Let~! Me~! Kill~! You~! Ney~?
— Kuiko
Kuikorosu Hikage
Age 17
Title Nightmare
Nickname Kuiko
Status Active
Color Pitch Black
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous Handed
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Red(Right), Gold(Left)
Semblance Overclock
Height 5'8"
Weight 47 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team SSKI
Partner Iris Ichiroku
Occupation Psycho
Additional Info
Likes  Faunas, Blood, Killing, Death
Dislikes  Someone ruining her 'fun'
Special Skills  Short to Long Ranged Combat, All Rounder
Weaknesses Fighting Specialists on enemy field, Lack of Self Preservation
Character Theme

UN Was Her-East New Sound
Battle Theme

Tick Tock Attack!
This character is referenced by Kimiyosis. References belongs to Koishi Tachibana and Tsunako.


Kuiko consistently dresses in clothing that has a dark tone. When not in uniform, she wears a black and red dress, with frills, giving off the vibe of an elegant gothic. Her normal eye color is actually yellow, but due to a fight she had started, a vessel over her right eye was blown, permanently coating the eye red.


Kuiko is someone who respects power. If you can not prove to her that you deserve her respect, you're basically a disposable resource. For those who earned her respect, they would find Kuiko to be a...difficult person to interact with. It is hard to tell what her goal is, nor what she will do to obtain said goal. Always going in a roundabout method, both in actions and in words.

However, during battles, or near the start of battle, Kuiko will relish the combat, and exhibit heavy bloodlust, to the point where one might be thinking that she is turned on by fighting, utterly throwing away all thoughts of safety, allowing harm to befall on her, just so she can kill her victim. So far, this has neither been proven nor disproven.


Kuikorosu was born and somewhat brought up in an average family, and grew up to be a nice person. Or that's how the family envisioned it. From an early age, Kuiko showed psychotic tendencies, enjoying crushing any of the Squishy as soon as she spots one. These violent tendencies didn't stop at just animals. No, she treated Faunas terribly, pulling their tails, pinching their ears, just to elicit cries of pain from the faunas. However, no one was capable of calling her out on being fascist to the faunas, due to the fact that she targeted humans along with the faunas, not choosing her targets, just attacking anyone she could.

As she grew older, she met a boy by the name of Ric, and decided to try to attack him. However, he was the first person to be able to stand up to the crazed girl -although, at the cost of multiple broken bones to the poor boy- so she started to utilize the boy. Liking the concept of the weapons that the boy wielded, she forcefully dragged him to the nearest weapons shop, and got a replica version of it made. With that, she started practicing using the flintlock pistol and musket, generally training with/against Ric.

Of course, when hearing about hunters, and how they fight against the Grimms, she thought to herself, that perhaps she would find someone worth her time to throw her 'games' at. And perhaps a few new tools to utilize. And with that, she went around, using threats, bribery, and many other methods, to get a forged copy of the transcripts. As Kuiko would say, who cares whether it's forged or not, I just want in!


Tierisch Kriegsschiff: One of the few people that Kuiko admits is useful enough to be uneasily disposed off. She has tried. Many times. But the boy's resilience is admirable. But that's not to say, the boy can defeat Kuiko either.

Ouka Surudoi: The one person that Kuiko fears. The only one capable of defeating her in a short amount of time, with an overwhelming advantage.

Sora Murasakihime: The team leader is someone that Kuiko enjoys toying with, generally by making odd remarks and comments. However, her comments are disregarded at times, due to the fact that Sora doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the remarks in the first place.

Seireen Aeka: Is one of the few poeple that Kuiko doesn't bother trying to harm. Reason being, she doesn't understand the girl and her odd habits of day-dreaming enough to know how to toy with her.

Iris Ichiroku: The strategist on the team, that Kuiko is constantly at odds again. Generally, the arguments are about Kuiko's fighting style, and her lack off self-preservation, but Kuiko keeps countering by explaining that "I wanted to take his head~".



Stats graph belongs too Jollyjo

Combat: Kuiko fights using Jagdgepäck almost the same way in comparison to Ric. Considering her firearms are a replica of the antique relics, it is rather obvious. However, she uses them in tandem, sometimes even wielding the musket as a melee weapon.

Firing round after explosive Dust round is how she tends to utilize the flintlocks, even against a fragile target. No kill like overkill, is the way to go.

However, being an all rounder, mean that she specializes in nothing. If she fights a specialist on their own field(eg: long range specialist in a wide open field, 1km away), than she would lose.

Also, with her love of combat, she throws away all rational thoughts of defending herself. She would allow herself to be harmed, if it gave her a chance to kill the opponent.

Semblance: Kuiko's semblance is somewhat a double edged blade. If it was given a name, it would be called "Overclock", which allows her to force her body to produce adrenaline at a higher and longer rate than a normal body should be capable of. Resulting in higher reflexes, movement, and striking. However, a normal body is not meant to be pushed beyond its limits, and therefore the stress of the physical acts start to damage the body. The sure sign that Kuiko's body is starting to be damaged, is when her right eye starts to bleed, akin to crying tears of blood in appearance. Which is only about a minute of consistent overclocking.

Non-Combat: Outside of combat, her skills lies with mind games. She will attempt toy with those who are 'disposable' in her eyes for entertainment generally, and than sometimes to those she regards as useful tools, to perhaps attempt to convince them that helping Kuiko is a good idea.


Name: Jagdgepäck(Replica)

Classification: Hunt and Assault Dual Firearms(HADF)

Location: Crosswise behind her, at the waist.


Ehehe~, wanna play with me~?



-'Kuikorosu Hikage' can translate to 'Devouring Shadow'

-Although Kuiko also utilizes Jagdgepäck, it is only a replica, or a copy. The original Jagdgepäck is in possession of Tierisch Kriegsschiff.

-References belongs to the respective light novel

-Although the OC was a reference, the weapon was my own design. Coincidental similarities are just coincidental.

-Battle theme is an original composition done on YouTube all rights go to the owner.

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