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Lancot Troyes

Snake Faunus




MaleIcon Male






1.76 metres


69 kg

Hair Color

Tinted Green

Eye Color

Sick Yellow (Real)
Green (Contacts)


Enhancer - Lost Honor

Professional Status




Previous Occupation




Lancot Troyes is a member of Team SALT and a Squire from the Leros Order which protects the royal Goneril family that Lear had came from. He was sent to Beacon Academy to train as a Hunter and earn a chance at knighthood. He uses the Bomber Lancer (BL) named Charette and excels in explosive close-combat fighting, similar to Nora. Lancot is also a Snake Faunus, being the first Faunus in his family and hence is considered its black sheep.


A Snake and hence reptile Faunus, Lancot looks a lot more different from humans as compared to Faunus who belong to mammalian species. In terms of ears, Lancot does not have any. The only things that can be called his ears are two bare holes at the side of his head, which Lancot hides by wearing a wig of long green-tinted hair that reaches his shoulders. The wig also indicates his second difference; Lancot has no hair, both on his head and the rest of his body. Furthermore, on his arms, legs, cheeks and the top of his head, he has light scales the colour of dirty swamp green. His eyes are also a sickly yellow, with the iris being inhumanly sharp and thin like that of a reptile, which he covers with contact lens that give him normal-looking green eyes. Lancot will also seem to have a grey little jewel embedded in the center of his head, only visible under intense scrutiny. This is actually his parietal eye, or his 'third' eye, just like in some snakes. Lancot also has a forked tongue, but he clips the fork together through a gold ring piercing to make it look normal. Finally, Lancot's canines, or in truth venomous fangs, are slightly thinner and elongated compared to other people and the gum around them seems a little inflated, due to his venom glands.

Due to his physical appearance and his shame with it, Lancot dresses very carefully to cover it up. Thankfully the Beacon uniform covers the whole body, so he has no problems and looks no different from other students when in school, with him only needing to put on make-up on his face to cover up the scales. In battle, he wears the armor of his Order, a full set of intricate armor, consisting of an internal thick leather layer that then has fantasy-like metal armor plates attached to it, complete with metal gauntlets that have claw-like ends and metal-reinforced boots. Lancot also wears the optional rustic knight helmet, so that it weighs down on his wig, along with a visor that leaves a thinly carved slit for vision. His own addition to the armor is a green garment around and below the hips armor. The whole set is very heavy while restrictive to movement and it does weight Lancot down when he is not energized. In casual times, Lancot still wears the armor, just without the helmet, excusing himself as needing to be constantly ready to protect himself and his charge, Lear.


Since the day my mother allowed me to come into this world, I have been taught the way of the knight. Defeated? Follow the knight. Cheated? Follow the knight. Victorious? Follow the knight. You might call it a blind devotion to an outdated way, but to me, that was my only option.

Lancot carries himself with the honorable air that is expected of a member of his Knight Order, upholding a strict code of chivalry, both in combat and out of it. He is not willing to cheat, lie or deceive and regards the opponents who manage to impress him to be that of worth and hence he cannot imagine insulting them and their strength by fighting half-heartedly, resulting in him always striving to fight at full power in combat, keeping no tricks up his sleeve. This honorable method of fighting, however, puts him at odds with the more deceptive and tricky members of his team, especially Yin Long. He also tries for the fairest conditions possible, deliberately allowing his opponents to retrieve their weapons if they lost them or handicapping himself if his opponents are being burdened by something that is a result of a dishonorable act.

With regards to his charge Lear, Lancot is extremely loyal to the former prince and wishes to serve his charge and life-long friend to the best of his abilities. He is even willing to go so far as to break his own code of chivalry if Lear demands it of him or he needs to do it in order to protect Lear, which in this case also activates his Aura Semblance, making him an all the more lethal servant. He tends to also infringe on Lear's choices, if only to better serve him as a knight. He even once attempted to partner up with Lear, though he did not anticipate the way partnerships were going to be formed and hence failed in this regard. When dealing with others, Lancot remains polite, if not almost stern, and he is very patient, but always keeps his distance from others and keeps his personal matters to himself.

When faced with his Faunus race, Lancot falls apart. He has no problem with the bullying and rejection for he has already faced 17 years of it, making him acclimitized, but he has a great fear of getting those around him hurt because of his race. He also knew that while his family had attempted to treat him as one of them, he was the unspoken shame and he believes internally that the next four years in Beacon would be the last years he could ever practice being a knight, for he is sure (and correct) that his Order would not accept a Faunus, no matter their caliber. It is not a matter of occupation but a way of life, for once he has graduated, he would be stripped of the one way he has been taught to live since his birth, thrown callously into the world, lost and in need for a new purpose, an inevitable but terrifying prospect to him.

