"I've hurt people. Not because of what I did, but what I didn't do. I was asleep, sleepwalking... I pretended not to see."
— Lanse, speaking to an unknown person about his childhood
Lanse Nanhai
Age 17
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Born October 1st
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Semblance Soundwave Manpiulation


Height 180 cm
Weight 90 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AVLC
Partner Argent Cloche
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Jin Nanhai

(Father), Tian Nanhai (Mother), Jin Nanhai Jr. (Older Brother)

Additional Info
Likes Helping others

Playing music

Dislikes Intolerance


Special Skills Musician


Weaknesses Nosy

Low Stamina

Character Theme

Foo Fighters - The Pretender
Battle Theme

ACE+ - You Will Know Our Names

Lanse Nanhai is an original character created by Electric Spark. He is a member of Team AVLC and is the third character introduced of the group. His weapon is a Quad-Barreled Hyraulinked Twinblade Spear (QHTS) called "Gjallarthorn". He has yet to make an appearance.


Lanse has the appearance of someone who's lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. He still has the vestiges of a pampered life on him, but his frame has very quickly transformed from an overweight one to one lean and slim. His black hair is messy, but seems to fall into a presentable appearance due to years of professional grooming. His deep blue eyes are slightly hidden behind his 0000 THEIA HUD Glasses, which he always wears unless sleeping. He's by no means short, just barely reaching the six foot mark, but his slight stockiness makes him appear a bit more compact than others of his height.

Clothing-wise, he wears a dark blue Mao-style long coat, cleanly buttoned, with his emblem embroidered on the upper parts of his shoulders. Tied around his neck is a ruffled white cravat. His black pair of dress pants (that allow for a surprisingly large amount of movement) are held up by two brown, intertwined belts, crossing at an X angle in the front and holding up a magnet in the back that anchors Gjallarthorn on his waist. A pair of brown shoes with black accents completes his normal outfit. He also wears a pair of brown-gold goggles, which rest atop his head. During combat, he lowers them over his glasses to protect them.

During class, he wears the normal Beacon Academy uniform, but retains his glasses and cravat.


As a member of a respectable family, Lanse has spent his entire life embroiled in warfare. Not the kind with bloodshed and violence, but with words and deals. He's extremely outgoing, but not in the annoying, bothersome way or the shallowly interested way of the politician. When speaking to Lanse, one gets the feeling that he's listening and paying attention from the bottom of his heart. However, he has a tendency to get involved with things that don't concern him, and he tries to help others with their problems as much as he can. This can lead to others accusing him of being nosy. However, in contrast, if Lanse has a problem, he tries to keep it to himself and bear the burden alone. It wouldn't be a stretch to say he has a "hero complex".

Another reason Lanse gets involved with others is to avoid talking about himself. After living in his older brother's shadow for most of his life, he developed extremely low self-esteem, especially regarding his own achievements. He won't take positive credit for anything he does, even if it was obviously his doing. On the flip side, he's quick to cast blame on himself, even taking heat for others on most occasions. This has led to others labeling him as "one of the truly kind people in this world." He treats everyone equally, except for those who do not give others equal respect, as they'll get none from him. Lanse is even a Faunus rights activist, one of the few members of the human elite who are openly outspoken as such.


Early Childhood

Nanhai Technologies, Inc. (more informally known as the Nanhai Corporation) is one of the largest business conglomerates in Mistral. As a zaibatsu, the multikingdom company is led by a "head family", the titular Nanhai family. This is the world that Lanse Nanhai was born into.

The company's slogan is also the family's creed. "First, Safety. Next, Diligence. Finally, Success." has been drilled into each generation of Nanhais since Lanse's great-great-grandfather founded the corporation during the War. And while his father didn't show much interest in his upbringing, his mother was extremely strict on all these principles. For as long as Lanse remembers, he's had these tenets forced on him.

