Kyou Hamasaki
Kyou Hamasaki
Age 17
Gender Male
Race Human
Born June 2
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Black, clean trim
Eyes brown
Height 6'1"
Weight 152lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team HKRI
Partner Rhoda Hylonome
Personal Status
Relatives Haldor Baines
Additional Info
Dislikes Idiots
 Kyou Hamasaki is the twin brother of Haldor Baines and another member of Team HKRI.


Kyou is a tall young man with a slender build. He has neatly combed black hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion. His outfit is simply a men's Hakama (dark green top and dark gray pants), his symbol being sewn in bellow the collar, and a white shirt underneath. Over that he wears a lighter green cloth jacket with a floral pattern on the back. On his feet, Kyou wears a pair of white tabi (in basic terms traditional Japanese socks) and sandles.

His katana is sheathed on the left side of his outfit.


Because of his upbringing, Kyou is very respectful when it comes to talking with elders or others of high authority. He'll always behaves in a mannerly fashion to all aquaintances especially women, as that's how his father taught him to be. Because of this, some girls tend to think of Kyou to be quite the charmer, though that is not his intention. Though when it comes to his brother Harold or someone who acts rudely toward him, Kyou will often reply to them with smart-mouth remarks.

Kyou has a lot of patience when it comes to certain issues; however he has none when it comes to idiots like his brother. Often when Harold does something that gets on his other brother's nerves, Kyou will have moments where he will completely go off on him.

It may in fact seem like Kyou bares hatred toward his brother, but that's not really the case. He loves Harold a lot, but only acts this way due to his family's wishes and because he's also jealous of the enjoyable life he had.

Weapon & Abilities

Due to his training, Kyou is skilled in using a sword, so he uses a traditional katana (specifically a Nodachi), a well crafted and maintained heirloom in the Hamasaki family. His movements are quick and well-timed, so he doesn't end up wasting a lot of energy. He prefers to keep battles short when fighting creatures of Grimm and meager opponents, and will try to end the battle with one strike. When fighting tougher opponents his mindset changes slightly; instead of hoping for a quick battle, he tries to look for an enemy's weak points to exploit.

Basic Abilities: Kyou's best skills are his speed, stamina, and intelligence. He isn't capable of taking strong blows, or dealing heavy attacks either.

Aura and Semblance

Kyou's Aura is a vibrant green in color and provides him with defense and heightened perception. His Semblance is called "Sylph's Circle" and deals with glyphs that control air currents, to help with certain mobility boosts and other effects.

Mobility: By summoning the glyph on the ground, anyone who steps on it will gain its effects. The glyph takes a bit before it can take in and control the air in its general vicinity, around 5-20 seconds (time depends on how many people are gaining its effects). Once it's active and ready for use, a small whirlwind will start to spin on it; anyone standing, or that walks into the glyph will be encircled by the swirling air, increasing their mobility (agility and/or jump height) for 10 seconds to a minute (time varies, depending on how long the effect is meant to last for).

Kyou's glyphs also have a somewhat opposite effect; for a quick recovery, lets say plummeting to the ground, he can use his Semblance to slow down his falling speed. By controlling the winds, he can use the air to "catch" him by creating a swirling vortex he can glide down in. This ability though cannot be used to gain an effect of flight however, as it would cause a bit too much stress on Kyou for maintaining the wind's stability.

Again his glyph can be used by anyone that walks into it, enemies are no exception. Also the longer he wants the effect to last, it takes more time and energy for Kyou when casting the glyph.

Attacking: The other effects for his Semblance are for calling upon more fierce winds to help slice down his opponents. By creating a smaller glyph where his katana's guard is, Kyou can coat his sword in a swirling current of air (takes 15 seconds to charge). With this technique he can give himself a small advantage in distant tactics by sending waves of air toward opponents as he makes slashing motions. He's able to fire 3 waves to his opponent from a distance of 15 meters before having to conjure the wind again. The gales he sends off are as sharp as his sword, but can be dodged or deflected.

He can even trick opponents by summoning his glyph on the ground as though he were using it for a speed boost; instead of giving them a boost in mobility, he could use the air to slash his opponent furiously from all directions as long as they're standing on it.


Because Kyou wears fabric instead of armor, more wounds can be inflicted on him, so he has to rely heavily on his Aura. His Semblance takes a lot of stamina when used, so he isn't able to use all of his abilities at the same time. Casting his glyphs and sustaining them for a prolonged effect and number of people using the effect will take a heavy toll, depending on the numbers (so he can't increase the speed of 40 people, max he can accomplish and still be able to fight effectively is 4 including himself).


Kyou and his younger brother had spent a lot of time with each other when they were little. In the Hamasaki household, the both of them would always pretend to be swordsman and battle each other as the adults watched them. When the twins were both 7, the elders of the family had decided to have them train in kendo as an experiment of theirs, not telling the boys their intentions.

Kyou had shown a lot more discipline than Harold during practice and had the best form of the two of them. He was always praised for his hardwork while Harold had been scolded just for trying to make things fun for him. After 4 years of training, the Hamasaki elders had revealed what they were looking for in the boys, someone who was fitting to uphold the Hamasaki family name. Kyou had won this competition of course, but at the cost of his little brother being disowned by the elders; they thought of Harold as nothing, and told Kyou not to waste his time interacting with someone as worthless as him.

The elders honored his achievement by gifting him with the family sword, also putting a lot of expectations and responsibility on his shoulders. Kyou had to train 24/7 as ordered by his family to become a great well respected Hunter for the family as tradition of the Hamasaki household. He had to study hard, keep his grades up, pretty much do everything he could to be easily accepted into Beacon. When the academy looked at his transcripts, they saw no reason to deny Kyou entry as he had met all the necessary qualifications.


  • Kyou is a Japanese and comes from cooperation, capital, village or apricot (being his color reference).
  • Hamasaki is also a Japanese surname with hama meaning "beach, seashore" and saki being "small penisula, cape".
    • Unrelated, but his surname is shared by one of my favorite Japanese singers, Ayumi Hamasaki.
  • Kyou has a different surname than his brother Harold.
    • He is the more serious brother, and has a lot more skill and intelligence compared to Harold (though he's actually an idiot deep down inside).
    • the both of them were born on June 2 making them Geminis.
    • He and his brother share the symbol for Gemini as their emblems with slight differences.
  • Kyou's character is heavily inspired by Japanese culture (if you haven't noticed by now).
  • Some character inspiration can actually go to Kengo Miyazawa from the anime Little Busters!
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