Can I...have a little nibble...of you...?
— Kimi
Kimi Shiyami
Age 17
Title Adorable Weaponsmith, GenSec's Mascot
Status Active
Color Pitch Black
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Height 5'0"
Weight 45 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Student of Beacon, GenSec
Team Team SSTK
Partner Shirayuki Yaiba
Occupation Weaponsmith, Mascot
Additional Info
Likes Snacks, Dust, Weapons, Technology, Vehicles, Friendly People
Dislikes Scientists, Not Friendly People
Special Skills Close Quarter Combat
Weaknesses Medium-Long Range Combat, Socializing
Character Theme

Battle Theme

A Song Of Storm And Fire
This character was created by Kimiyosis. Picture belongs to Reiji Kaitō and Ruroo.


With a small stature, low weight, and a height of barely five feet tall, a stranger might think Kimi is far too young to be attending Beacon. Her original eye color is actually light blue, similar to the color of ice. However, due to being hit in the eye one too many times for stealing food, her left iris has been permanently occluded, giving it the scarlet red color of freshly spilt blood. Her long, jet black hair has red strings tied loosely to the sides. When not in uniform, she wears a black yukata with a red sash tied, and detached sleeves, also the color black. The two Silent Winds are placed in holsters located within the sleeves, on an arm brace, while the two Judgements are holstered at the side of her hips. The Trance Skirt wraps around the back of her hips, between the Judgements.


This introverted inventor is rather quiet, and prefers to hide behind her adopted sister Shirayuki when it comes to communication. Only time outside combat where she will give one sentence with excitement, is giving a one liner about a new weapon. She is rather submissive, due to her past, which has led to several instances where she was taken advantage of her. She will almost never voice her opinions, nor troubles to anyone. Even those close to her, need to prod her enough times to -barely- get the wanted answer. She may be a quick learner, but even the smartest sometimes have trouble learning how to associate with others. If the interaction is by instinct or by combat, she would have no problems responding. If one is required to act with their emotions however, Kimi has absolutely no idea what the proper way to act is like. Her everyday interactions can be said to be at the level of a five year old. The way she shows affection to those close to her, is relating with food. The food of choice for Kimi is anything sweet, and generally she nibbles on the sweets more often than any other food types. So, she usually greets any close friends by attempting to gently nibble their shoulders. For those that she imposes hostility outside of combat, she will attempt to bite their shoulder with as much force as possible. However, that does not mean she is an open book. Submissive by nature, she tends to hide how she really feels in whatever situations he is in, and is generally successful (excluding the greeting of nibbles) in doing so. Kimi also enjoys designing and creating new weapons, befriending mechanics and engineers more easily compared to say, arrogant fighters, or quiet and unsociable bookworms. Whenever she does communicate with anyone, she will break her sentences. A lot. Even when she talks with her team mates, she will sometimes pause mid-sentence.


((The backstory is written from 1st person view of Kimi. Her vocabulary is childish at the beginning, but improves near the end.))

The Darkness Reigns
I woke up, and couldn't remember anything. I couldn't even remember my own name! Who was I? Where am I? What am I doing here? I had no idea, but I want to find out. I got up, and walked around, bending down to push a pointy plant away from my bare feet. Where are my shoes? I was so confused, and I didn't know what was going on! I kept wandering for a long time, until I found a village. I thought I was saved! But no, I was wrong. The villagers looked at me and said I was a...foreigner. What does that word even mean? Every time I tried to go in, they started throwing sticks at me. Yes, sticks hurt! I ended up trying to live by getting food during the night. And when I was caught, they would beat me up, and throwing me out of the village. When I wake up, my entire body was sore. One time, they even punched my eye so hard, I think it was bleeding. I don't know. Everyday, it was the same routine. Go in village, get thrown out. Go at night for food, eat a few things. Get beat up and thrown out. Then it starts again the next morning. I thought I should not be living anymore, if everyone hated me so much.

The Light Returns

I was almost on the edge between life and death, lying on the ground covered in scrapes and bruises, when a taller girl walked down the road towards me. She was a strange girl, with fox ears and a tail, but maybe I shouldn't be saying anything, since I am in fact not allowed in a village for reasons I still don't understand. She came over to me, and crouched down, before stroking my face. I didn't know why, but I felt a sudden urge to scratch begin her ears. I asked her if I could, and she lowered her head. I scratched them, and the girl gave off a small cute sound. She then said her name was Shirayuki Yaiba, and asked me what was mine. I...didnt know my name. When she realized that, Shirayuki sighed, before telling me my name will be Kimi Shiyami from now on, and that she was going to help me. I guess that's when we basically became sisters.

