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Don't take shit without permission, bitches
Um... I'm actually a guy...
— Lacie Serica

Lacie Serica
Age 17
Title Priest
Nickname None
Status Active
Color Linen
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Black Widow Spider
Born September 6th
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Semblance To be added
Height 5'3
Weight 100 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team PLTM
Partner Phoebus Thies
Occupation Hunter in training
Additional Info
Emblem Lacie Symbol
Likes Sewing, cheese, milk
Dislikes People who calls him "a girl"


Black hair

Red eyes

Skinny built

Outfit ref below. I'm not describing it.


Lacie is a sweet, caring and mothery kind of person. He is very loyal to his friends and cares about them a lot, to the point that their health is his top priory. His friends often describe him as a person who "is very caution and overprepared everything" - a trait that his teammates would sometimes teases him about it.

However, Lacie is easily offended when people bully him for being a Faunus, other Faunus making fun of him or when someone calls him a girl. He will tear up and hide away from them, and would often distant himself from his friends.

Lacie is also insecure about his eyes - he often experienced people running away or fear him, so he would try and avoid looking directly in someone's eyes. However, he is very comfortable fighting Grimm, and sometimes he even enjoy it, no matter how dangerous it is.


Lacie was born in a Faunus family in Vale. While it's not uncommon for Faunus to be bullied, Lacie has been bullied by other Faunus as well, since he was a female Black Widow Faunus. He was often teased about how he would kill and eat his future partner and that he's suppose to be "violence".

This continued to follow him during his time in Signal: No matter how nice he was to everyone, no one would give him the chance. Eventually, Lacie started identifying himself as "male" and cut his hair short, while maintaining his caring attitude.

After graduated from Signal, he applied to Beacon Academy and was accepted.

Weapon and ability:


Lacie doesn't have a real weapon.


Lacie has medium-fast speed, is very agile and can evade attacks very well with his slim figure. Being a Faunus, he's gifted with night vision, as well as the ability to produce spider silk from the sweat glands on the palm of his hands.

The silk he makes is thin, yet is very durable, making it an excellent natural weapon for both offend and defend, as well as wrapping up injures. He can shoot his silk to up to 20 feet, and can use it to swing himself/his teammate, stick and trap his opponent and can even block projectiles.

His Aura's color is light pink.

His Semblance is "Death Weaver" - The Semblance itself allows him to manipulate thread, yarn, wool, string, etc (as long as it's material to make clothes) to the very fiber of it. Lacie can uses it to control fiber, change it density and even harden it. Lacie uses his Semblance to turn his silk into a pair of arm blade for close combat, or a bow for ranged attack. However, he can only control the fiber if he is touching it, and it can still be cut off with enough force. The fiber will return to normal once his Semblance runs out.

In Battle:


  • When fighting on his own, Lacie will actively dodge and not attacking them. Instead, he will set up a giant web and bait his opponents into it, before wrapping them up in a cocoon.

With Team:

  • His strategy isn't very different when he fights with his teammate. However, Lacie will likely to use his Semblance to trip the enemies as well, giving his teammates a chance to attack them when they are down.


  • Lacie Symbol
    Phoebus Thies: He is caution around Phoebus at first, but has been warming up to him more. In Lacie's opinion, Phoebus can be a hilarious guy (as long as he wasn't being offensive).
  • Tomy Bao: He likes Tomy a lot - he's one of the few who openly protect Lacie whenever someone bullies him. He knows Tomy has never taken relationship serious, so Lacie is still holding himself back from confessing his feeling to Tomy.
  • Monte Shep: A little brother to Lacie, he would spend time with Monte and is willing to help him with anything. They even craft a lot of things together.


  • Lacie loves all types of dairy product - he consumes a lot after he produced a lot of silk.
  • Can't drink coffee. He will get drunk easily if given coffee.


  • "Lacie" means "Lace" - usually white in color.
  • "Serica" means "Silk" - usually white/pale pink in color.
  • He is based on the "Healer" class - "Bishop" branch in RPG.




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