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Even though I might get hurt, I never stop forgiving them. I wish that all fighting would stop in this world someday...
— Kizutsu Tamashi
Kizutsu Tamashi
Nickname Kizu
Status Active
Color Gray
Gender Female
Race Dove
Species Faunus
Born May 15th
Handedness Left-handed
Complexion Pale white
Hair Black
Eyes Gray
Height 5'10"
Weight 110 lbs
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Father, Mother
Additional Info
Special Skills Singing


She appears as a normal teenage girl with large, dove-like wings on her back, capable of supporting her in the air for a long time. The wingspan is 12 ft in length, more than twice her height. Faint scars can be seen on her neck. She’s often seen donning a simple, white, sleeveless gown that goes down to her shins in order to allow for more freedom with her wings. A symbol depiciting a dove can be seen on the hem of her dress. Kizutsu has long raven hair and stormy gray irises and is a true beauty among the Faunus. Oddly enough, the wings are the only sign that she’s Faunus. She has a very normal human body.


Kizutsu, like all Faunus, was born under the shame of being singled out in society simply because she wasn’t human. The other kids would shun her, the teachers being unnecessarily mean to her, and the government showed no mercy.

But that wasn’t all. Even within the Faunus, she was separated from others. Her unusual similarity to humans, apart from the wings, was an oddity among the Faunus themselves. No animal ears, just human ears.

Yet, Kizutsu didn’t mind it all. She just showed kindness and grit her teeth when she was hurt. She didn’t try to fight back. She wanted to make everyone happy.

To put it bluntly, she was an angel. Both literally and figuratively.

Her parents didn’t mind her behavior, so she was alone for most of the time.

That is, until their parents decided one day that she needed some sort of self-defense. When Kizutsu was 13, she reluctantly applied to Sanctum Academy. She didn’t want to learn fighting at first, but her father said “It is self-defense against the evils of this world. These are monsters that won’t listen to you. Only kill.” Kizutsu eventually graduated in 4 years in time to apply to Beacon.


Kizutsu’s weapon of choice, Shingeki, is a Basic Dual Lengthened Swordstaff (BDLS). The full length being 7 ft in length, the swordstaff can split into two longswords. Although the weapon itself doesn’t have a long-range response, Kizutsu has the ability to spin Shingeki at very high speeds to deflect standard rounds, and depends on evasiveness for explosive rounds.

In combat, Kizutsu’s style involves both quarterstaff and dual-blade fighting styles. Kizutsu is very skilled in all kinds of swordplay, which makes her unpredictable when sticking to a fighting style. One moment, she does fencing, and the next, she can convert to quarterstaff. She also has the added advantage of flight, allowing her to move more freely in a 3D environment.

Kizutsu depends on Dust a lot, using it for mostly defensive maneuvers such as healing, energy shields, and illusionary figures. She doesn’t like the idea of ranged combat as much as melee, because she thinks it’s dishonorable to hurt or kill someone with just the pull of a trigger.


Kizutsu is actually very gentle and quiet, smiling every so often. She often feels that she’s responsible for everything, but takes the burden gladly. She can be happy by simply making other people happy. Although she can be serious sometimes, she’s happy most of the time.

She does have a sad, yet peaceful air around her. Somehow, her past hasn’t tarnished her to the point where she feels resentful, but rather, she’s kind and thoughtful, even sensitive at times. She understands people’s feelings more than they do themselves.

She absolutely hates fighting, but will act in self-defense if needed. She’s not foolish enough to think that all living things will accept her kindness, but take advantage of it.


  • Kizutsu is partly based off of Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad.

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