You either get up and live through the harshness of life or stay down and die without dignity.
Kobalt Trudere
Kobalt Trudere
Age 17
Nickname Kobby
Status Active
Color Slate Gray
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Rhinoceros
Born March 11
Handedness Right
Complexion White
Hair Gray
Eyes Red
Semblance Exoskeleton
Height 5'9
Weight 150 lbs
Professional Status
Jobs Delivery man, Dock worker, Vendor
Additional Info
Emblem Kobalt Emblem
Likes Working, Studying
Dislikes Lazy goof balls
Character Theme

Battle Theme

This OC is owned by Van
Don't mess with it, don't copy it but feel free to leave a comment.


Kobalt wears a plain white v-neck t-shirt for his top, and a shoulder length gauntlet in his left arm. The gauntlet is made of steel and a large horn can be seen at the shoulder part of it. He wears two big belts, costumized to hold his weapon's ammo, grenades, which are located at the back part of the belt. For the bottom, he wears a pair of gray baggy pants, tucked inside a pair of black boots with blacker straps. He's a tall buff teenager, with a spiky slick back gray hair. He has an intimidating look and he often found himself making an evil look without noticing it, due to his horn and red eyes. A horn can be seen sticking out on the middle of his forehead, his faunus heritage.


Kobalt can be intimidating at times, this is the reason why nobody ever tried befriending him. He also has a bit of a temper. Yes he was alone and lonely, but he doesn't care much, he's the kind of man who can do things on his own. He never asked any help, instead he's the one who will willingly help those who ask for his help. He's sweet and caring for those who deserves it but he tends to get involve in many fights because of his intimidating looks, his horn and his red eyes. He has a hard time dealing with idiots such as himself, it just ticks him off because he does his best to get stronger yet some people do nothing to improve themselves , that's why he likes punching some sense into them. Be it their inspiration or source of vengeance, he doesn't care as long as you rise up and take a step forward in improving your life. He can take a punch, he can throw a punch. He has a strong aura matched by his physical strength. Kobalt's a workaholic, able to work and study at the same time. 


Kobalt was raised in the streets, usually street fighting and just thinking of a better way to live his life. His family was poor, he started working at an early age along with his whole family to sustain their daily needs. He worked as a delivery boy and dock worker. His parents wanted Kobalt to have a better life, it was only Kobalt's choice to help them. He did this because he didn't like the thought of just doing nothing while his parents do everything to make his life better. One day when he woke up, he was surprised because his parents told him that they saved a lot of money to enroll him to a school. He jumped with joy and hugged his parents, for now, he was given a chance to make their life better. Amazingly Kobalt can keep up with his schedule, both working and attending school. He studied hard hoping one day he'll make his family's life even just of that of a mediocre's. He had some problems with his studies such as getting involved in fights, his schedule, and the fact that he couldn't make any friends with the other kids because of his intimidating look. But he didn't want to give up, he struggled day and night working and studying, not minding his social status with other people and thought it was just a waste of time and it would just affect his schedule. Soon on with the rate he was goin, he got buffed and smarter in school, but his coldness towards others also made him even more alone. 

The only problem now was his dream that one day he'll attend a school for hunters and huntresses, people who are well known in this world, people of fame and fortune, putting people's need before theirs. He had trouble with the weapon requirements, for he can't afford to buy weapons because it will cost a lot. He then thought of a way to make a weapon, he collected material and weapons from scraps in junk yards but he only collect fine metals so that his weapon will be tough and durable. He saved enough money to pay a blacksmith to forge all the materials he collected into his weapon of choice, a lance. It was simple at first, five feet tall and plain like any normal lance. But then he thought, would this be enough to make him even pass the entrance exam? That's when he made time for his weapon, he took a day off from work and school only to find more weapon parts to costumize his lance and make it stronger. He found a place selling cheap fire arms, he looked around for something that fits his weapon. He found a Milkor MGL, it was portable yet devastating at the same time. He asked the merchant if he can buy that weapon in an even cheaper price for he doesn't have money, the merchant told him that he could buy it at a cheaper price if he agrees to work for him until he earns the needed money to pay the original price. Kobalt accepted the merchant's offer and he now works there until he pays the amount needed to buy the Milkor MGL. He costumized his weapon while he was working at the store, designed it, and developed a fighting style that suit his weapon.

