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When you love something, perseverance isn't even a thing you consider, it's second nature.
— Spring King, DIY Magazine Interview
— Kohaku Säde
Kohaku Säde
Age 19
Alias Kohaku Suvi
Status Active
Color Orange-Red
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Bearded Dragon
Born Where: Vacuo
When: ???
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Lightly-Tanned
Hair Reddish-Brown
Eyes Amber-Gold
Semblance Fire's Passion
Height 5'9"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy (formerly)
The Säde Family
Team Team SGRA
Partner Sekhmet Red
Occupation Huntsman-in-Training (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Father: Temujin Suvi
Mother: Sonya Suvi
O. Bro: Cináed Suvi
Ad. Father: Tuncay Säde
Ad. O. Bro: Blaze Säde
Additional Info
Likes Fighting.
Dislikes People who disrespect or bully their comrades.
Special Skills CQC. Endurance.
Weaknesses Long range combat. Stealth.

Kohaku Säde, formerly Kohaku Suvi, is a Bearded Dragon Faunus, and the adopted son of Tuncay Säde, leader of the Säde Family, a crime family out of Vacuo.

Entering Beacon to become the best fighter he could be, Kohaku became the leader of Team SGRA (Sangria) and the partner of Lion Faunus Sekhmet Red. However, after the BoB, Kohaku left his teammates behind to return to Vacuo and his family.


Kohaku has a lightly tanned complexion, and stands at a height of 5'9". He keeps his short, reddish-brown hair swept back to keep it out of his amber-gold eyes. A tattoo is located on his left shoulder, depicting the current symbol of the Säde Family.

Being a Bearded Dragon Faunus, Kohaku has copper(ish) scales from his fingers to just before his elbows. However, this trait is usually covered by his gauntlets and jacket sleeves, so people mistake him for human until he takes one or the other off.


Usually, Kohaku can be found wearing a brown t-shirt, with an orange-red jacket over it. The ends of jacket's long sleeves are peppered with holes due to the spikes that pop up from the pair of red leather-looking gauntlets on his forearms. Around his neck are two necklaces, the shorter carrying three animal teeth, the longer only one.

A pair of black boots are on Kohaku's feet, and a brown belt keeps up a pair of black pants, tucked into his boots. Under his jacket, a piece of fabric wrapped around his upper-left arm covers the tattoo there.


After the BoB, Kohaku's left jacket sleeve has been torn to elbow length, and the sleeves of his t-shirt have been torn off so it's more of a tank top. Also due to this, his tattoo can be seen when Kohaku takes off his jacket, along with the shorter necklace that was moved from his neck to just below the tattoo.

The fabric that originally covered Kohaku's tattoo is now wrapped around his upper-right arm, hiding the scars he gained during the Battle of Beacon. Of course, he still wears his gauntlets and boots.

(More TBA)


Kohaku, overall, is a very easy-going and laid-back individual, usually hard to anger. When he gets angry, though, it's hard to calm him down again. He tends to go into a rage, automatically activating his Semblance.

One of Kohaku's most notable triggers is people who disrespect or bully their comrades. To explain and give an example, Kohaku sees all Hunters and Huntresses, whether in-training or not, as comrades. If he finds a said comrade bullying or hurting another, expect him to retaliate in the stead of or with the bullied/hurt person.

Hurting a friend or family member gives a similar result. However, in this case, Kohaku has a hard time thinking straight, which puts himself in danger as well. Without someone to restrain him, he's guaranteed to charge ahead without a second thought, possibly getting himself hurt or caught, depending on the opponent.

Kohaku doesn't really care what other people think of him. He doesn't hide his Faunus heritage, nor does he publicly announce it. However, he does wish that Humans wouldn't discriminate his kind. As such, Kohaku understands the White Fang's motives and what they're trying to do, but still sees them as a terrorist organization, especially after the BoB.

When it comes to disagreements, Kohaku is quick to intervene - usually stopping the arguing parties by threatening to throw one or the other (or both/all) out a window. Once everyone's calm, Kohaku sits down with them and hears all sides of the story.

Thankfully, Kohaku is very open-minded, and is often able to see every point-of-view. However, explaining the sides he sees to everyone else can either make the argument stop, or just make them argue harder. Honestly, Kohaku gets confused as to why people argue over things where both sides make sense. This, in turn, makes him unreliable when it comes to discussions dealing with abstract concepts such as morals and politics.

Kohaku also has a penchant for fighting and explosions, hence why his usual solutions to arguments involve violence. He firmly believes simple is best, and his battle plans rarely involve anything overly complicated. His best strength as leader is his ability to rally those behind him.

In general, Kohaku gives anything, no matter what it is, everything he has. He refuses to be a quitter, especially when it comes to fighting. He's been known to drive himself to complete, utter exhaustion when there's something he wants to do.

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Kohaku was born as the second son of a Faunus family, the Suvis. He and his older brother, Cináed, were soon starting school, Cináed first, Kohaku a couple years later.

It soon became apparent that Cináed was quite smart - he had good grades, good behavior, etc. Kohaku was more average, which didn't bother him that much at first. But as he grew up, it felt like his older brother kept receiving more and more attention, while Kohaku was left alone.

