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Arm-Blade, Bow, Sword

Kosher Ginshin is Argentina's weapon of choice. It is a Multi Dust Bow-Blade (MDBB) - a hybrid between a bow and two arm-blades that utilize Dust.


Kosher Ginshin takes the form of two large blades that are silver in color with the edges of the blades taking on a darker blue tone. When in 'arm-blade' mode the blade extends past the arms by quite a bit allowing for far reach when in combat. In the event that Argentina isn't able to use her preferred 'arm-blade' mode she resorts to the 'sword' mode of Kosher Ginshin where the parts she holds in 'arm-blade' mode become the hilts of the sword. The 'bow' mode of Kosher Ginshin is activated when both blades are attached together and a compartment pops out. This compartment creates a dust string that allows for the use of various dust arrows. In order to use it more effectively Argentina has also incorporated a Dust compartment into the portion that combines the two blades. The arrows are formed via Argentina's Semblance allowing her to also control the density of the arrows. With more concentration, she can pack more Dust into a single arrow.

When not in use it is placed on the back in 'Safe' mode; in which the blades are folded backwards for easier and safer travel. 


Kosher Ginshin uses a hydraulic system in the handle section that allows the handle to be moved easier from 'Arm-Blade' and 'Sword'/'Bow' mode easier but it is mainly used to make piercing attacks using the tip of the blade.

Kosher Ginshin is a highly advanced technological piece of equipment and it's collapable frame allows for several modes to be available.

  • Arm-Blade: The preferred mode in which the user holds the blades like one would a tonfa. Hyrdraulic system situated in the handle allows the blade to surge forward for fast (and often unexpected) piercing attacks.
  • Sword: The secondary melee form. Loses access to the hydraulic system when in this form but allows the user more maneuverability with their hands.
  • Bow: The ranged form of Kosher Ginshin. Uses arrows made solely of Dust for varying effects and uses. The type of Dusts that can be used are only limited by what the Argentina is able to obtain herself. The ones listed below are the Dusts that Argentina most frequently uses:
    • White - The standard Dust arrow that Argentina uses. Has no special effects.
    • Green - These arrows are used for sniping and have the furthest range and highest speed out of all the Dust arrows that Argentina uses.
    • Orange - These arrows explode on contact. The amount of Dust used and the quality of it directly affects how big and how hot the explosion will be respectively.
    • Light Blue - This arrow will freeze whatever it makes contact with. Like the orange arrow, quantity and quality of the Dust will affect how much ice is formed and how cold it will be.
    • Violet - This arrow has the highest piercing power out of all the arrows but takes the longest to form.


Kosher Ginshin has gone through several changes in its time. Below are a list of known models:

Version Name Created Status Notes on Creation


1 Year of living with adopted parents. Retired The orginial form of Kosher Ginshin. Two simple arm-blades that lacked any mechanical components.


Half a year after creating the Prototype. Destroyed by Beowolves Hydraulics systems added allowing for piercing attacks and the ability to switch to 'Sword' mode. She has also chosen a color scheme.
V2.5.13 Kosher Ginshin During the 1 year time frame of schooling before attending Beacon. Active Argentina has incorporated the ability to utilize Dust for ranged attacks using the new 'Bow' mode.
V3.?.? N/A Creation is taking place during Argentina's stay at Beacon. WIP Though nowhere close to being done, preliminary notes suggest this new model will be be more durable, have a faster transformation speed and a more compact frame.


  • The literal translation of Kosher Ginshin is "Genuine Silver Needle". Kosher in English means "Genuine" when used in an informal way. Ginshin is deprived from the japanese words for silver (銀) and needle (針).
  • The edges of the blade are actually not that sharp and are mostly used for guarding purposes. The true danger of it lies in it's high speed piercing potential when the hydraulics system is used.
  • Argentina avoids using the bow mode of Kosher Ginshin as much as possible. This is because she lacks the ability to afford Dust on a regular basis.
  • Argentina has not had much formal sword training which is why she tends to avoid using that mode.
  • Argentina keeps the Prototype version both for sentimental value and in case she needs to use another weapon when her current one needs repairs.

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