But you have made one fatal mistake! And that mistake is, you ask?

This is an anime-styled production, and I am an old man.

Your life is FORFEIT!
— Kodai
Kodai Bikon
Age 97
Title たちの悪いやつ
Nickname Old Fart
Status Retired
Gender Male
Hair None
Height 5'11
Weight 73 kg
Professional Status
Jobs Being Old
Personal Status
Relatives Crimal Mison, adoptive grandson
Additional Info
Special Skills Elemental Breath, breaking the fourth wall
This original character was created by Raga. Do not use any names, titles, themes, or ideas without asking Raga first.
If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section.


Kodai is an elderly man with a small amount of white facial hair around his mouth and white eyebrows. He dresses in a nice grey-and-white outfit, and can often be seen with a grey-and-white cane.

The cane is for mainly aesthetic purposes - he has no need for a cane, but he uses it, as he feels it really completes his look. He sometimes uses it as a weapon, although he seems less effective using it than when he simply uses his hands. When he smiles, his teeth appear to all be colored depending on what set of dentures he is using.


Kodai is a wise old man, prone to spouting random bits of wisdom. Despite being rather kindhearted in general, he loves a good fight, especially if it involves beating evil to a bloody pulp.

His greatest fear is that he will wake up one morning and his beard will be somehow gone.

Apart from that, he shows concern over the life of his adopted grandson, Crimal.


When Kodai was a young man, he took part in a small portion of The War. When a broken arm forced him out of the war, he began training after he recovered.  When an encounter with some Ursa Majors caused him to lose some of his teeth, he knocked the rest out himself and designed his signature weapons, his DCED sets.

At some point early in his life, he was trained in the ancient fighting style of Divas Virtus, a style in which the user focuses their aura on their strikes to increase the harm done.  He was entrusted with the full knowledge of the style, and instructed to pass it on to the next generations.

Afterwards, he gained a reputation as a fighter, and gained a position teaching a combat-oriented class at Beacon Academy, where he taught for almost six years before quitting due to boredom. After that, he roamed the land for years, fighting Grimm and honing his skills. 

He has done his work of passing on the knowledge of the fighting style, Divas Virtus, to those of the younger generation that he deems worthy of learning it.  

He is believed by many to have simply died or vanished long ago, and those that do know of his existance respect his desire to be left alone.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Dust Crystal Elemental Dentures: Kodai wears sets of these, allowing him elemental breath.
  • Physical Strength: Kodai has physical strength far above that of an average person
  • Speed: Kodai is far faster than an average person
  • Battle experience: Kodai has over 80 years of combat experience
  • Intelligence: Kodai has learned a lot over his lifetime
  • Aura Runes: The inside of his overcoat is covered with Aura Runes which he uses to focus his Aura so that he is more effective in using it in combat. He can use his Aura to make himself faster and stronger than he already is
  • Divas Virtus: Kodai is a master of the Divas style of Divas Virtus. He also is capable of using the Virtus style, but is far less profecient in it than the Divas style.

His semblance is Transfer - the ability for him to transfer strength from one part of his body to another. For example, when jumping, he can launch himself by transferring most of his strength from his arms into his legs.


  • Fist of God - Focusing all of his strength into his right hand via his semblance, and strengthening it with his aura, he smashes it into his target, creating a huge amount of damage. Possibly his most powerful technique.

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