seventies.

Important Locations

Camelot - The main home of Arthur and place of any discussions with former allies and other important individuals about the cities are usually done in this home

Annwn - The City west of Camelot rebuilt by Ector and his company, it is often considered a tourist town with heavy interests in getting people to spread understanding of this small kingdom with many attractions such as The Renegade Lounge.

Avalon - The City east of Camelot that is rebuilt by Lionel and The Huile Construction Business, It is the city of business often where the main offices of businesses such as ELVID International and Bad Wolf Entertainment. Thought it is known to have some entertainment value of its own such as The Palace of Wisdom.

Crissaegrim - The City South of Camelot, it is often considered a holy city popular for pilgrimages, this city is often seen as the birth place of The Vaciar and is often held in high esteem, there is also rumors that the walls around the city ward off evil creatures worse then The Grimm but it is only thought of as legends.

Vineta - The City south west of Camelot and drenched in debauchery, yet due to the nature of Arthur being in control of the area it lives under a strange position of being too corrupt to stop its current state without destroying the whole city and yet too scared of Arthur's wrath to ever expand its corruption beyond its borders.

The Renegade Lounge - The go to place for celebrations, big parties, or people trying to find a good time at the bar. It is Lionel's crowning addition to Annwn and the place where he hosts various competitions and tournaments.

The Palace of Wisdom - This is an Arena to enjoy sporting events, concerts and various other shows when people need to just sit back and get away from it all in Annwn.

Ninianne Mansion - A mansion that is in the outskirts of Annwn close to Camelot, it is owned by Lionel Lupino and it is where he is most of the time when he is not at the Renegade Lounge or the main offices of Bad Wolf.

The Emperor's Hand - A series of mountains located a few miles from Avalon. It is title as such for two reasons, the first is that it is five mountains close together that suspiciously look like a hand, the other reason is deep in these mountains holds relics of The Vaciar most about the leader of them known as The Emperor. It is rumored that not all of the relics have been found and even now ELVID Int. is still finding more.