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Nyahahaha! Come on big boys, surely you can play better than that!
— Kitsu Tsugumi

Kitsu Tsugumi
Age 18
Status Active
Color Pearl
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Arctic Fox
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Fair
Hair White
Eyes Gold
Height 5'4'
Weight 100 lb
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team YIKE
Partner Enki Setanta
Occupation Student


Kitsu is an Artic Fox Faunus that has a very feminine figure that accents her breasts and legs. She has short white hair with a tied bun on the back of her head. With her innocent golden eyes and her adolescent facial features with a smile on almost every time, she shows how seductive she can be. She also has white fox ears above her human ones that cannot be easily hidden, and a white fox tail that can be hidden unless in the middle of battle.

Kitsu's casual wear is usually her battle wear unless she feels like wearing that instead. It is a white sweatshirt with dark blue sleeves, and blue jeans accompanied with white and blue sneakers. Kitsu also wears a dark blue hat to cover her fox ears unless in combat.

Kitsu's battle wear is a white form fitting ceremonial robe that fits her 9 Tails Fox image easily, however she does not feel comfortable wearing it, so it is very unlikely that she would want to use it in battle unless on a one-off whim, or when needed. It also does not help that she is completely barefooted while wearing the robe.

Her sleepwear is a baby blue tanktop with white shorts, which shows how little clothing she needs to stay warm due to the fur from her tail.


Kitsu is an innocent teenager, acting very friendly to everybody, even strangers. However, she has a mischevious side where she wants to prank everyone that she sees. It is hard for her to keep this mischevious side under control, but she can keep it to a bare minimum, especially in missions. This is due to the fact that she knows when to be serious, and when to not. She uses her primal instincts in order to progress through missions, and acts calm through everything, willing to think below her innocent front.

When speaking to her most trusted friends and family members, she speaks and treats them normally like anybody else would, but to strangers, she speaks with a seductive tone as a defense mechanism. When she recognizes an enemy, she will act hostile towards them unless it is a friendly person, like during sparring sessions. She will also act seductive towards people because she doesn't get why it attracts so many of them towards her.

Her most personal problem is the Faunus persecution that is going on around Vytal. She gets easily annoyed if people start picking on Faunus, to the extent that she will intervene in their matters to side with them. She would not care if it's a Human vs Human problem, or even a Faunus vs Human problem where the Faunus is the aggressor.


Kitsu wears 9 bracelets on her arms and legs that have charms on them in order to use her weapon, the 9 Tails Pistols. The 9 Tails Pistols are all 9 pistols that use Kitsu's special incendiary bullets, the Fox Fire, that are animated thanks to the charms that she has. Kitsu can only keep the pistols floating nearby her at close range, but the Fox Fire causes minor explosions when it impacts an object.

When Kitsu uses her Aura, she absolutely has to expose her Fox ears and  tail in order to be able to use and expel the extra power gained from them. She regularly uses her aura in conjunction with dust in order to position and control the 9 Tails Pistols. When used fully, her Fox Fire becomes stronger in both direct damage and explosion radius increases, and Kitsu herself gains an enormous speed boost as a result.

Kitsu relies on mostly her enormous speed in order to overwhelm her opponents, with the power from her 9 Tails Pistols. She has little to no strength whatsoever, and whatever close-combat maneuvers she has, like martial arts or using her tails, she needs to use to gain distance away from the enemy, unless using the 9 Tails Pistols. She also has no defense at all besides those maneuvers. 


Kitsu Tsugumi was born with her family of 9, her grandparents and parents, and 2 older brothers and sisters, out in the cold snow in the wild, with fur that was the whitest that they had ever seen. Concerned about her health, having to experience the cold immediately after being born, the family searched frantically around the snowfields for a home. They soon finally managed to find a burrow big enough for them and settle down peacefully.

Due to the lack of wildlife, and overabundance of Grimm in the snowfields (Especially the beowolves), Kitsu and her family were forced to rely on nothing but plants and their hunting instincts in order to live, even while Kitsu was a baby. They had to go out on hunting trips, otherwise there was a chance that they would run out of resources to live on. The family had to use their martial arts and strength, while Kitsu had to rely on her abnormal speed to fight. There were some instances where Kitsu and some of her family members would make mistakes and get ambushed by Grimm, but the rest of the family came to their rescue, easily making sure that the ambushes backfired. Even in this harsh time, Kitsu was a happy, and tricky person to deal with.

