Hey, stay on my right side. Why? You might die if you stay on my left...
— Kuro Kūkyo
Kuro "Crow" Kūkyo


Age 18
Title The Black Crow
Nickname Crow
Color Black/White
Gender Male
Handedness Greatly favors left arm
Hair Black
Eyes Amber
Height 1.90m
Weight 78kgs
Professional Status
Partner Kurai Kūkyo
Personal Status
Relatives Kurai Kūkyo (Twin)
Additional Info
Emblem CrowEmblem
Character Theme

Lord of Vermilion: Wiara Volcano
Battle Theme

Fairy Tail: Gunyuu Aiutsu


Crow appears as a tall man with an above average build. He wears a thick, black vest, unzipped, made from a synthetic material which resists wear and tear from the effects of Dust. The edges of his vest are white. His left arm is artificial, being made from the mechanized parts and the remains of Grimm. His right arm is unsleeved, revealing many scars. He wears black pants, made of the same Dust resistant material as his vest. Similarly to his vest, his pants have white trimming. His hair is a dull black, falling down straight and long.


Crow is a rather unique being. His dual personality prevents him from making friendly relationships with anyone. On one side, he can be timid and quiet and on the other, he can act like a berserk, blood thirsty maniac. Because of his psychopathic affinity to war and battle, his often gets into a lot of trouble by not accessing the situation before charging in. His softer side on the other hand is extremely sensitive, he can be hurt emotionally quite easily and when he does he starts to get violent.

There is only one known person capable of controlling him...

Kūkyo no Tsume

The Bio-mechanical Grimm Dust Claw "Kūkyo no Tsume". After an incident involving Crow's left arm, he was manufactured a new, bio-mechanical one as a replacement. This arm took parts from machinery, Crow's old arm and energy from a Grimm's remains. The arm is slightly thicker than regular arms, but five times as heavy. The entire arm is slightly armored and the shoulder is spiked. There are smaller spikes along the arm for more damage to enemies with softer flesh. The arm itself is made of a dust resistant metal, sprinkled with powders bones and masks of Grimms. The shoulder of the arm acts as the storage unit, containing Burn Dust as well as Energy Dust. Via thought, Crow can fire the Dust out of a component at the base of the palm, creating a powerful close range burst of flame. Additionally, the Kūkyo no Tsume can suck in air through vents in the shoulder and fire a compressed ball of air from the hand, capable to knocking back lighter objects.


As the Kūkyo no Tsume is large and heavy, Crow can only fight with it for a short amount of time before having to rest for a few seconds, leaving him vulnerable. Though he makes up for this short stamina with overwhelming strength and a fierce offensive. Due to the abnormal weight of the left side of his body, he is quite slow and droops his left arm down so he doesn't have to use energy to pick it up. Cry tends to go "berserk" during battle, often mistaking friend for foe.

Relationship with Kurai Kūkyo

Kurai "Cry" Kūkyo is Crows older twin brother. Although larger than Cry, Crow remains as the "little" brother and follows in Cry's footsteps. Likewise, Cry acts as Crow's guardian and helps him to keep in line. Cry calms him down when he gets emotional and his presence prevents Crow from losing control over himself.

Teamwork with Kurai Kūkyo

The two work together as a team, with Cry taking the role as the leader. While Crow attacks at close quarters, Cry provides hit and run support. Because of Crow's tolerance for pain and his Dust resistant clothing, there is little concern of collateral damage from Cry's Dust based attacks. Because of Crow's rampant state in the heat of battle, Cry's method of ducking in and out of battle means Crow does not have to worry about injuring his team mate.


+ Extreme strength
+ High tolerance for pain and damage
+ Highly Dust resistant light armor
~ Lack of fear makes him formidable but often leaps before he looks
~ Lack of speed related feats, but quick and agile at close quarters
~ Style of fighting lacks close combat teamwork, though long range support is especially effective
- Extremely vulnerable from the right side
- Cannot fight at ranges more than 6 meters
- Heavy, wide swings make him predictable and renders him vulnerable after an attack


Main article: Emptiness


  • Kuro's nickname and title is based on his first name sounding similar to Crow.
  • Crow's title, "The Black Crow" is a direct reference to The Black Crow, a dungeon from Elsword.
  • Crow's first name translates to black in Japanese, while his last name translates to Emptiness.
  • Crow's weapon, Kūkyo no Tsume, translates as Claw of Emptiness in Japanese.
  • Crow is inspired and image referenced by Raven: Veteran Commander.

Differences in Imagery

Please note that the images used are inaccurate and are only used to present as close a representation to the character as possible. The images used and the character depicted are property of KoG Studios, Elsword.

  • The details in Crow's clothing are white, not red (His left arm retains the orange highlights).
  • Crow's hair is completely black, not black and red, and isn't as long or in a ponytail.
  • Crow does not have a sword.

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