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What's the point of life if you can't get a little wild?
— Kiba L. Garo
Destroy more nature.. continue taking advantage of those who can't fight back.. And I will tear you apart with my fangs.
— Kiba L. Garo
Kiba L. Garo
Kiba L. Azrael
Age 18
Title Wild Fang
Nickname The Hound, Feral Dog
Status Beacon Student
Color Crimson
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidexterity
Complexion Lightly pale
Hair Crimson
Eyes Dark Blue
Height 5'8"
Weight 180
Professional Status
Team (Still to be determined)
Partner (Still to be determined)
Occupation Beacon Academy
Job Types Active, Hard working and rewarding.
Jobs Bounty Hunter
Personal Status
Relatives Joax Garo: Father, age 46. Currently still alive.

Aerith Garo: Mother, age 34. Deceased, died from incurable illness.

Paox Garo: Grandfather, age 86. Currently still alive.

Scarlet Garo: Grandmother, age 88. Currently still alive.

Additional Info
Likes Enjoying nature, his favorite activity when enjoying nature is gazing up to the moon at night. Playing jokes on friends and tricking enemies. Hunting Grimm and those who deserve his wrath. He also enjoys fighting against strong opponents.
Dislikes The destruction of nature and those who caused it. Bullies and punks trying to rule over those weaker and take advantage of them. Also a strong dislike to those who shame the fallen, or loser.
Special Skills Kiba is blessed superb hunting skills, especially when tracking rampaging Grimm. He is also a skill acrobat, allowing for him to utilize his Tsume and Haken when fighting the enemy when jumping around. Kiba is also blessed with a photographic memory, allowing him to survey an area once, and be able to tell or alert the group of anything was moved from it's former place.
Weaknesses Though Kiba may be smart in actuality, he still can be easily caught in enemy traps due to his easy going spirit. Kiba also can sometimes go off on his own, whether its being distracted or being lured away, he will forget about the group he is with and ultimately the objective.
Character Theme

Wild Fang
Battle Theme

Howling Moon


Kiba's first noticable feature is his crimson hair, slicked down a bit on the sides but still hanging upwards. He has dark blue eyes which give off a sense of perceptiveness, taking in everything at a moment's glance. He is usually wearing a jacket with two pockets to the sides, razor sharp teeth acting as buttons for each of his button holes to tie up the jacket, and underneath a checkered layout throughout the jacket. His forearms underneath the jacket, showing signs of impressions left from his gaunlets against his skin from the long periods of time using them. For pants, Kiba wears what it seems like a three foot long pair of black pants with a assortment of red straps sewed into the layout. The straps having a metal plate on each of their ends, though only on the front side and not the back. 


Kiba is the kind of person who just stands out in a crowd, not for being all dark and melodramatic or completely puompus, but because of his hyper-active and happy attitude. Kiba often is in a party like motion when moving around an area, like following a rythem that's in the air. He can be the happiest ray of sunshine on a dark and cloudy day, always filling a room with his bright mood. Due to a combination of both these traits, Kiba has a tendency of being a bit wild, like bouncing off the walls without a care in the world kind of wild.  Often leaving his movements in a fight practically unpredictable and bit showoff-ish.

He can be very sociable to those who are good people, and not so much to those who are not. By instinct Kiba often fends off bullies and jerks from his friends and those being attacked. He does not tolerate the domination and advantage taking of weaker and innocent people. When the situation arises, his mood drastically changes from a happy-go-lucky feel to a more victious, predatory mood. This mood presents itself in several cases such to are, when a mission gets out of hand and others are being hurt, and when nature is being destroyed purposely for selfish needs. When in this mood, it makes him incredibly angry and most often becomes a lone wolf, leaving whatever group behind to punish those who summon his wrath.

Kiba often listens to music and when so, is much more lazy than he regularly is. Without much care in what the objective is, when on a mission for his job or for Beacon, he typically plays around with his foes. Tricking them if possible and annoying them to the best of his extent. Though if he comes across a strong oppenent, he will not resist to face them. Though there are times where he typically forgets what the objective is, he does eventually succeed in achieving it.

Weapons and Ability


Kiba uses two clawed gauntlets called Tsume and an unsuspecting assortment of hooks called Haken.

