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Laelia Furfuracea.
Age 17.
Title Wingless Seraph.
Alias Zila Crovus Orru.
Nickname Seraph.
Status Alive. (Faked death)
Color Damson.
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous.
Complexion Light skin.
Hair Short white hair.
Eyes Bright yellow.
Semblance A murder.
Height 5'9
Professional Status
Affiliation Astraea.

Masters realm.

Occupation Mercenary.
Personal Status
Relatives Vesta Furfuracea. (Mother)


Laelia wears a dark purple long sleeve leather jacket over a black shirt and jet black plain trousers with a dark purple combat skirt. She also wears a small dark purple cloak and a white obi sash around her lower torso. She has dark brown hair with a black ribbon.

There are black metal gauntlets on her forearms to reinforce her punches and to block attacks from weapons. Underneath one of them she has a friendship bracelet given to her by Gretel. She also has armor on her upper torso and legs. Her leg armor and shoes have rocket boosters that help her move faster and allows her to hover half a meter above ground. A pair of royal purple robotic feathered wings are inside the armor on her upper torso. These help her to control her flight as she hovers.

New identity

After faking her own death, Laelia had to change her gear and appearance to make sure that she stayed out of Master's radar. She now had to shorten her hair to be just a bit above her shoulders and dyed it silver with a slight purple tint and gave herself a messy hairstyle. She also wears a black mask like visor over her head that helps her see in the dark and communicate freely with her superiors or teammates in missions.

Laelia also wears a damson colored shirt with dark silver body armor on her chest made out of a hardened ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene and a black hooded Astraea long sleeve jacket made out of a material similar to graphene. The jacket itself has a faded out logo of Astraea's emblem on the back. Her trousers are a shade of blackbean with black fire decals near the bottom and are made out of the same material of the jacket, making them very durable.

She also has shoulder armor and arm gauntlets made out of the same material as her chest armor, desined to give her protection but also a lot of freedom of movement. Her gauntlets also hold her main weapons, allowing her to carry them easily out of battle while being able to quickly arm herself for a battle.

Her belt has multiple small bags that gontain plently of bullets, dust and one specifically for fresh mint leaves.


Laelia is a calm, disciplined soldier. Laelia obeys most of her orders without any hesitation and would risk her own life to protect her teammates. She also is slightly arrogant. She finds that she needs her abilities challenged to have purpose in life and is a great believer in personal strength. She has no respect for those who don't earn their positions through hard work and dedication.

When not on duty, she spends a lot of her free time studying and learning about different fighting styles, her favorite is Mulan Jade's own style of Five-to-one.

During battle, Laelia's personality changes from a calm girl into a fierce individual with a powerful desire to win. She rarely holds back in a fight. If she spots someone of interest she will ask them to battle her so that she can fully analyze their fighting style. She hates to lose or fail at a mission.

She has great respect for her mother and often writes to her.

Laelia has a deep love of dark chocolate and likes things smaller than her. She can sometimes be found looking at small realistic doll houses.

New identity

After faking her and her mothers deaths when she was targeted by Master's Realm, Laelia had to change her outward personally  to keep her cover. She speaks in a calm, soft-spoken monotone voice, rarely displaying any emotion. Any time she does laugh is usually just one or two low chuckles or a small grin. She also uses a small eastern accent when speaking with anyone outside of Astraea.

Laelia has great respect for her tutors and superiors in Astraea, viewing them like role models. She also keeps an eye out for her fellow Astraea members, checking in on them from time to time to make sure they're in top form.

If anyone suggests that she looks like or reminds someone of Laelia, she responds by saying that she used to get that all the time and shrug off the notion, hoping the person would drop the subject and lose their suspicions.

Whenever she feels down or stressed, Laelia either chews fresh mint leaves or listens to calm rock.

