I cut off three of your limbs? That's not as bad compared to cutting off all four limbs right?
— Kouri
Kouri Fubuki
Age 17
Title Glass Cannon
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Navy Blue
Semblance Puppetry
Height 5'3"
Weight 47 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team LUCK
Partner Linden Bergine
Occupation Maid
Additional Info
Likes Household Chores, Nice people, Cute things, Ric(?)
Dislikes Close minded individuals, Discrimination
Special Skills Short To Mid Ranged Combat, Household Chores
Weaknesses Long Range Combat, Losing a Weapon, Physically Weak, Can Not Run, Overly Sensitive
This original character is created by Kimiyosis. Apearance belongs to Chūgaku Akamatsu and Kobuichi. Name belongs to an offsite person for coming up with it.


Long, flowing black hair, with navy blu eyes. A thin, white ribbon can sometimes be found on her head. Generally, If she isn't wearing the school uniform, she woul be wearing a white robe-like dress, with red from the waist down. Gives off the appearance of being delicate. Which, is true.


Oddly enough, for someone who has been -and still is- physically weak and sensitive all her life, Kouri rather enjoys doing household chores. Although some might argue that doing any kind of chores is easier when you do not lift a finger, in technicality. Rather soft spoken, she has a fondness over cute little lolis and sweet snacks. She also has the habit of looking on the bright side of things, even to the point in battle, she might point out, "I cut of the Grimm's arm? Isn't that less painful then cutting off both arms?".(Look at what you've done, Ric >.>)


(backstory is written in first person view of Kouri.)

The Prologue

I have always been an outsider. Always stuck inside my room, looking out the window at the children playing around, wishing I could do the same. But I can't. I'm physically weak, you see. I can't carry anything heavy, and I can't get hit. If I get slapped by another kid, it feels like I was hit by a car. 

The Dive

I don't think a child like me should be feeling this much guilt, but maybe my case is special. My parents are constantly required to assist me in carrying anything. Whenever they bring back a heavy load of groceries, I can't even help carry a bag. I feel so bad. My parents don't tell me this, but I can see it in their eyes. I'm just a burden, a waste of space.

The Crash

I gave up. I didn't want to make trouble for anyone. I had decided to just put on my clothes, and walk out of the house. I didn't know where to go, but I knew I did not want to be with my parents anymore. They can be happier without me. My wandering about led me to a bridge, where I stood, watching the river flow under. I slipped under the railing, and thought to myself, 'If I'm gone, I can't trouble anyone anymore'. And so, I walked off the edge, and plummeted into the water. Hitting the water was painful, like I was hit by a truck. But the cold of the water was far more of a shock. I close my eyes, and faded into unconsciousness.

The Return

I woke up, and looked around. A strange, sparse apartment. A boy then called out, as he walked from another room, and handed me a drink. After a bit of conversing, he asked me of my reason for jumping, and I explained my situation. He than seemed to sigh, before shrugging. When i leaned away from the drink, the boy suddenly asked me if I noticed anything out of the ordinary. A minute of guessing, and he finally pointed out a very thin wire between the glass and myself. A bit of experimenting and spills later, I figured out I could carry the glass, without touching it. The best part was, I didn't feel the weight of it.His next line, was the turning point of my life. "How about I help you learn how to fight?". Of course, I said yes.

The End of the Prologue

I had been learning how to fight, with the help of Ric, the boy who saved me. It was getting to the point where he was using both his firearms to spar. However, he mentioned needing to move, as he was going into Beacon. I asked him how he got in, as he had never been to any combat schools before. When I found out he stole copies of the transcripts, and two copies at that, I asked him if he could steal a copy for me. There was a bit of debating, over how long before Beacon realized my disability, but in the end, he sighed, and left to grab a third copy. I would get to go to Beacon with Ric! This will be great! Although...he did bring up a good point. Wether or not I would be found out about being rater delicate, and subsequent consequences. Oh well, I deal with that when it happens.


Tierisch Kriegsschiff: Oddly enough, she has met the boy on several occasions, and generally in the shadier areas of Vale. He was the one who taught her the value her life has -odd, for a mercenary-, and figuratively opened her eyes. Now she feels in debt to the boy.

Linden Bergine:

Corona Quintana:

Ai Ukoniro:


Combat: Capable of using something akin to puppetry, or Strings, Kouri 'carries' the Tonbokiri anywhere within a one meter radius. She will generally use the dual swords more often than not,

Stats graph belongs too Jollyjo

but will combine them for either mid-ranged combat, or for a heavier slashing strike.

Being extremely sensitive, a normal slap on the back for another person, would feel like she was given a roundhouse punch. She is also unable to physically lift objects more than 20 pounds with her hands. Is also unable to run.

Non-Combat: Her ability to 'carry' multiple objects without physically touching them, has proven useful for household chores. Ranging from cooking to cleaning, she is rather efficient in it. Who wouldn't, if they sweep with more then one broom simultaneously?


Name: Tonbokiri

Classification: Two-Piece Rifle Broadsword(TPRB)

Location: Usually floating near her


-Kouri Fubuki translates to Ice Blizzard. I give thanks to an off site buddy for the name, and credit goes to her. PS: if your that offsite person reading this right now, please don't dust/chakram me for taking the name of your Loli Tentacle Ghost! \(^.^")/

-Ice Blizzad, in a long run, could be thought as light bluish colour, of ice.

-Appearance belongs to the respective light novel series.

-Left the 'carrying weapons without physically carrying them' vague deliberately, as I have no canon information about; 1)Birth Disorders, and 2)Strings-like ability.

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