  • Tsume-  These two clawed gauntlets were formed out of bits and pieces of metal, eventually put together by Kiba and refined to give the claws their sharp edge. The grey claws are sharp enough to cut through solid metal and strong enough to stand against blow after blow. They also make great climbing equipment, allowing for Kiba to climb daunting heights. The claws themselves aren't anything special, they can be rubbed down with dust to create more of a impact on collision with a target, and the claws themselves don't suffer much damage from the dust itself when creating the impact. What makes the Tsume deadly is Kiba's skill with them.
  • Haken- The Haken are really the small metal plates that are on each strap around Kiba's pants. The metal hooks on the plates are able to retract and extend via command by a remote switch sewed inside of Kiba's left pocket. Through the straps that the metal plates are on, there are a series of wires and small mechanisms that can bend with the strap. The hooks themselves are as sharp and effective as the Tsume, but what makes them dangerous is their flexablity and element of suprise. The straps also can extend a extra four feet for each strap, adding to the amount of distance. The storage of the extended strap within the pants layering. Combined with Kiba's acrobat skills, the Haken are like fangs, searching for its prey.


Kiba living in the the forest for the better part of his childhood, developed amazing acrobat skills when moving around the forest. Abling himself to be able to climb large structures within seconds, move swiftly through the woods like a flash and how to make his movements silent. He also learned how to set up traps with simple materials. Combined with his wild acrobat nature, his weapons are a force to be wreckend with. His photographic memory allows him to be able to scope out a land and after so much time, be able to tell what's been moved and what hasn't. Allowing for whoever he's with or by himself, to find the enemy's path by the simple misplacement of objects.

As a subset due to his aura's effects, Kiba is much more faster than the average human. When Kiba becomes more vicious when in anger, this speed is noticable as he attacks the enemy. His accuracy is normally dead-on with his Tsume and Haken, plus with his speed, he is able to move about the area around the enemy or enemies with ease while attacking them.


Kiba's home resided at the edge of the Emerald Forest, his family living off of the land mainly. Through his childhood Kiba was very adventrous in the forest, though Grimm lurked about, he always sneaked pasted them or tricked them. During his childhood he gaining amazing acrobat skills taught by his mother, allowing him to be able to move more smoothly through the forest and dodge Grimm. Practicing his acrobat skills every day, he developed a body that was fit and stern which most at his age didn't have. In the coming years, his mother became very sickly, often needing help to preform house hold tasks.

After a year pasted, when Kiba was six, his mother pasted of an incurable illness. Most would be shambles but Kiba was left with his mother's parting words, "Don't cry, and be happy." and followed her words. Sad on the inside but did not let it bring him to the ground, he moved forward. After awhile, he had found some metal materials around the forest and house, including some hollow straps. Going to the Vale with his father as a request, Kiba got the equipment needed to make the metal into weapons.

Soon after he made his Tsume and Haken, with help from his father on that, and used the clothes he bought in the Vale to sew the Haken into the pants. Taking his time to get adjusted to his new weapons, he practiced in the forest using his acrobatic skills with his weapons. Figuring them out to be a deadly combo, he used them on some rampant Grimm in the forest. After a few months, he had become very fluent in his new style. Getting advice from his dad, he attended Sanctum academy. Due to his high I.Q. he aced his way through Sanctum, taking along the new knowledge as well.

Leaving Sanctum, he was 15, with nothing to do. Thinking about it for awhile, he decided to use his hunting and photographic memory skills as a bounty hunter, the hard work would pay off to him in the form of money. So he spent his next few years bounty hunting, becoming secretly known as the "Wild Fang" due to his weapons and wild nature. Others gave him nicknames like "Feral Dog" since there were a few bounties that really drove him into a rage. Over this time he learned how to use his aura himself, making him more of a excellent bounty hunter.

As soon as Kiba turned 18, while still working as a bounty hunter, his father sent him a message that he should use his skills for more of the greater good than himself. His father asked him to apply to Beacon so that he could learn to become a huntsman and save the lives of those who do not have the power like he does. Knowing his father's words to be true, he applied to Beacon and soon quickly became a student.

Author comments

I was originally trying to go for a noble wolf kind of deal, so I hope I achieved that. The Haken/hooks thing was inspired to be by Agito from Air Gear, I just love the strait jacket hooks. Also when I imagined the acrobatic movements, I thought of my character jumping from tree to tree, Grimm from Grimm, enemy from enemy in a frenzy of twists as the hooks tore apart his foes, coining the term Wild Fang since his hooks were like fangs to them.

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