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Truth, is just a matter of prespective and preception, protecting the innocent is the way to keep lies to cover that, dare, and the history changes forever
— Kiera Shatter


Name: Kiera Shatter

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Birthplace: She left in a box infront of a house when she was 2 years old

Job: Assassin, Thief, work for hire.(she only want the money to survive.)

Height: 1.371 meter

Weight: 52 Kg(114.4 lbs)


Left in a box in front of a house when she was just born, making no one knows who is her parents, and trained by a organisation of assassins that have been taken down, making her independent, self-trust, knowledgeable, skillful, and adaptive, she learn to fight since 4 years old, at the age of 9, she made her own weapon, a SASCs(Semi-Auto Sniper Claymore), at age of 11, her first Leap of Faith, while escape the organisation that trained her so far because she is not  part of the organisation.

She went to hiding and started to interested in intelligence and knowledge, having sneak into libraries only to read and learn.

after some times, she is hired to take down some mafia leaders, noting her skills, the mafias hired her to steal "stuff", but usually they give her half of the money and in return, she beat them and return the things she stole, and still taking the money.

She never had any relationship to anyone.

She also go to Beacon Academy.


She is smart, daring, a bit reckless, skillful, lonely, and mysterious, as no one know where she is except if she want to be seen, she also like to jokes or putting traps only for fun, she is cold-hearted as she usually kill for fun or revenge, she respect everything, she also think that everyone is equal, at least in her side of view.


She master hand-to-hand combats with or without weapon, stealth, silent takedown and she always prioritize precision in fights, and her weapon just making her a lot quicker as the recoil boost her up, and she train by defeating Beowolves, bare hand(using each Beowolves attack to counter attack), her semblance is Magnetic/X-Ray vision that helped her to see through any wall in her point of view, but, she rarely care about what's behind her, which make her an easy target if she didn't knew you are behind her.


a Semi Auto Sniper-Claymore (SASC)


She wear a cropped V-neck shirt with a coat, short pants and a sheath for her weapon at her back, she has a brown ponytail hair


none, for now...

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