Grimm Registerer: Local resident Takeshi Kobayashi

Grimm Registry

Classification: Mamal, Gorilla

Grimm Title: Kong

Threat Rank: A

Habitat: Jungle Biomes, like near Undina Bay


Kong are found with black fur and a white mask over their face like most existing Grimm. They stand about 9 ft tall and are very bulky in weight. On its chest is a bone-plated armor like substance that is sturdy and hard to break. On the arms are sharp bones that stick out from its elbows and shoulders. It has huge teeth that are sharp enough to bite through steel (you don't want to know what happens to humans).


Kong are very territorial in their habitats. They'll only allow their own kind to roam freely in the jungles they call home. However, it is known that sometimes Kong will fight for dominace for the whole area.

A kong can be brutal whether fighting a human or one of their own kind, so be ware of them. It's best not to piss one off basically, as they do have a ton of anger issues (so do NOT taunt them with bananas; males hate them, females love them to death ). The only kindness they show are to the lower species they live with called -unnamed for now but they are monkeys- because they're like family more than followers.


Kong are very sturdy when it comes to their defense and can also deliver mean punches. Their fighting style is aggressive and relentless, so fighting one alone is not your best option. They like to use all of their power, and will not hold back; they're even strong enough to throw single trees at an opponent if they wish, and also boulders.

One technique they like to use is a "Bear Hug" with their huge hands, crushing their opponent's bones.


Kong are protected from the front of their bodies, so attacking from behind is the most logical option. If you're smart enough to get on his back without getting noticed and take him out with a quick deep slice to the neck, then the battle should be over soon (if you take too long, Kong will do their best to shake you off, and the landing will not be pretty).

They rage about aiming at any target close enough to them, so they aren't really tactical, yet that makes them a bit more fearful.


  • Kong is a term used in regards to apes (King Kong, Donkey Kong, etc.)
  • Kong was the most fitting name I could think of for this Grimm.
  • There are a lesser variant of ape-based Grimm that live around Kong.
  • Female Kong are the most deadly between the two genders and sometimes lead their groups.
    • Seeing a large pile of banana peels means there might be a female Kong nearby, so be VERY cautious.

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