Kuro Takeshi
Peu 20131225 2
Age 17 years of age
Status Alive
Color Green
Gender Male
Race Asian
Species Human
Born April 27
Handedness Right-handedness
Complexion Fairly dark yellow tone
Hair Jet black
Eyes Green, with a tint of blue
Height 177.8 cm
Weight 54.43 kg
Professional Status
Social Rank Middle-class
Affiliation Signal Academy (formerly)

Beacon Academy

Team Team CAKI (Future)
Partner Carmine Archer (Future)
Occupation Hunter-in-training
Job Types N/A
Jobs N/A
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Father (Alive), Unnamed Mother (Alive)
Additional Info
Emblem ImosaEmblem01-32
Likes Blades, childhood tales of heroes, his black sweater with golden stripes and symbols
Dislikes Bullies, loneliness, depression, Grimm
Special Skills Knowledge on most blades, forging and designing, swordsmanship
Weaknesses Depression (mood swings and all), easily angered and intimidated, has not many friends
Battle Theme

Star Ocean The Last Hope - Blood on The Keys
Battle Theme

Star Ocean The Last Hope - Blood on The Keys


Somewhat spiky downward hair that takes on the color of jet black, as well as his hard eyebrows, along with oval-shaped, green eyes and large scar on his right cheek that spreads from almost his ear to his mouth.

Usually seen in his personalized sweater, which is mostly black, however it carries golden stripes (a few red stripes) and symbols (most notably Japanese Kanji for “Samurai”, as seen on his upper right arm to his right shoulder, and “Shadow”, on the bottom of his right forearm, while also sporting “XYZ” on his left forearm), along with yellow collaring around the wrists, neck, and lower torso, and yellow-orange zipper that goes from the neck collar to the lower torso collar.

He also wears light-gray pants, a brownish-black belt with a golden buckle, also with red, gold, and black knee and shin patting and, wears red and gray sneakers. He also wears a few leg belts around his thighs, in which he holds his extra dust crystals in for extra combat versatility on his katana.


Shy, but friendly, at first but once known as a friend, he turns to his normal as a somewhat uplifting and open-minded. He usually demonstrates awkwardness around those he does not know all too well, but he will only talk when spoken to or when it is required. At times, he would feel confident enough to talk to others, and he would become more friendly and open-minded to newer ideas and interests.

However, his past takes form of hatred and depression, in which he seems more pessimistic and less hopeful, which is usually shown when he is caught frustration or angry. Anger is easily triggered by even the smallest things, but also can be easily overcome. Although, if pushed further into anger, he will soon become enraged, in which he would blindly become his alter ego; in which he is almost completely mirrored in personality (e.g. less caring, destructive, unforgiving).

Otherwise, he is quite of a "go with the flow" type of person, as he is not much of a leader-type person and is more than willing to follow whatever way others direct him in. When engaged into something, such as a battle, he is usually quiet and more focused, while also more strategic and objective-oriented. Unlike others, he simply does not have anything again the Faunus race and finds the hatred and discrimination against them quite plain and stupid.


Kuro was born into the world of Remnant in the city of Vale, into the life of a normal citizen; with parents doing fairly normal compared to others and learning the ways of the world. During his early childhood, he was told many tales of heroes who had risked their lives for the protection others by his father (a retired Hunter), and was soon influenced to become one of those heroes. He had started training with his father around age 7, where he started learning multiple stances of Five-to-One (a martial art that utilizes weapons, most notably swords and bladed weapons alike) such as Staring Tiger, Lunging Serpent, Soaring Eagle, and Idle Turtle. He trained to acquire many stances of 5-2-1 style, along with skills using a katana with a wooden replica and eventually, an actual one.

He soon attended Signal Academy at age 13, under his request to his parents; to "learn how to fight the monsters and save people", where he had acquired and improved multiple skills such basic skills (e.g. cleaning, reading, communication) and somewhat advanced skills (e.g. forging, mathematics, cooking). However, only a couple of skills in particular interested him; designing and crafting/forging, in which led to him designing his signature weapon: a katana named Shiranui. With the help of his friends, he was able to design the katana to be partially a firearm in terms of mechanisms, but kept the originality of an actual katana.

As an early Hunter-in-training, he was taught basic knowledge on the Grimm and certain survival skills which would help any hunter/huntress before actually testing against them, such had taught him quite early on how to make quick weapons out of the most common things, such as basic sharp and blunt weapons. Ultimately, he passed on through the courses at about C to B+ grades, and soon graduated at age 17 like other students.

However, during his time at Signal, he was known to be quite awkward and not very talkative to others. Only few had actually gotten to know him, but most singled him out of most activities, causing him to feel lonely and depressed. The very few were also very interested in bladed weaponry and firearms, and had assisted in designing the most successful weapon to keep true to their interests; a Dust-powered, firearm-operated katana. This achievement soon landed some popularity for their little group, especially Kuro, and soon blinded him the most with this newly-found "pride".

