Name: Ko Kono

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Weapon: Kamo Ali (Omni-Directional Electric Osteotome)

Semblance: Hydraulic Distortion

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 184 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Team: K I A N

Color: Brown

Symbol: Shark Tooth

Nemesis: Dade Doghsit


Ko is a young man of Hawaiian appearance in a fur-lined hide vest and khakis. He wears a shark tooth pendant, a leather wristlet on his left arm, and a fingerless glove on his right hand.

He wears his weapon in a leather sheath belted to the back of his waist.


Ko is an extortionist, giving aid to others only when they possess something he wants. He is especially fond of liquor and other substances that he can use to "take the edge off". He has been this way since he was young having watched a close friend die due to the negligence of others.

He isn't very expressive when he is sober and he tends toward arrogance when he's drunk which is often. Ko is not sociable and doesn't like people in general, avoiding interaction with them whenever possible. With a few drinks in him, he'll talk just enough to barter, espousing his superior ability and flagrantly tearing down those he deems inferior, which is almost everyone.

Powers & Abilities

Ko is an expert swimmer and possesses the inhuman ability to seemingly "walk on water" more similarly to a dolphin, allowing him to take about six or seven steps before sinking. This is due his semblance, hydraulic distortion, of which he is particularly proficient in using. He is able to withstand most attacks without so much as twitching by manipulating the water in his blood to block his pain receptors. While this apparent "invulnerability" makes less savvy warriors nervous enough for him to gain the advantage, he can't shrug off attacks for very long if his opponents are brave enough or smart enough to realize he's only human. He also has to avoid heavy attacks as his Aura does not grant him the same level of defense as others.

His weapon, an electric shark-toothed osteotome is powered by Dust. The Dust fuels the electric battery powering the automatic sawing function. The teeth lining the blade begin to spin along the blade when Ko gives it a whip in a circular motion. The handle rotates within a ring and only stops when Ko squeezes, acting as both a brake for the spinning motion and a rev for the sawing motion. Releasing the handle allows Ko to adjust the direction so he can wield it either as a sword or a katar. Releasing it over a period of time results that the saw function shuts off and he is able to put it away.


Ko is based on the Hawaiian shark god Kamohoali'i who in legend would guide ships from troubled waters in exchange for hard drink.

His weapon is inspired by a type of Hawaiian sword that is a large paddle with shark teeth along its edges. Given the nature of the RWBY universe, it seemed appropriate to add in an alt function. Since the paddle already resembled a chainsaw, that is what it became.

Kono means "squirrel eating pine nuts".

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