I need to be fast...
— Monty Oum
Kurai "Cry" Kūkyo


HQ CutIn Raven Blade Master 2
Age 18
Title Cry of Emptiness
Nickname Cry
Color White/Black
Gender Male
Handedness Greatly favors right arm
Hair Black
Eyes Amber
Height 1.83m
Weight 64kgs
Professional Status
Partner Kuro Kūkyo
Personal Status
Relatives Kuro Kūkyo (Twin)
Additional Info
Emblem CryEmblem
Character Theme

Lord of Vermilion: Elm, Capital of Eternal Night
Battle Theme

Lord of Vermilion: Evil Spirits of the Bairu Mountains


Cry wears a white coat with black line details. His pants are black with white line details at the bottom. His hair is black and his eyes are a glowing amber. He wears three belts, two of which stretch from his upper left hip to his lower right, while the other stretches from his upper right to lower left. These belts are to help hold up the RPJS attached to his back. Noticeably, he barely ever stops frowning, and when he does, it is to smirk, snigger or scowl.


Cry is more suited as a soloist. His fighting style has a high chance of collateral damage and his dark and emotion-void persona make him more of a lone-wolf type. Although emotionally isolated, his skills as a leader are prominent in times of need, as he is strict, directive and hates slacking off. As he is obsessed with speed, he always gets things done as soon as they are given to him. He is always busy, either travelling, training or just practicing mental awareness exercises (or he claims to, anyway).

There is only one known person who's fighting style fits in tandem with Cry's...

Kūkyo no Kiba

Cry's weapon, the Ember Powder Dust Blade "Kūkyo no Kiba", is a katana which releases fine explosive powder into the air when the trigger at the top of the hilt is pulled. The powder will float in the air for a second before igniting and producing a high heat. The powder itself is extremely active and will float towards heat, namely human bodies.

Kūkyo no Tōboe

Attached to Cry's lower back is the Rocket Propelled Jet System "Kodoku no Tōboe", which enable him to reach extreme speeds as well as steer clear of tricky obstacles and terrain. It produces sharp bursts of power, which on top of Cry's already high speed, makes him blindingly fast. However, the Kodoku no Zetsu is only capable of it's bursts of speed once every 5 seconds, making it tedious for stressful situations.


Cry possesses very above average speed. Although generally a loner, Cry is able to co-operate in teams, forming a strict hit and run support. In battle he takes advantage of his speed as well as Kūkyo no Musuko's speed burst to release a thick cloud of explosive powder, before quickly moving out it the ignition zone. This leads to a speedy and relatively safe assault, assuming he does not crash into anything.

Relationship with Kuro Kūkyo

Kuro "Crow" Kūkyo is Cry's younger twin brother. Although bigger than Cry, Crow is treated as the "little" brother. The two share an extremely friendly relationship, although Cry sometimes leaves on his own for fresh air and space. As Crow is rather emotional, Cry is usually there to calm him down.

Teamwork with Kuro Kūkyo

The two fight together as a team, with Cry taking charge as the leader. In battle, Cry uses his Kūkyo no Toboe to quickly swoop in and out of the battle to provide supportive assistance to Crow, who fights from close range. As Crow's armor is resistant to Dust, especially Burn, there is little worry about collateral damage, making Crow not only the only person who is capable of teamwork with Cry, but also the perfect teammate.


+ Extreme speed
+ Exceptional against multiple "weaker" enemies
~ Limited potential in tight spaces, but hits relatively more times per second
~ Movement with RPJM can be unreliable if misjudged, but godly with a little skill and luck
~ Low teamwork abilities but reasonable leadership
- Easily knocked down
- Little physical protection


Main article: Emptiness


  • Kurai's nickname and title are based on his first name sounding similar to Cry.
  • Cry's first name translates to Dark in Japanese, while his last name translates to Emptiness.
  • Cry's weapon, Kūkyo no Kiba, translates to Fang of Emptiness in Japanese. While his Kūkyo no Tōboe translates as Howl of Emptiness.
  • Cry is inspired and image referenced by Raven: Blade Master.

Differences in Imagery

Please note that the images used are inaccurate and is only used to present as close a representation to the character as possible. The images used and the character depicted are property of KoG Studios, Elsword.

  • Cry does not have a mechanical right arm.

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