Weapons and abilities

Laelia is very quick and agile due to her mother training her to be a gymnast. She also has learned a few Five-to-One fighting styles from her former teammate Kurai. She managed to learn Staring Tiger, Roaring Lion, Soaring Eagle, Idle Turtle and Jade Mantis with his help. Like Mulan, Laelia uses a series of quick counter strikes to subdue her opponents and dodges their attacks by using a series of small movements and steps that can be compared to a elegant dance. She only uses the stances when on the ground.

Laelia also has rocket boosters in her legs and feet that help her move faster and allows her to hover above ground. She also has retractable robotic wings in the Armour around her upper torso. These help her to control her flight as she hovers.

Laelias main weapon is a cutlass that's about a third of a meter long. The design of the blade is based on the design of Mulan Jades wasp blade. It's very durable and is also quite effective when fighting in small spaces.

New identity

After faking her death, Laelia has had to put away her wings and cutlass to avoid people recognizing her from her fighting style. This also meant avoiding using the Jade Mantis fighting style as often.

Her new weapons are called Obsidian Jaws. Two long butterfly knives with the back of the blade haveing a row of several large spikes like a macuahuitl. One side for precise slices, the other side to rip and tear through an enemy. The blades also can open up and turn into a gun based off a ASP. The bullets themselves are specially made high caliber bullets and can be reloaded very fast. 

Laelia also now wears a special visor over her eyes that has inbuilt night vision to locate any nearby targets in the dark, giving her a similar advantage to a faunus at fighting in dark environments.

Laelia's semblance is called a murder, the name given to a flock of crows. She can create and shoot out explosive homing projectiles shaped like large ravens. The energy projectiles fire at eight shots per second and have a range of 30km. If it make contact with dust, the projectile will adopt the elemental power of the dust when it hits the target. For example, fire dust will lead to to a firey explosion, electric dust leads to a strong electrical discharge on impact, steam dust hits the opponent with a hot cloud of steam and gravity dust will force an opponent to float in the air for about five seconds. Since Laelia never revealed her semblance to anyone but her mother, Laelia can use it freely in her new identity.


Laelia grew up in a small village in the east of Vale. She was the daughter of a skilled gymnast who was a former huntress.

Her mother often forced her to be the best she could be through intense training routines, Despit this, she did her best to be a good mother for Laelia and always supported her.

After Laelia turned twelve, a old friend of her mother nicknamed Master saw Laelias potential and offered to train her to unlock her true potential. Both Laelia and her mother agreed and she went of to study under his command.

She then worked and trained with a number of young combat students. Two of them, Kurai and Gretel became very good friends and teammates. Kurai taught her the Five-To-One stances his mother taught him and she became a skilled ally. But after a while, Gretel began to have doubts about Master and decided to leave. She tried to convince Kurai and Laelia to come with her and become famous hunters, but after Kurai declined the offer Laelia also declined in case it would upset her mother.

After Gretel left Masters organization, Laelia got bored of chasing weak criminals and wanted to test her skills against the strongest opponents she could find. Kurai noticed this and let her leave the organization pretending that she went missing.

A few days after leaving, Laelia tried to apply for Beacon, but she didn't make it in time to enroll. About a day later, she was recruited by a organization called Astraea who promised to satisfy her hunger for a challenge. She now works for them as a mercenary. 

New identity

After almost a year of working for Astraea, Laelia became a target of Masters Realm during a mission with two operatives from Flagg industry. After a few more attacks aimed towards her, Laelia decided to inform her mother what was going on and fake their deaths with the help of Astraea.

Her mother decided to work for Astraea as a combat trainer, trying to help strengthen Astraea in hope of a chance to go against Masters realm as revenge for targeting her daughter.

Laelia herself needed to undergo an identity change, now sporting two blades, a specially made Astraea jacket, and a mask for her eyes. Her biggest challenge was trying to get used to only traveling on the ground now that she couldn't use her wings anymore.


Notes and trivia

  • Her theme song is Cryoshell - Murky.
  • Astraea is a organization that belongs to Maki Kuronami. 
  • Laelia furfuracea is the name of a species of orchid found in Mexico.

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