Every day, Kohaku would hear about how his brother accomplished something in school, and see him surrounded by a large group of peers. It simply didn't seem fair to him that his parents, the teachers, and the students, paid more attention to Cináed than to him.

Resentment built up, and the young Faunus soon found himself getting into trouble in order to gain attention. However, the scoldings Kohaku got from his parents only made him feel worse. He simply didn't know what to do to get what he wanted.

Away From Home

As time went by, Kohaku felt like he was becoming invisible. One day, he suddenly thought of running away. This had actually been brewing in his mind for a while, but Kohaku had never thought of it as an actual solution before.

It took Kohaku a little time to get up the courage to actually do so, however - being only about 10, by this point, the thought of going out into the world was pretty scary for him. But the belief that he'd find more acceptance out there is what eventually drove him to leave, and he slipped away in the middle of the night.

For a few months, Kohaku lived on the streets, doing what he had to in order to survive. He was determined not to go back home, where he'd only be looked over as his brother was lavished with praise. Being the new kid on the block also made him a target, however, and Kohaku gained more than a few bruises during his time on the streets.

A New Family

One day, Kohaku encountered a middle-aged man - Tuncay Säde, leader of the Säde family. The man took him in, though Kohaku was pretty distrusting at first. As time went on, however, the young Faunus formed a friendship with Blaze, Tuncay's son, and through this, Kohaku began to feel like he belonged.

Kohaku later took the Säde last name, throwing away the last remnants of his childhood.

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(New section?)

- Learns to fight

As Kohaku grew older, and gained more understanding, he gradually realized that his real parents had never actually excluded him. If anything, he had isolated himself.

(More TBA)

Beacon Academy

Eventually, Kohaku decided he wanted to learn from the best - he wanted to go to Beacon, and become the best fighter he could be in order to protect his new family. His father supported him, and with a little help, Kohaku was on his way to Vale to take Beacon's entrance exam, using his original last name to avoid recognition.

Once there, Kohaku quickly passed the exam, and was paired with Lion Faunus Sekhmet Red during the initiation. Afterwards, he became leader of Team SGRA, much to his own delight and surprise.

Fall of Beacon & Aftermath

Kohaku and his team were there during the battle, fending off Grimm as best they could. Thankfully, they managed to escape with their lives, making it to the safe zone in Vale with the rest of the evacuees.

It wasn't long before Kohaku left for Vacuo, knowing his father would want to see him and hear the full story. He told no one, not even his teammates, disappearing from where they were living in the middle of the night. He feels somewhat guilty for this, but believes it's better that they don't know his ties to the crime family.


Temujin & Sonya Suvi

His biological parents. Kohaku used to hold a grudge in his younger years, due to believing they were giving his brother more attention. Now knowing that wasn't true, Kohaku is more annoyed with himself for thinking that in the first place. Due to this, he's also disinclined to go find them, not wanting to shame himself in front of them.

Cináed Suvi

Kohaku and Cináed weren't exactly on the best of terms, though they weren't on the worst, either. Rather, Kohaku tended to avoid his older brother, and also held a grudge against him due to the attention their parents were giving Cináed. While Kohaku now knows it wasn't true, he's still annoyed with his older brother for being better than him.

Tuncay Säde

Tuncay is a very important person in Kohaku's current life, being his adopted father. While not related by blood, the man is nothing less than real family to the Faunus.

(More TBA)

Blaze Säde

Kohaku has a friendly rivalry with his adopted older brother, Blaze.

(More TBA)

Ila Gravile

Ila is Kohaku's sensible second-in-command, able to keep him calm when necessary. Anything he considers complicated is left to her.

(More TBA after RPs)

Sekhmet Red

Kohaku and his partner, Sekhmet, get along pretty well. However, her tendency to ruin the team's plans annoys him to no end.

(More TBA after RPs)

Jinn Asimi

Kohaku doesn't quite understand Jinn's point of view when it comes to fighting. He thinks Jinn should fight more, and challenge himself, rather than only fight when absolutely necessary. His teammate's enjoyment of schoolwork completely confuses Kohaku, who hates it. However, he puts those disagreements aside when he has to approach Jinn for help on work.

(More TBA after RPs)


Spiked Koray

Spiked Koray

Kohaku Säde


DISGs (Dust-Infused Spiked Gauntlets)


Melee, Dust

Weapon Derivation

Gauntlets, Spikes

Taking the appearance of a pair of red gauntlets, Spiked Koray are classified as Dust-Infused Spiked Gauntlets (DISGs). As stated, Kohaku is able to use Dust with them - usually Burn Dust, which is why Spiked Koray is made to be fire-resistant.

Spikes: Peppering the red-leather of the gauntlet are small black circles, out of which pop obsidian spikes. When retracted, they lay packed together just under the outer layer of leather, a secondary layer of leather beneath them to protect Kohaku's scales from them.