They had to live continuously like this until Kitsu became a teenager, where she somehow got sick. Sicknesses were almost non-existent in the Tsugumi family, so they had no medical experience. Worried about Kitsu's health, the entire family moved to the nearest city in order to find a doctor.

The city was harsh to the Tsugumi family, due to the amount of prejudice against Faunus that existed. People who would sell homes to humans refused to sell to the Tsugumis the instant they saw them, so they were forced to take shelter in the slums. The Tsugumis were also forced to resort to theivery off of the nearest restaurants because they were not able to be serviced in favor of humans. All of this happened in the first two days that they lived in the city, thanks to the bad reputation they made, and the amount of effort that they had put into finding hospitable conditions for Kitsu. However, they were able to trick an arms dealer to giving them 9 pistols, one for each family member, to defend themselves with. True to their original reason for coming into the city, the Tsugumi family constantly tried to find doctors, but they were constantly refused, for even with their Faunus traits initially camoflaged, they would ultimately have to expose Kitsu to them.

Eventually, their efforts caused the locals to hire butlers from the nearby dust corporation to attack the Tsugumis. The Tsugumis were hostile at first towards the butlers, but soon realized with their instincts that the butlers were actually acting hospitable, parting ways to show a teenage girl at about Kitsu's age commanding them. The girl noted that since her main bodyguard was in the middle of a training session by the time the commission came about, she had to lead a huge legion of butlers in his place instead. She soon called for her butlers to get food and "one of the finest doctors in the city" for them. While the rest of the Tsugumis were happily eating at the delicious food that they had never tasted before, the doctor examined Kitsu and determined that she was actually quite fine, and that her symptoms were just the side-effect of her growing up in a completely different way from everybody else.

When her family was told of this, they were happy to hear that she was fine. They did not have time to celebrate, however, because at that instant, Kitsu's power began to go out of control, and most of the butlers were blown 

away immediately by the speed that she was granted. Her tail started moving around immediately, and started flashing throughout the room.The doctor immediately noted that her power was reminiscent of a barely known legend of a 9 tails fox named the gumiho who was "playful and attractive, but very seductive", and those words seeped into Kitsu's mind, giving her brief flashbacks to her childhood. This flashback made her stop in place for a couple of seconds, giving the rest of her butlers and her family the opening they needed to pin her down and calm her down, making her fall asleep and making the tail. The teenage leader watched amusedly, and unharmed as she soon left with the legion of butlers and the doctor, noting that the Tsugumi family should "Remember the kindness of the Harakiri Dust Corporation". The Tsugumi family took note of this in their hearts as they waited for Kitsu to wake up.

When Kitsu woke up, she found herself in an unfamiliar place with her family looking over her anxiously. She never knew of the trip to the city and what her family had gone through for her until that moment, when she felt an unfamiliar power deep inside of her.

Her family realized how much potential she had, and was willing to spend all of their efforts to train her to become a huntress. She was willing to go through the training after hearing about the amount of persecution Faunus went through in the city. Kitsu was given the other 8 pistols her family members had bought along with her own because of the lack of strength she had. The family focused on training her to control the speed she would gain from her powered form, making her own bullets, and to control all 9 of the pistols at once to make the 9 tails form. They also had her learn from their own intuition how to blend into human society so that she would not be persecuted. They soon figured out how Dust works so they were able to accomplish all 3 objectives in the many years that Kitsu trained by creating Dust bracelets to manipulate the pistols.

Soon after her training was finished, and the Tsugumis recieved an offer from Beacon Academy for her to join soon after she turned 18, Kitsu began to relax and enjoy the life of fun that she never had. She would go out for strolls throughout the city, seeing amusing sights such as a whole entire corporation of butlers fighting each other throughout the city (she had no clue who to fight for, so she didn't bother), a ninja running throughout the rooftops, and a Dog Faunu running around trying to throw spears at random targets, only to be scolded by his partner. She realized that she couldn't let out her own form of fun, pulling pranks and tricking people, on anybody other than her family members cause of how serious people inside the city were, so she looked forward to being in Beacon even more thanks to the variety of Faunus that were headed there.

"Hopefully the Faunus there won't be as suppressed as back here, I wanna play nice and rough!"


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