The Job

Yuki has started teaching me everything she has ever learned, and it was rather easy to pick up and understand. I believe my speech patterns have also improve a great deal more, compared to myself from long before. Although she mostly teaches math and physics, but perhaps that is understandable, due to her acquired weapon. However, we are soon becoming desperate for cash, to purchase necessities required for life. Our rations would most likely last us until the end of next week. I has suggested becoming hired help, as it would presumably be rather simple, especially thanks to the Miri. Which now I understand just how that weapon works, and just exactly how lethal an electro-magnetically propelled projectile actually is, through overnight studying. So, with that as the basis of the argument, and possibly the hunger pains, Yuki finally cave in, and accept my idea. If the situation permits, I was to retreat, and return back to her. It was a sound idea. We decided to try our luck, and the first -and only- job we manage to land, was guarding a small town from Beowolfs. Simple enough. Normally, it might've taken two patrols to cover the defense perimeter of the town, but with Yuki situated in the middle of the town with the Miri, and me acting as the spotter, we defended the town with ease. Well, not so much ease. There were a number of obstacles and problems that arose. On the occasions where multiple Beowolfs launched a simultaneous raid on the town from multiple directions, the Miri is unable to fire, and aim at a different location fast enough. Therefore, I was forced to act as bait, stalling those monsters long enough for Yuki to fire again. There was also this time where a Beowolf managed to breach our defensive perimeter. The Miri could not be safely fired, without possible damage to the surrounding structures. Without any other options, I lured the Beowolf deeper, into the heart of the town, where Yuki was waiting the the quad machine guns. For two years, this went on, almost like routine. With the money we slowly accumulated, we started using our spare time for more resource consuming items, Yuki always headed to the nearby bakery to make something delicious, while I went to the gunsmith, and designed the Silent Winds, Judgments, and Trance Skirt.

The End of the Prologue

At the end of the two years guarding the town, we received disturbing reports of a large movement of Beowolfs converging on this area. What was worse, the Hunters and Huntresses could only make it here twenty four hours after the invasion starts. Yuki and I only looked at each other and we both were thinking the same thing. Stall the creatures for one day. And so, we prepared ourselves. The inhabitants of the town were slowly evacuating, but even than, the invasion started before even a quarter of the civilians had made it out. We had a different strategy compared to our usual defense. The perimeter would move back with the civilians. I would be at that perimeter, attempting to keep the Beowolf at bay, while the Miri bombarded the monsters again and again. However, even among all our efforts, at least one sixth of the civilians were brutally torn asunder. At last, the Hunters and Huntresses arrived, and cleared up the Beowolf mob much more easily than we ever could. However, they seemed surprised that so few civilians were killed. One of the Hunters recommended the two of us to apply into Beacon, and that he would put a good word in for us. And so, we packed up our belonging, said our good byes to the townspeople, and left for Beacon.


Shirayuki Yaiba: Shirayuki was the one who saved Kimi from the torments and neglect given to her by the villagers. She looks up to the older girl for almost everything, and enjoys eating the desserts baked by Yuki. Kimi is also usually the spotter for the Miri. When it comes to academic, Kimi makes two copies of the notes from the lecture, and hands one copy to Shirayuki. Also generally the one to poke Yuki awake in class.

Tokari Kansen: Consistently being hugged by the girl, Kimi's protest of the hugs always seem to fall on deaf ears. However, both these two girls share a lot in common. They are both rather short, they both love sweets, and finally, they also enjoy working with weapons.

Tierisch Kriegsschiff: She views the boy as someone who will be the fail safe of everyone. Shirayuki may be the leader of the team, and she is Kimi's foster sister, Kimi's always looks to Ric when it comes to keeping the entire team alive. Both of them discuss strategies and history quite often as well.


Combat: The way the Judgements were designed, not only can they be loaded with bullets, but also load small amounts of Dust, to fire an 'elemental' buckshot basically.

She has several fighting styles when it comes to her guns. She may wield both Silent Winds at the same time, slicing everything to close to shoot, and firing one round at a time carefully with the AM rounds.

When wielding both Judgements, her fighting tactics become far more aggressive, running in and blasting everything that moves with whatever was loaded in the guns, whether it be bullets or Dust.

Without any firearms, Kimi is incapable of fighting. One could basically stand their laughing their head off, while she throws pitiful and incorrect punches at them. Also, even with guns and Dust, she does not have the capability to fight longer ranged battles.

Non-Combat: Kimi, when outside of combat, is consistently drawing weapon designs and blueprints in her free time. She can, and sometimes may even take up requests from other students for a specific weapon tailored to their specifications.


Name: Silent Winds

Classification: Anti-Material Bladed Firearm(AMBF)

Location: In arm braces hidden in Kimi's sleeves.

Name: Judgement

Classification: Multi-Loading Round Servicer(MLRS)

Location: In side holsters on both sides of Kimi's hips

Name: Trance Skirt

Classification: Dust Entropy Storage Unit(DESU)

Location: On the backside of her hip, between the two Judgements


-The literal translation of "Shiyami" is "Death (and) Darkness". "Kimi" translates to "You".

-The picture belongs to the respective light novel creator.

Kimi's Lime Tree
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