Name: Kierra Vesparus 

Title: The lord's blade

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 130

Hair: Long Blonde braid.


Kierra is a somewhat small girl, her frame svelte yet with feminine curve. She wears some armor over her form-fitting battle suit, all navy blue in colour. A chestplate, armguards, light pauldrons, greaves, and sideguards for her legs. She wears a white mask, eyeholes peering out from two red streaks accross the face, diagonally.

Her blonde hair juts out over the mask, with her braid down her back, about three quarters of her back length. Her skin is pale, yet covered in scars from times where she had used her semblance at her own risk. Her eyes are a faint blue, and her facial features sharp. 


Meek is often the first word used to describe Kierra, and it'd be pretty accurate. Kierra is indeed a rather meek girl, not particularly good at talking to people, better at taking and following orders. As such, she is more of a follower than a leader, preferring guidance. That said, her loyalty knows no bounds, and she becomes nearly blind to the flaws and wrong-doings of those she trusts. Being quite unused to talking to people, she is terrible at explaining things, and even worse at lying.

In battle though, she is always far more sure of herself, knowing the flow of her combat abilities more than the flow of her body in any other scenario. She prides herself on keeping promises above all else. Of note as well is the fact that Kierra is very afraid of the dark.


Vereor Nox:

Vereor Nox is Kierra's left short-sword, long and curved. While it actually has very little that a standard short-sword doesn't, it contains dust that is capable of illuminating the surrounding area perfectly, up to ten meters. At the end of this range though, the darkness is as if walking into a wall of black.

Laudate Sol:

Her more combative weapon, Laudate Sol is Kierra's right hand blade, shorter than Vereor Nox, however what it lacks in reach, it makes up for in ability. When focussing aura into Laudate Sol, she's capable of doubling the reach of the blade, her steel extended by flames, done by the red dust in the hilt.

Soluna Statera:

When combining Laudate Sol and Vereor Nox at the hilts, the hilts extend, giving Kierra a double sided Naginata, one blade striking with flames, the other drawing darkness in, doubling how dark the room is, with the other side repelling the dark. For those not used to such a strange sight, it's jarring at the very least to see shadows ebb and wane. Due to the collapse of darkness towards herself, Kierra cannot use this form of her blades without being subjected to extreme fear, and will likely be quite traumatized after combat should she have to use it.

Semblance: King's shield:

With her semblance, all Kierra is capable of doing is tranferring her protective barrier to others within sight, so long as she has at least a second to focus on doing so. Unfortunately, it's all or nothing, so while using this ability, she's extremely vulnerable.


Discarded in the Emerald forest by parents who could not and would not raise a child, Kierra's tale seemed as though it would likely end before even beginning. However, she was luckily found by a traveller first, a bodyguard in employ of a Nobleman with an estate on the outer reaches of Vale. He brought her back to the nobleman, who was apparently named Gawain. This man was easily in his fifties, but seemed extremely kind, all his staff looking upon him with admiration. The maids and butlers of the manse raised Kierra, though it was actually Gawain himself who named her.

For some reason, likely due to the darkness of the Emerald forest in the night, when she'd been abandoned, Kierra could never stand the dark, becoming short of breath and paranoid if forced into it. It didn't matter though, as Gawain's entire manse was very well illuminated anyway. She really did like it there, and as she grew up, she found out more about her surrogate father. He had three children, the elderborn, who had left many years ago, and since vanished. The middle child, a daughter who had been married off to a successful man, and like the eldest, was no longer here.

One still was, though. Dylan, the youngest of the three was about Kierra's age. He was extremely antisocial, and seemed to radiate a darkness just from seeing him. Needless to say, Dylan didn't see Kierra much, even if the darkness was only in her head. She also found out from Gawain himself what his goal was. He was aging, and that he knew. But he would be the first man to defeat time. He would stave of the end of his life, acquiring immortality. To such ends, he would send his warriors out at any mention of a lead. Kierra was trained to become one of these warriors, and was given her two blades as a gift from Gawain.

She was taught to love the light and the flames, which vanquish darkness. The lord of all flames, of course, was the sun. with these somewhat odd teachings, Kierra became a powerful warrior. She scoured Vytal with the others, looking for Gawain's goal. After a particularly bad instance, 60% of his men being eliminated in a single outing by a flock of Nevermore, many of his men lost faith in their lord. Yet he was still Kierra's lord, no matter what. Sensing his time had begun, Dylan rallied the soldiers, calling his father a mere shell of what he used to be, the man hollowed from his dream, and should they follow him, they would all burn alive.

Alas, Dylan was not as powerful a fighter as his father, instead locking him in the basement of the mansion, knowing he could not defeat him. They said he had gone missing, but Kierra knew this was untrue. She confronted Dylan, declaring him a child unfit for his throne. Outraged, the 15 year old lashed out, attacking Kierra. Battle ensued, though Kierra had the upper hand. Unfortunately, Dylan lacked the honor of his father, several men with rifles opening fire on Kierra until she fell, barely alive. He picked up the remnants of his Father's servants, banishing her down to join him. When she regained consciousness, above her stood Gawain. He was indeed in bad shape, starved and forgotten. Betrayed and broken. Kierra wobbled to one knee, wordlessly bowing to her lord. 

He spoke in a raspy voice, commanding her. 

"Kierra... My final blade. Leave your lord. You need to leave to become better. Dylan has not what it takes to kill me. You have time... Gain power, and defeat my son." A mere nod from the girl. "Become a huntress. Should you succeed in slaying my son, my journey will be done, regardless. My forces in ruin. My name tarnished. My final offering to Vytal is you. Serve it well... Shine like the sun, Kierra."

One of the ever-loyal butlers came down into the chamber, bringing Gawain his food, and bringing Kierra her blades. The butler smuggled the girl out, where she was enrolled in Beacon with a hand written transcript from Gawain, apparently affiliated to the hunters in some way. Regardless, Kierra would fight to ensure she obeyed her lords orders, becoming a huntress, slaying Dylan and becoming as grossly incandescant as the sun.


  • Kierra is inspired by the legend of Lord of Cinders, Gwyn, and his four knights. Specifically, she is inspired by King's Blade, Ciaran. 

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