Safety. Lanse was never to do anything in which there was risk. In fact, it was frowned upon for him to leave the family estate for anything other than business trips. He was home-schooled for most of his life, and waited upon by maids and butlers at his whim. There was no sense of independence to be found in the Nanhai household.

Diligence. Hard work was key. If you were going to do something, you had to be fully committed. When Lanse decided at a young age that he wanted to pursue music as a hobby, his mother outfitted a room in the manor with every instrument conceivable. Even after Lanse had gained skill with each of them and grew tired, he was expected to continue down the path he had chosen.

Success. If a Nanhai did something, they would succeed. At all costs. Lanse studied hard and practiced hard. He won many academic and musical awards through his own talents, but if they weren't enough, his family was there with the clout to make sure he did. And if he, by some chance, failed? The consequences were...severe.

The Faunus Rights Movement

Obviously, Lanse rebelled against these imposed "rules". He was the second son of the Nanhais, and he didn't nearly have the managerial aptitude of his extremely successful older brother. He wasn't going to inherit the family business anytime soon, so why waste his time being little more than a figure to complete the image of the perfect family? He started slacking in his studies, and even began sneaking out of the estate for time among the locals.

It was around this time that Lanse became friends with a young Faunus girl of the same age as himself. She was an orphan, subject of discrimination and abuse, but she entertained dreams of becoming a huntress. Lanse was spellbound by the stories she told of heroes who protected those who couldn't protect themselves. He admired her courage in face of all her hardships. But their friendship wouldn't last forever.

As a Faunus, the girl was an active supporter of the White Fang. She believed in standing up for herself, even if the rest of the world looked down upon her. Lanse was leery to share his views, especially because of the Nanhai Corporation's neutral view on Faunus rights. The company didn't personally utilize unethical Faunus labor, but several of its associates did. The Nanhais simply turned a blind eye to that fact. Eventually, the leadership in the White Fang changed. It was subtle at first, but eventually their activities exploded. And one of their first events directly involved Lanse.

The Nanhai Family was visiting one of its associates in the nearby city, one that was especially notorious for Faunus inequality, but had never been charged. A civil protest had been scheduled for the event, and Lanse knew that his friend wouldn't miss it for the world. Even as the limousine he rode in pulled up to the site, he could see her there in the front of the crowd, holding a picket sign and chanting for change. He knew he couldn't wave or get her attention, lest he hurt the family image.

Suddenly, some of the Faunus began to reveal weapons. They surged forwards in an attempt to seize the family members. They clashed with the Nanhai Corporation's Security Forces, and a battle started to erupt right in the middle of the city. Horrified by the slaughter going on around him, Lanse forsook the family's neutrality and jumped directly into the fray to look for the girl who meant so much to him.

He found her lying motionless in the middle of the street, with blood pooled around her body. A weapon wasn't present, so she had likely been unarmed. Devastated, Lanse cradled her body in his arms as tears fell down his face in hot streams. The moment was soon gone, as one of the security force members dragged him back towards the automobile. He screamed for the man to stop and let him go back, but there was nothing he could do. He never saw her again, and never found out if she lived or died.

That day shook Lanse to his core. His family, in a sense, was at fault for what happened. They ignored the plight of the Faunus and piddled away their lives while others struggled just to avoid daily abuse. For the first time in his life, Lanse felt like he had awoken from a stupor. He came to two big conclusions. The first was that he had no real power to protect the things he cherished in life. The second was that this dispute over Faunus rights would only lead to more bloodshed unless it was resolved. And the only way to ensure that nothing like that would ever happen again, Lanse determined that it would need to end in Faunus getting their rights peacefully.

But the event had also changed his mother. She ruled with an even tighter grip on him, practically forbidding him to leave the manor and even communicate with any Faunus. Lanse even heard rumors among the staff that he was to be politically wed to a female member of another large, influential family. Lanse knew he needed to find a way to get away from (and perhaps spite) his parents and make sure he gained the strength to hold his own.