To prove he could easily wield the katana and the abilities of the blade, he decided to fight against actual Grimm in the forest of Forever Fall, although his friends had tried to prevent him from any injuries with warnings. But he had arrogantly and ignorantly persisted, a mistake he regretted as soon as it was made. He also soon learned with defeat that this new "pride" of his had blinded him completely and so he had lost his few friends, and almost his life, but instead had resulted in him gaining his infamous cheek scar. Over time, he had continued to work with the blade until he had felt slightly more comfortable with it, and was able to apply his previous training of 5-2-1 to it, although it would still take him to time to master the blade itself.

Wishing to complete his training, he applied to Beacon Academy, in which he hopes to make more friends and acquire more knowledge and skill to battle the Grimm while secretly wanting to apologize to himself and hopeful not repeat the mistakes made from that faithful day. 

Skills and Abilities


Kuro's Aura is a shade of dark purple, and was unlocked by his father's Aura before training. However, he is not very well trained with using his Aura, as his Aura levels can still drop drastically if hit a few times, although he has learnt to block and parry to prevent this from happening. He refuses to wear armor, even though he knows that is helpful, due to the fact of it slowing down his mobility, something he is not very willing to sacrifice for what could possibly save him in the future. Otherwise, he has honed skills in his Aura's perception enhancing abilities, allowing him to be quite aware of his surroundings and the timing of his strikes. Throughout his training as a young boy, his father had always emphasized that he should remain vigilant, in battle and out, and had continued to test this whenever they had sparred together, each time revealing improvement.

Overall, he is still in need of vital training with his Aura, to reduce the cost of Aura needed to prevent much damage caused to him, but in other words, he understands this and uses its perception enhancements, along with being defensive most of the time, to make up for these disadvantages.


Taught to him by his father, who was one who continued to practice the arts of 5-2-1, Kuro was only able to learn the Staring Tiger and Lunging Serpent; techniques that would soon form his combat style to a more Samurai type of style with a katana. At about 9 years of age, he had then learnt Soaring Eagle with a very little percentage of successfully pulling it off. Multiple times during him and his father's sparring, he had troubles utilizing this technique, and even after acquiring it, he had troubles switching back and forth between the techniques. However, Idle Turtle proved to be easier, as Kuro found it to be quite interesting to insert into a combo with Serpent, as he could throw off his opponent's balance and strike. The only problem with his technique in 5-2-1 is that his training is incomplete, as he had never gotten around to being trained to use a Master Stance (either Crimson Phoenix or Azure Dragon) and how to put together combinations of these stances to successfully show his mastery in 5-2-1.

Overall, 5-2-1 had also taught Kuro to be patient and study his enemy's tactics and techniques, sometimes even play around to study further to analysis for weak points. To this day, he uses these techniques as much as possible, although he is mostly in defensive stances (e.g. Turtle) during battle, and he will strike as he sees fit, otherwise he will wait for his opponent to strike first.

To quickly summarize, he is moderately skilled in swordsmanship, in the 5-2-1 styles of course. However, he can be bested by others who have more knowledge and skill than him, and will most likely lose a fight when comes down to hand-to-hand combat, due to his inexperience of fighting without weapons of any sort.


High-Velocity Dust Compatible Katana Firearm – Shiranui

  • Kuro’s weapon of choice.
  • Although it is considered a firearm, it only holds the mechanics for a firearm but is not a firearm itself, as it retains the shape of a normal katana. (e.g. Firearm Trigger on the handle)
  • Dust crystals are used as power to unlock the Shiranui’s true combat performance, in which are inserted through a hatch on the butt of the grip.
  • However, the compartment only has space for one crystal at time, and so the user must manually remove the default crystal (Yellow Dust crystal, used to easily pull Shiranui from its holster, when fired with its firearm mechanics, and complete a swift “Quickdraw slash” in less time than without the power-upgrade).
  • When it is not holstered, the user may use the trigger as the only way to activate the Dust power feature.
  • The holster is designed to aid the user in combat, where it allows the user to launch the blade from the holster and complete the “Quickdraw slash” maneuver, while also sharpening the blade with the built-in blade sharpeners.
  • The Shiranui’s blunt part of the blade features blade-breakers, which allows the user to counter any incoming attacks onto the Shiranui’s blade, and possibly destroy the opposing blade.
  • Completely around the blade of the Shiranui, transparent metal tubing (sharp around the blade, but normally blunt everywhere else) allows the user, and possibly the opponent, to acknowledge which kind of Dust crystal is in use, illuminating the blade and tubing.
  • Named Shiranui (or “Unknown Fire” in Japanese) by Kuro himself due to the fact that the blade’s ability to launched from its holster, and surprise unsuspecting foes.


  • ChungShi, the creator of this OC, had him planned for about 2 months, and most of the work shown here was revised from the original work. (All of which can be seen on his deviantART account.)
  • Kuro Takeshi translates to "Black Warrior" in English, as Kuro means "Black" or "Nineth son" while Takeshi can represent "Warrior" or "Fierce" in Japanese.
  • Five-to-One is not owned by Chung, but was allowed to be used with the original creator's permission.


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