Kymafos is a location in the world of Remnant, a large, bustling and successful city, though it is not very well known, and to those who do know it, a place similar to the base of a cult due to the strange ways of its inhabitants. It has a high amount of exquisite architecture, seeing as its leaders have all seemed to bear a fascination towards their surroundings and beauty. It also holds a port by the sea and a large collection of shops containing all kinda of goods.

The defining trait of this city, however, is its ban on any and all Dust, and even Aura. In its history it was viciously attacked by some who used these as tools of war to obtain control the city, possibly even more than that. In any case, they were defeated after a long while, their overconfidence getting the better of them.

Afterward, Dust and Aura were both immediately banned out of fear that this could happen again. Even nowadays its current mayor strictly bans both Dust and Aura, and those who are suspected use it within the city's boundaries (or at least, the ones who they catch) are executed immediately. This harsh ban has alienated many other civilizations, causing Kymafos to cut off contact with other cities who disagree with their ideals. All in all, the people in this city are ruled by their fear of power, most finding Dust and Aura to be the work of purest evil, and those that use it to be abominations deserving no less than death.

Of course, this provided complications on the subject of the Grimm, so to resolve this, they constructed a large gate around the entire city. While referred to as a gate, it is more of an ornately decorated wall with doors in only one location. This way, there is only one entrance and exit in and out of the city. This makes it easier to fend off Grimm and easier to find criminals. Overall, the city has been prospering, but there are rumors of several different forces (similar to cults) that are becoming tired of their ways...

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