Enrollment at Beacon Academy

Taking the girl's dream into account, Lanse set his sights on the legendary hunter school, Beacon Academy. He began a rigorous training methodology alongside the members of the Nanhai Corporation's highly-trained Security Forces, gaining muscle mass and working on his agility. He even commissioned a weaponsmith to modify the gunblade dao that were standard-issue for the Nanhai Security Forces into a weapon solely suited for him. He christened it "Gjallarthorn" and began to practice with it constantly in secret. He nearly killed himself multiple times trying to get the hang of the weapon, and ignored training his Aura and Semblance to further familiarize himself with his new weapon.

Eventually, after years of training, Lanse applied to Beacon. Although his combat skills were average at best, his academics were off the required charts, and he was accepted. Once his parents found out, his mother was outraged and attempted to derail his plans. To her, Lanse was breaking the first tenet of the family's creed by trying to take up an occupation that resulted, as she saw it, only in death. But Lanse won out in the end, and she agreed to let him attend Beacon only if he took a bodyguard along. Coincidentally, one of the Security Force members' sons had been accepted into Beacon as well, and Lanse was introduced to him. His name was Marcus Leinedhearg, and they became fast friends. It wouldn't be long before the two made their way onto the airships bound for Beacon.

During Intiation, Lanse and Marcus met in the Emerald Forest, but failed to lock eyes with each other before Lanse made eye contact with a young girl named Argent Cloche. As a part of Team AVLC, he worked hard under Argent and another teammate, Cam Wells, to better himself in combat. After the Fall of Beacon, Lanse remained behind in Vale, lending his expertise and resources to help in establishing a safe zone in the city.

Abilities and Powers

Lanse is extremely book-smart, able to recall facts and figures seemingly from nowhere. He puts this to good use at Beacon by extensively researching various types of Grimm and their weaknesses. He makes certain to communicate an enemies' Achilles' heel to his teammates as soon as the battle starts.

In battle, Lanse always goes after the most high-value target, usually the "Leader". His specialty is a huge amount of damage over a short time period, so while his teammates keep the smaller enemies occupied, he throws down with the big guy. If there's only one enemy, Lanse waits for a bit, looking for the enemies' weakness, then strikes it with precision.

When fighting one-on-one, Lanse always tries to make the first move, but afterwards, prefers to wait and judge his enemy while moving as little as possible to conserve his low stamina. After getting a feel for the enemy's battle style, he engages. If he's alone against multiple enemies, Lanse cuts through the smaller enemies first, before proceeding on to the leader.

Lanse also makes sure to utilize his Semblance to the fullest. Some of his favorite applications of "Foley" are comical sound effects during everyday chatting, and tapping his feet to make backup instruments during his rehearsals. In-battle, he loves to simulate the click of an empty magazine during critical moments to bait his opponents into an attack, then suprise them with bullets. And, of course, the stealth aspects are innumerable, as he can make himself completely silent.

He is also skilled with nearly every instrument on Remnant.

His aura glows a dark blue when it is active.


Lanse's semblance is called "Foley". He can alter the components of a sound and shape them into any form of noise he wishes.

Level 1

Lanse can only alter sounds that directly emanate from his own body, cannot relocate them, and cannot either change the volume more than 50dB from its starting value, or above 100dB in general. Any additional sound energy is either created or dissipated by his Aura. Also, because of the complexity of speech, he can only mimick a person's voice with his own (versus, say, clapping his hands). In addition, he can only mimick a person's voice if he has directly heard them speak; recordings will not suffice.

This is the general day-to-day usage of Foley.

Level 2

With training, Lanse has now become able to control the speed and pressure of sound waves as well. In short, he can create small sonic booms and their resulting force in the form of shockwaves. This still requires the generation of a sound, but Lanse usually uses either the clicking of his empty gun barrel chambers, or simply the whooshing noise created by the air resistance against his weapon. When he has run out of bullets, they function almost as a back-up ammunition source, allowing him to launch small bolts of force at enemies. This sees most use when Gjallarthorn is in its spear form, as it is difficult to reach the triggers on the hilts of its blades.