Then after work and studying, he uses some portion of his time for sleep to practice the said fighting style he developed when he studied his weapon's limitations and powers. Later on, he graduated, he was so excited into getting accepted to attend beacon. With school gone he used more of his time on practicing his combat skills and working to pay the tuition. 


Kobalt's weapon name is Vriller Thrust. His weapon is a bulky costumized jousting lance with a built in Milkor MGL, it's a five feet long lance with a grenade launcher with ten rounds spring-driven revolver style magazine that looks like a belt of the lance with a maximum of eight ammunition. The revolver automatically rotates while firing, its trigger is located at the handle of the lance. When the trigger is pressed a double-action takes place and the firing pin is cocked and released to fire the grenade. Gas pressure on a piston unlocks the cylinder and allows the spring to rotate it until the next chamber is aligned with the firing pin, where the next round can be fired. The launcher is located at the side and near the tip of the lance. He can use it for melee and range combat, but Kobalt prefers melee. He uses his lance to pin down his opponent then fire the MGL at point blank range for massive damage.


Kobalt's semblance allows him to control the flow of the metal vitamin elements inside his own body and manifest it outside the part of his choice. His semblance covers the selected body part with an exoskeleton made out of metal. The process of making the exoskeleton is a bit hard to explain, but first off, there are many types of elements in a person's body like copper, cobalt and zinc. Kobalt can detach the cobalts found in vitamin b12 that can be found mostly on vegetables. Usually, our body makes sure that the metals go only to where it is needed, but with Kobalt's semblance, he is allowed to control which route it will go and then manifest it outside his body to make the metal exoskeleton. Now, how he makes it an exoskeleton is when the metals arrived at the selected body part of his choice, it will be released at his pores, covering the outer layer of the skin and thus making the exoskeleton.

But, there is a dangerous side effect of this semblance, if Kobalt for example, uses all the metals in his body and makes a full body armor, his brain will be affected and will cause a symptom called Mania, which will cause him to rage out, get mad and get furious. With that, he wouldn't be able to think straight and just go on a rampage until he runs out of aura. The side effect of his semblance will make his eyes be fully covered in red. 


  • Rampage. Kobalt raises his weapon to a straight forward position then he starts moving forward with a full sprinting speed, firing grenades as he charges forward, even pain won't stop him from charging. This move resembles a rhino's single-minded determination to bash the threat in front of it, unwavering, unstoppable and destructive.
  • Midas' touch. Enveloping his fist with metallic platings all the way through his forearm, used for one devastating punch. 
  • Cobalt horn. Kobalt's natural weapon, his faunus heritage, a horn that he uses to fight with, given that it's slightly bigger than other horned faunus' is really his favorite weapon, but Kobalt thought of a way to make it into a better weapon. With his semblance, he can make his horn longer, harder and thicker than before, making his headbutts and charges really devastating. 
  • Reckless fighting style. Not much preferred by fighters, but Kobalt took a liking to this kind of fighting style. Since he found out that his weapon's weakness is the slow reloading of his ammos, he decided to put a limit on using his weapon for range combats. So mostly, he just uses his lance to bash and pierce an enemy. Another method he came up with is using the unused grenade ammos into melee weapons. i.e he would cover his hands with the metal exoskeleton and grab one of the grenades. Then he punches using them to make explosive and devastating jabs and uppercuts. 


  1. "Kobalt" means the element "Cobalt".
  2. "Trudere" in latin means "Thrust".
  3. "Vriller Thrust" means "Piercing Thrust".
  4. The creator of this OC was drunk when he made him. 
  5. If you read him thoroughly, he's actually a tsundere.
  6. His semblance resembles his intimidating looks, only that it makes him look more intimidating.


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