Dust: Each gauntlet has a space on the back of the hand for a Dust crystal, wherein Kohaku usually has Burn Dust, though others can be used as well. The effects include:

  • Burn (Red): The gauntlets themselves heat up, and the spikes come out on fire.
  • Lightning (Yellow): Gauntlets and spikes crackle with electricity, shocking anyone who comes in contact with them.
  • Ice (Cyan): The gauntlets cool down, and the spikes are covered in ice. The ice tends to crack and break when Kohaku hits, meaning more cutting power.
  • Steam (Gray?): Again, the gauntlets become heated. However, this time, they also release steam. The spikes themselves are heated, again releasing steam.

Obsidian Blaze

Obsidian Blaze

Kohaku Säde


BKBBs (Ballistic Kunai-Blade Boots)


Melee, Ranged, Dust

Weapon Derivation

Boots, Kunai

A pair of Ballistic Kunai-Blade Boots (BKBBs), Obsidian Blaze are the black boots Kohaku wears. He uses both regular kunai and Dust-infused ones with this weapon.

Kunai: Mini-holsters circle the ankles of the boots, each one holding a small, obsidian kunai blade, which can be shot or used by hand.

Dust-Infused Kunai: These kunai are truly unique in the sense that they're infused with different types of Dust. Again, Kohaku usually uses Burn Dust, but others are liable to be used as well. The effects of each are:

  • Burn (Red): Heats the kunai, burning the opponent on contact. When shot, flames often appear around them due to the speed of travel.
  • Lightning (Yellow): Gives the kunai a shocking effect, electrocuting enemies on contact.
  • Ice (Cyan): Cools the kunai, often sprouting ice crystals on contact. Have been known to result in freezer-burn if in touch long enough.
  • Gravity (Purple): Usually used while he's in the air, this Dust enables Kohaku to move faster, propelling him in the opposite direction the kunai were shot. If thrown, they will drop faster than normal.
  • Wind/Air (White): This Dust has a similar effect to Gravity, however, it also makes the kunai themselves travel faster. Using them by-hand allows Kohaku's own strikes to speed up.

Semblance & Abilities


Fire's Passion is Kohaku's Semblance. Using it activates his Aura in the shape of a fire around him for a few moments before just flickering around him, giving the impression that flames are covering his body. After this, the temperature of the immediate area slowly rises, effectively making him very hot to the touch as well. How high the temperature goes depends on the strength of Kohaku's passion/determination - which is usually very high, due to his tendency to give everything his all.

Unlike some Semblances, this one doesn't use Aura as a time-limit - rather, it's more how many times Kohaku can activate it. That limit is 10, with a cool-down of half the time it was active. The length of time it lasts is actually dependent on fire. The Aura flickering around Kohaku absorbs fire in order to keep the Semblance going for more than a few minutes. Basically, as long as his Semblance is active, he's not going to catch fire. Though, it certainly doesn't decrease the heat of the flames.

In fact, Kohaku himself isn't affected by the heat his Semblance generates. Though, as implied, the heat of fire from other sources, including Dust attacks, does effect him, as well as heat from alternative sources other than fire. But as he's not affected by his own Semblance, those heat sources don't stack on it.


With Kohaku's straight-forward approach to most things, it should come as no surprise that he is an expert CQC fighter. He's trained in several styles of unarmed fighting, often using a mix of what he's learned during battle, taking on multiple enemies at a time.

Kohaku, as a brawler, does have above-average strength, but his true advantages are his large reserves of stamina and willpower. He has no problems fighting till he drops, or is knocked out or killed. Coupling this with a strong Aura, and Kohaku is tough to take down.

At the same time, Kohaku has a good turn of speed, as well. His attacks come fast, and he's quick on his feet. However, he's not the most precise. Kohaku can target vulnerable areas in melee combat, but when it comes to firing his kunai, he usually just aims for the mass, hoping at least one will hit it's mark. This is also why he rarely throws his kunai individually, instead using them like knives/daggers.

Kohaku's real weak point, however, is stealth. Simply put, he's terrible at it - he's never been very subtle, and never will be. And as implied, he's not very good at long range either. Really, stealth and range are the keys to taking him down.

Kohaku's Stats :

Class Fighter
Job Barbarian
Critical Damage
Attack Speed
Dust Use
Semblance Power
Parry/Block Rating
Vitality (Fitness)
Tech Skill
Movement Speed
       ~Adapted from Jollyjo by JayHart
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm

Trivia & Author's Notes

  • Kohaku means "amber" in Japanese, while Säde means "ray of light" in Finnish, making his full name mean "amber ray of light." Suvi, his original last name, means "summer" in Finnish.
  • Other name meanings:
    • Cináed is a Gaelic name, which means "born of fire".
    • Sonya is my twist of Sona, an Indian name meaning "gold" in Hindi.
    • Temujin means "of iron" in Mongolian.
    • Tuncay is a Turkish name meaning "bronze moon".
    • Koray is a Turkish name meaning "ember moon".
  • He alludes to Natsu Dragneel of the anime Fairy Tail.
  • For those who don't know, Burn Dust is the official name of the red Fire Dust. Steam Dust was also confirmed in RT's 2015 Extra Life Livestream (also listed in the canon Dust types).


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