Lanse first demonstrated use of this ability during the Battle of Beacon.

Lanse Nanhai's Stats :

Primary Role Striker
Secondary Role Leader
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Weapon and Gear


Lanse's weapon is Gjallarthorn, a Quad-Barreled Hyraulinked Twinblade Spear (QHTS).

In its normal form, Gjallarthorn resembles a spear with very long blades on each end. In reality, both blades are Dao swords, set with their edges facing away from each other. Each is outfitted with a pistol barrel on either side of the blade, which fire high-recoil dust bullets, which are loaded via clips into magazines that act as the blade crossguards. The hilt of each gun has two triggers.

In its second form, the spear splits apart in the middle, allowing Lanse to hold a Dao in each hand. The blades are linked by a hydraulic cable that runs from the end of one hilt to the other. The cable has two main purposes. One is that it can extend and retract using levers that seem to be handguards. The cable can shrink completely down, or extend up to ten yards. The other usage is the firing mechanism. The trigger closest to the blade on each weapon fires the inner barrel of the respective gun. However, thanks to the guns being connected, the second trigger fires the outer barrel on the opposite gun. This means that Lanse can activate a gunblade when it isn't even in his hand. This allows for a near-unparalled amount of flexibility.

0000 THEIA HUD Glasses

THEIA is the key to much of Lanse's success as a Hunter. This seemingly innocuous pair of glasses is actually a highly advanced computer system, output as a a heads-up display on the surface of the spectacles. For this reason, Lanse always lowers his shatterproof goggles over them before a fight. THEIA is an all-in-one system that has the following functions:

  • Monitors both Lanse's aura level and the level of up to four others.
  • Can identify Grimm and display tactical information and weak points.
  • Processes trajectories of incoming objects and gives feedback on the best option to deal with the situation (dodge, block, etc.).
  • Works with all the same functionality as a Scroll (produce maps of an area, place audio and visual calls, etc).
  • Contains varied visual technologies, such as night vision, thermal imaging, and binocular zoom.

In addition, the lenses correct Lanse's myopia.


As a member of the Nanhai Family, Lanse naturally owns many of their products in addition to his glasses.


Argent Cloche

Vihrea Toukka

Cam Wells

Jin Nanhai

Lanse's father, and CEO, President, and Owner of Nanhai Technologies, Inc.. Lanse didn't see much of him during his childhood, most of their time together being relegated to PR events. He had little influence in Lanse's upbringing.

Tian Nanhai

Lanse's mother. She was a hard taskmistress and tried to raise Lanse strictly along the lines of the Nanhai ideals. Over time, Lanse began to resent the iron-fisted rule that she had over him.

Jin Nanhai Jr.

Lanse's brother, and Vice President of Nanhai Technologies, Inc.. The prodigal son who could do no wrong by their parents,, Lanse spent his life living in Hai's shadow. He developed extremely low self-esteem as a result, but doesn't blame his brother, and rather pities him for being the heir to the company.

Marcus Leinedhearg

Son of a Nanhai Security Forces officer and Lanse's bodyguard. Lanse sees him as a bit of a nuisance at times, but doesn't deny that his heart is in the right place and is grateful for his companionship.


Lanse Nanhai is derived from lán sè nánhái, which, translated from Chinese, means "Blue Boy".

  • Lanse's name was originally going to be Lanse Xiao Nanhai, from lán sè de xiǎo nánhái, which means "Blue Little Boy", but was shortened due to similarities to Yang's name.

Lanse alludes to the titular character of the nursery rhyme "Little Boy Blue".

  • His skill with the trumpet reflects this fact.
    • There's also a secondary allusion in his weapon's name, as the Gjallarhorn was a mythical horn said to be blown at the onset of Ragnarok.

Of all the members of Team AVLC, Lanse is the most approachable, so others usually go to him even if they need to contact another member.

  • He also takes care of all of the team's forms and paperwork, with the exception of any class assignments.
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