Perhaps it is true that I was in chains. But as I hung over the darkness, those chains, while bound around me, kept me safe. Without them, I will fall. Without them, I will be lost.


Lancot's weapon is the Bomber Lancer named Charette, possessing two forms. Its first form is that of a bastard sword, with a flamberge(flame-shaped) blade, with a very large and wide basket hilt, which actually holds the parts needed to turn into the second form. Also, from the hilt to the middle of the blade, there is a green Dust crystal that has been shaved till it is as flat as the blade that it is embedded in. At the other end of the grip, there is a ball-shaped pommel made out from the same Dust crystal. In this form, Lancot typically wields the sword two-handed and uses it for vicious and fast swings that cover a wide area, while switching to a hand-and-a-half style when people get even closer to him. With each swing, the crystal in the blade glows, giving off an eruption of energy with a cutting edge, making the range of the blade actually longer than the physical blade itself, while leaving a lasting energy trail that cuts those who step into it. Lancot can also strike his opponent with the crystal pommel, which in this case will release energy that numbs the area hit.

Charette's second form fully reflects its weapon-type. When prompted to transform by pulling the pommel to extend the grip, the blade splits into two that then move slight apart, while the crystal slightly moved up away from the hilt. Like a telescope, the huge hilt then reveals metal plates that extend and lock with the split blades, forming, in the end, a large lance. The lance is both a powerful weapon and shield, as its large size and weight gives it both destructive potential, stability and defensive coverage. The tip of the lance can split open in the middle, with the two halfs of the cone shifting out. This allows the crystal inside to act as a cannon, firing out green balls of energy out of the lance. These balls possess both blunt and sharp power, being able to push back bodies and destroy walls, while lacerating soft objects through the green energy.


Character Attributes
Alignment: Loyal to Lear
Strength: C - C+ Aura: D
Defense: D - D+ Agility: D - C
Endurance: C Technique: D
Intelligence: C+ Leadership: C
Experience: Growing Semblance: C

Physical Attributes and Aura

As a Snake Faunus, Lancot possesses several special attributes. His third eye allows him to see in infrared, meaning he can see the heat signatures of others, will not be impaired in the dark and is not really blinded by stuff like flash-bangs so long as they do not give off overflowing amounts of heat. His fangs possess venom and because Lancot regards using his fangs as dishonorable, his venom is enhanced by his Aura, sending a victim reeling in a drunken stupor within seconds, while in a few minutes, they will begin to feel pain all over their bodies as their muscles seize up. Lancot himself has the anti-venom but because it, as an honorable object, is not enhanced by his Aura, the victim will still be unconscious for three to four days.

Finally, Lancot is cold-blooded just like a reptile. In enclosed or shaded areas, he is at his normal level of strength, but when he is allowed to bask in the sun and heat up his blood, he is said to be 'energized' and grows more active and powerful. He becomes capable of carrying his massive weapon with only one hand, dealing much stronger hits with greater speed and more dynamic movements despite the weight of his armor. He usually disguises his cold-blooded trait as being his Semblance, where the light grants him strength through its 'holy attribute' and he 'praises the sun for its beautiful light'. In truth, it is not the light, but the heat that is giving him power and hence in hot areas or in fire, he is also 'energized'.

Lancot's Aura appears as a glow that with a scaly green, akin to the skin of a green mamba. He possesses the Semblance of "Full Name: Body Enhancer - Lost Honor", a representation of his own shame at himself for being a Snake Faunus. Whenever he gains the desire to cheat or do something he regards as dishonorable, he begins to be slowly overwhelmed by said desire, while his Aura begins to enhance all of his physical statistics at the same time. At full power, he is hands-down the physical strongest Beacon first-year student, reaching the level of Yatsuhashi, while possessing a large amount of speed, but suffers an absolute lack of control, his only goal being to complete the dishonorable act that he had committed himself to. He lacks Dust talent and in turn a Style, but can combine Dust with his Semblance, covering his body and attacks in coats of elemental effect.

Other Skills

Lancot, due to his extreme determination to take care of Lear's well-being, professes to have devoted himself to the "arts of servitude". He is akin to a capable butler in several aspects, being skilled in cleaning, washing and most notably, cooking. His most signature act during his stay in Beacon Academy occurs during recess, when he adds something to the canteen food that somehow incredibly amplifies the taste and smell of it, making everyone around him water.


  • For those of you who play Dark Souls, you should know what 'praising the sun' refers to.
  • The first name Lancot is a compressed version of "Lancelot" and the family name Troyes is from the poet Chretien de Troyes who made the first work where Lancelot originated from. The weapon name Charette comes from the name of that same poem, Le Chevalier de la Charette.
  • As a reptilian-type Faunus, Lancot looks much more different from humans and the heavy 'disfigurement' of his type is one of the main reasons why there is so much discrimination against Faunus.


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