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— Knave's most common greeting.

"I'll keep this brief."
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Knave Dharagha
Age 17
Nickname Knave
Status Active
Color Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Born March 3rd
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Caucasion
Hair Green
Eyes Blue
Height 5'9"
Weight 102 lbs.
Professional Status
Social Rank Student
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team None
Additional Info
Emblem Knave Emblem
Likes Fighting, Archenemy, lots and lots of food, friends
Dislikes Everything that's not the above.
Special Skills Expert swordsman, good looking
Weaknesses Naivety, Narcolepsy
Character Theme

Libera Me From Hell
Battle Theme

Thrust Through the Heavens with Your Spirit!
Knave Dharagha is a student at Beacon Academy, and the protagnist of RWBY: The Lost Crown. He is also Zeon's main RWBY OC. His most distinguishing feature is his love of weapons and skill in crafting them, to the point where he offers to forge fellow students weapons for a price (usually absurdly high).  His common greeting, Ciaossu, is a combination of the Japanese words "hello" and "good day" (Goku used this word a lot).


Knave Uniform

Knave in school uniform.

Knave is somewhat tall young man with a thing yet muscular body. His common attire consists of a long, lime green (the same color as his hair) that he wraps around his neck. He also wears a sleevless, hoodless jacklet with a dark green upper section and a black klower section. On his arms, most notably, are a good amount of training bandages that even cover most of his hands and forearms, with a blue wristband on his right hand. On his legs, Knave wears black cargo pants with a green flame pattern on the bottom of the pant legs. On his feet he wears black sandals with green straps. In school, Knave wears the standard gold-trimmed jacket and white undershirt, though he continues to wear his scarf and sandals. Knave's most disginguishing feature is his nigh uncombable and lime green hair.


Knave is best described as a man with the spirit of a child. Knave is smart, can think things through (when he wants to), and can keep up with and understand conversations. Unfortunatley, he lacks most common sense and situational awareness, often reyling on raw instinct during battles than any strategy or tactic. Knave has a very childlike personality, still enjoying things like playgrounds, playing in the pool, or getting new toys and action figures. Knave has a bit of a hoarder's mentality, with his massive collection of first edition manga and action figures being mostly unkown to others at Beacon, especially since he hides it in an unknown location in his dorm. Knave also dislikes chores and vegetables (like a young boy), to the point where he may throw a small tantrum. Knave also likes running, and he can often be spotted at Beacon's track running laps to improve his stamina. He also enjoys food, with his favorites being spaghetti, chicken, biscuits, pizza, waffles, pancakes, and ramen. Knave's a bit picky with his foods, insisting they be prepared and presented a specific way, leading others to often believe he is a bit OCD. Knave has a habit of coming up with huge ideas, then quickly getting bored with them and abandoning them all together. Thus, it is often a surprise when Knave sticks with an idea for longer than a week. Knave is a bit sensative about his hair color, especially when others acuse him of dying it, where he vehemenantly insisits that it is his natural hair color, to the point of occasionally proving it (thou need not know how he proves it).


Knave created the first prototype of his weapon at the age of 10. Raised in a normal yet boring household, with his parents often at work (using a message board in the kitchen to communicate with him), Knave often turned to his original, lackluster attempts at weaponcraft as his friends and comrades. When he was 13, Knave was scouted by a combat academy due to rumors in his neighborhood of the weapons he was creating in his backyard. Despite the many weapons he had created, Knave took with him his first, dubbed Lightning Strikes Twice, or simply just Lightning to Knave. Knave was delighted to go the combat academy, especially with it's weaponsmithing facilities. There, Knave continued to work on Lightning, increasing it's capablities and adding it's second prong and center handle. While Knave's grades in more "practical" classes dropped by the month, his grades in weapon and combat-related classes soared. While not at the top, Knave wasn't a stranger to be occasionally called to demonstrate maneuvers. It was during this period that Knave adopted his habit of keeping his weapon clipped to his back, rather then giving it a portable form like most students. Graduating in the top 20 of his year, Knave was recommended to Beacon Academy. Knave accepted immediatley, hoping to increase the cabilities and power of Lightning, who he by then began viewing as a best friend and companion, rather than a tool or weapon. 

Powers and Abilities

Knave Weapon

Knave's weapon


Knave's weapon, Lightning Strikes Twice, is a heavily modified cattle prod with two rods, a handle, and it's abilities have been upgraded via lightning-based dust. This allows the prod to generate a massive amount of lightning that can be manipulated via the way Knave manuevers the prod itself. This weapon focuses mostly on melee attacks, with contact electrifying the opponent visibly (where the lightning can be seen). Although the prod itself has no piercing ability, by keeping the electricity around the edges, it addes the piercing power of lightning and electricity in general to the blade, though its electrical power is lessened as well. The weapon suffers a weakness to water, ice, and snow, with the weapon shorting out and occasionally damaging Knave itself if it suffers any form of prologned exposure to said substances, a bug Knave has yet to correct.


Knave has basic control of his aura, mostly to increase his physical strength. This allows him to move quickly, increase the strength of his speed, and the most common move he uses, increasing his jump height, allowing him to drop down and gut the opponent with the electricity around the edges, or to increase the attack range when he lets the electricity run free.



Major Battles


  • Knave's last name is a variant of the Irish word Daragh, meaning "oak tree", which is associated with the colors green and/or brown.
  • Knave's weapon is an exact duplicate of Cole's Amp in "Infamous 2". The creator thought we wouldn't notice, but we did.

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